Has Anna Betrayed People’s Faith?

Nobody has cheated and deceived Anna, rather it is Anna who has deceived and cheated the people of the country. After igniting hope in people, he himself ran away from the battlefield. Anna’s economic draft which Mamata Banerjee had supported was an agenda for the development of India, in which the poor, labourers, Dalits and the minorities had a stake, a share. It is a different matter to make a speech, but no party is capable of directly challenging market forces. By supporting Anna’s agenda, Mamata Banerjee showed that courage. Anna publicised the matter on TV and many organisations throughout the country welcomed his economic policy. The politics of the country was standing at a new turn, but Anna got trapped in the wheeling dealing of political parties agents disguised as social workers and NGOs funded by foreign money. The agents of market forces disguised as socialists made Anna drink such a potion that he ran away from the battlefield in a manner that stigmatised not only his credibility, but caused heavy damage to Mamata Banerjee.

leadA short time earlier, Anna Hazare was seen on TV propogating support for Mamata Banerjee. What was it that happened which suddenly brought relations between Mamata and Anna to an abrupt end? Actually, it became known that in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Mamata Banerjee’s party was about to field 50 Muslim candidates. There were many among them who had been Ministers, MPs, and many who had been one-two time MLAs. The strategy was that the party would give the maximum possible tickets to Muslims, and enter the electoral fray with a policy agenda for Muslims, Anna and his supporters would campaign in every constituency and expose the parties who lured the Muslims with a false picture. The moment this news come out, those political parties whose strategy was to get votes by duping the Muslims to get votes, pricked up their ears.
To deal with the new danger, these political parties ‘prepared’ their agents and promptly sent them to Anna. The plan that had been prepared was that if Mamata is separated from Anna, Mamata’s politics outside West West Bengal would end; the election in West Bengal were for more important for Mamata, therefore neither would she be able to campaign outside West Bengal, and when Anna would not be there either, the Trinamool Congress would not be able to get candidates and field 50 Muslim candidates. It is worth understanding what would have happened with Mamata and Anna coming together and secondly, who were the people who wanted to separate them.
Anna and Mamata did not come together at anyone’s behest. Neither did anyone twist what was said in-between nor did anyone deceive Anna or Mamata. In fact, Anna was deceived by the agents of the Congress, the Left Front and the Aam Aadmi Party. The story of Anna and Mamata coming together started six-seven months ago when Anna wrote a letter which contained a 17 point economic programme to all the parties. He wrote that his workers are asking what to do in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Therefore, he prepared an agenda and sent it to all the parties. No party responded except Mamata Banerjee. Then Mamata Banerjee sent Mukul Roy, the Trinamool Congress Party general secretary to Anna and Anna agreed to campaign for the Trinamool Congress (TMC). Anna said that the country is so big, how will it be possible to campaign in every place, and there was talk of booking an aircraft and a helicopter. Then Anna put forward his conditions, that he would campaign for the party if its candidate gave an affidavit on stamp paper that they would implement his economic agenda. Every ticket seeker in north India has given that affidavit. The ad that came on TV, the shooting for that was done in Mumbai. Anna decided on every shot himself, saw it and got takes and retakes done. Again, it was Anna’s suggestion that a rally would be held at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. The name that was kept for this rally was ‘Jantantra Rally’. Ever since his colleagues left Anna, he had been organising all his programmes under the Jantantra Morcha. Jantantra rallies were held in Patna, Unnao, Hyderabad and many other places. The name of Anna’s yatra through the country was also Jantantra Yatra. The rally at Ramlila Maidan was not a TMC election rally, because so far, even the candidates had not been decided upon. Anna was brought to Delhi by air. He had come to participate in the rally, but suddenly he did an about turn and refused to do so. Ever since Anna and Mamata’s TV advertisement began being seen, there was consternation in several parties. There were other reasons too for the consternation. The first jolt was given by Imam Bukhari when he announced that for Muslims Mamata was the first choice for the post of Prime Minister. Many Muslim organisations and maulanas welcomed the initiative of the Trinamool Congress. In West Bengal Mamata has the total support of the Muslims. Because of Anna, Mamata could have won 35 seats in West Bengal, therefore in the context of West Bengal, the Left Front and the Congress became worried. In addition, in Bihar and West Bengal the TMC had made the strategy of giving the maximum number of tickets to Muslims. In other words, there were preparations in Bihar to give 20 out of 40, and in Uttar Pradesh, 30 out of 80 seats to Muslim candidates. At the same time, an agreement had been made with Dr. Ayoob’s Peace Party. Preparations had begun for an Anna-Mamata Banerjee rally in Domariaganj in Uttar Pradesh. in Delhi, the Trinamool Congress had made up its mind to put up strong candidates in all 7 seats. It had also been decided to field Vinay Kumar Binny, expelled from the Aam Aadmi Party, as the candidate from East Delhi.
In Delhi, because of Anna, disgruntled people from the Aam Aadmi Party had started joining the TMC. The entire Aam Aadmi Party from Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Hissar was ready to join the TMC. In Delhi, the TMC office had become a centre for Anna supporters who were annoyed with the Aam Aadmi Party. This echo of this alliance could be heard in other States too. In Jharkhand, all the office bearers and leaders of the JDU were ready to join the TMC. In Bihar many senior leaders from the Congress and the Lok Janshakti Party had already applied for a ticket to fight elections under the TMC. Along with those from the Congress, JDU, RJD and the Jharkhand Vikas Party, MPs from several parties other parties has started preparations to join Mamata.

It was the strategy of the Trinamool Congress that along with the Lok Sabha elections, the party organisation should be evolved in those States where assembly elections were to be held in 2014 and 2015. In Delhi the situation was such that several people had started filling the forms for the Legislative Assembly elections, because along with the Lok Sabha elections the TMC had also started preparations for the assembly elections. TMC offices had even opened in 55 out of 70 Assembly constituencies. In addition, preparations to open TMC offices in more than 30 cities of north India had been completed. Such an atmosphere was being readied in which the electoral arithmetic and algebra of many political parties would have been destroyed, but Anna made a sudden about turn, which allowed the conspiracy of anti people political parties to succeed. Powers and forces strengthening the markets won. The Victory Chariot of theTrinamool Congress was derailed.
With Mamata and Anna coming together, the most electoral damage would have been to the Congress Party. In West Bengal the Congress Party would not have been able to win even a single seat. In Bihar, the Trinamool Congress had been preparing to contest all 40 seats, out of which there would have been more than 20 Muslim candidates. For the first phase of the elections, the TMC had already finalised the names of Muslim candidates for six Lok Sabha constituencies in Jahanabad, Aurangabad, Nawada and Nalanda. If this had happened, the Laloo Yadav and Congress alliance would not have got support from the Muslims. The few 8-10 seats that the Congress and Laloo
Yadav could have won, those too would have slipped out of hand. The last time in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party, with the help of Muslim votes, had been able to win 22 seats, but the way the Congress practiced deception in the previous assembly elections to get votes in the name of reservations, that cunningness was caught by the Muslim voters. Due to this, there is very little possibility of the Congress getting the Muslim votes this time.
On the other hand, due to the riots in Muzaffarnagar, the Muslims are annoyed with the Samajwadi Party too, therefore, together with Mamata Banerjee, the Peace Party could have succeeded in winning over the Muslims. This was also possible because in Anna’s 17 point agenda, reservation for the Muslims is clearly mentioned and the Trinamool Congress was about to field 30-35 Muslim candidates. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the credibility of the Trinamool Congress becoming stronger amongst the minority voters would not have taken much time. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh how many seats the Mamata-Anna pair would have won is difficult to say but for the Congress, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mayawati and Nitish Kumar it is certain that they would have become a cause for concern and many seats would have slipped out of their hands.
It is a different matter that the Mamata-Anna Hazare coming together would have benefited the Bhartiya Janata Party the most. The greatest damage to the Bharatiya Janata Party from the Mamata-Anna pair would most likely have been in Uttarakhand, because from there many former Ministers, MPs and MLAs from the BJP were in contact with the Trinamool Congress. They were only waiting for the declaration of tickets by the BJP. In the event of not getting a ticket, they had made up their minds to fight elections from the TMC. At the same time, talks were on for the merger of one of the components of Uttarakhand’s regional party, the UKD, but before all this could happen, Anna went back on his promises.
The Mamata-Anna Hazare coming together would have caused the most increase in problems for the Aam Aadmi Party. On the one hand, due to the Anna-Mamata coming together, the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal’s very agenda would have slipped out of their hands and on the other hand, before Mamata’s simplicity, sacrifices and integrity Arvind Kejriwal would have appeared like a dwarf. For all those who were unhappy with Arvind Kejriwal’s attitude, his party’s ideology, nepotism, faulty ticket distribution of the party and the Aam Aadmi Party’s anti-national character and image, the Trinamool Congress was already the best option. The TMC had kept its doors open for those who had been connected with Anna’s anti-corruption movement. Office bearers of the Aam Aadmi Party in many parts of Delhi were eager to join the TMC. If Anna had stayed on with Mamata, the Aam Aadmi Party’s strength in Delhi would have been halved. The situation here too would probably have been that the Trinamool Congress would not have won the elections but the Aam Aadmi Party too would not have been able to win a single seat. In Delhi too the benefit would have gone to the BJP.
The fact that the Mamata-Anna coming together was going to give a big jolt to the Congress Party and several parties engaged in secular politics was beginning to bother certain people. Therefore a conspiracy was hatched, a script was written, sharp shooters in the guise of social workers were brought in, Anna was targeted, and the conspiracy was successful. The sharp shooters were made to pursue Anna. These people explained to Anna that in your entire life you have not supported or been part of any party and people respect you because of that. If in the last lap of your life, you will campaign for any party, your credibility will finish. These people misled Anna and talked of supporting people’s candidates. These agents from political parties made this suggestion just to create confusion between Anna and Mamata.
Now let us tell you where the danger bells rang. The Trinamool Congress had made Anna’s colleague and kisan leader Vinod Singh the Convenor of the National Campaign Committee. He received a phone call from Dr. Sunilam, whose ‘introduction’ is that he is a former MLA from Madhya Pradesh. He was at first with the Samajwadi Party, but he was troubled by the thought of defeat of the Leftist parties. Currently, he is campaigning for the candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party. What is his means of income is not known, but people say that he takes donations for an organisation called ‘Insaaf’ and carries out Movements. It is also said that his children are studying abroad. At the same time, a court has already pronounced imprisonment for life for him as punishment for large-scale violence during a farmers movement. He is out on bail. Dr. Sunilam considers himself to be a Socialist thinker. Perhaps Dr. Sunilam has not read the draft of Anna’s economic agenda.
According to those close to Anna, Dr. Sunilam played an active role in separating Anna from Mamata. He became so disturbed that he called Vinod Singh and said that this will turn out to be very wrong. In West Bengal all the Leftist parties will be wiped out and in the country there will be great damage to the Left. Now, only Dr. Sunilam can tell at whose behest he made that phone call and due to what reason he got the courage to try and lure the Convenor of the National Campaign Committee of the Trinamool Congress. It is only Dr. Sunilam who can tell whose agent he became and met Anna and whom he was deceiving. Dr. Sunilam was on the stage with Anna during that unfortunate press conference.
Amongst those who led Anna there were also some ‘greats’ who leave behind many consummate Congressmen in performing devotional acts for Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. Amongst these ‘greats’ is a person who describes the Congress 2009 victory as the grace of Ganga Maa (Goddess Ganga) . He believes that the Congress Party did so much for the Ganga that Ganga Maa was pleased and gave the Congress seats that were largely along the banks of the Ganga. The BJP got dams built on the Ganga in Uttarakhand, therefore it could win not even a single seat in Uttarakhand. Those who analyse the country’s politics and elections should take coaching from such ‘greats’. In the name of the Ganga all the Congress did was to make this ‘great’ an office bearer in the Ganga Seva Abhiyan.
In addition to these ‘greats’, there were some people amongst those who misled Anna, who make claims of running the largest people’s movements in the country, but in speaking up against the Congress led UPA Government, a lock is put on their mouths. Amongst those who misled Anna there is also, in the guise of a social worker, a friend of a Union Minister, who claims to have fought for water, jungles and land. There is one who was seen with Anna last time during the Jantantra rally in Patna. During this rally, sharp attacks were being made on corruption in the Congress. When the turn of this ‘great’ came to speak on the stage, he sang a bhajan and that was the end of his ‘speech’.
Amongst those explaining the danger of Anna’s support to Mamata Banerjee were those who have only one ‘asset’ – that on TV they disseminate ‘knowledge’ as Anna’s supporters. Amongst these are mostly those people who frequently make rounds of leaders of the Congress Party, and gobble up the money which they get in the name of social service. In other words, they are dependent on Congress largesse. Amongst these is one ‘lady’ who can be seen on TV and is connected with sports. She has got a house and an office from the Government.
These people made head to toe efforts to create a distance between Anna and Mamata by relating stories. These people misled Anna by saying that at the Ramlila Ground in Delhi, there are only 500 people for the rally and your credibility will end if you go there. Anna was a saintly personage.
Whether there were one lakh people at the rally or just one person, he was to have gone to Ramlila Ground to talk about his economic policies, oppose the neo-liberal economic policies of the Congress, the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party, warn the country about the dangers of the neo-liberal economic policies. Anna’s credibility will be made or finished not by crowds but by his policies and his ideology. Actually, Anna could not understand this. Anna was on the verge of writing a new chapter on politics in the country, but he did an about turn and returned to his village, Ralegan Siddhi. But he left behind party workers who felt cheated, who cannot now understand what to do or where to go.


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