Hollywood Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

Tony Scott, the director of the movie ‘Top Gun’, which made Tom Cruise a star, passed away on Sunday, 19 August. It is rumoured that Tony committed suicide but the police is still investigating the case. According to police authorities,  68 year old Tony jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles and died. American Coast Guard, Jennifer Osbon told the media that a written suicide note was found in his black colour Toyota Prius car which was parked in a lane near the bridge. Tony Scott was the younger brother of Ridley Scott, Director of the film, ‘Alien’. Tony Scott started his successful career with the film ’Top Gun’. This film gave him the podium to be recognised as one of the best directors in Hollywood and also witnessed Tom Cruise getting recognition as a star. During his career, Tony Scott also worked with actors like Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt and Will Smith.


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