Harnessing Youth Power : Anna Shows the way

The Anna movement which is against corruption and anti people government policies is still very vibrant. The number of people coming to the rallies of Anna Hazare is significantly higher than to rallies conducted by other political parties and this reflects the will of the common people.

anna-shows-the-wayWho is Anna Hazare? Is he an honest man, a revolutionary, a visionary or a ‘wish’ of millions of people who are fed up with resent day politics and politicians? Perhaps all. That might be the reason why, wherever Anna goes across the country, people come running to listen to him and his popularity among youths is immense. In his rallies across the country, people from different sections of society come and listen to him. The nature of his rallies is totally different from the rallies of other political parties of the country. The people who assemble at the rallies of Anna Hazare are not ‘rented’ and only those people gather for the rallies who love their country and want to save it from corruption.
Anna Hazare was in Varanasi on 12 December this year and he visited the the Sarv Sewa Sangh Bhawan at Rajghat, Varanasi. This was the place where Jayaprakash Narayan had planned strategies for his movement and succeded. During his visit to Varanasi, Anna Hazare announced that he will start his national movement on 30 January, 2013 at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna.
Anna Hazare addressed thousands of students and youths at his meeting organised by the students of the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith at the Bharat Mata Mandir in Varanasi. Anna Hazare urged the students and the youth to come forward and help in building the nation. He also stated all should be ready to go to jail and added that this fight is all about changing the system. The fight might be long in duration, but the fight will not fail, Anna assured the people. The important aspect of the Jan Lokpal movement headed by Anna Hazare has added a number of dimensions to the movement including right to recall, right to reject, Gram Swaraj etc. Anna said that the youth who are silent today will have to raise their voice tomorrow to make this movement a success.

The nature of Anna Hazare’s rallies is totally different from the rallies of other political parties of the country. The people who assemble at the rallies of Anna Hazare are not ‘rented’ and only those people gather for the rallies who love their country and want to save it from corruption.

Anna Hazare is very aware of the fact that the power of youth is the most significant force for his movement to be successful. And a vivid example of the power of youth was very clearly seen during Anna’s movement at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi which gathered massive crowds. So Anna Hazare and General V. K. Singh are inviting the youth of the country to join in their fight against corruption. The massive crowd of youths at the Ramlila Maidan was the main factor that compelled the Government to listen to the demands of Anna. The youth are also looking for honest leaders who can guide them in the right direction and make India a corruption free country. The honesty and simplicity of Anna Hazare has been his power of attraction for the crowd.
Anna exhorted the youths and the students to think about the country and not to keep themselves confined to their families. He gave examples of legends like Bhagat Singh and said that his sacrifice for the freedom of the country cannot be forgotten. Anna Hazare said that if the youth of the country come forward in this movement, then no force would be strong enough to stop the country from changing itself into a corruption free country. He said that the Government is grabbing the land of the farmers and allotting these lands to the capitalists in the name of development. He also stressed the fact that even after 65 years of Independence, there are people who have plenty for themselves while on the other hand there are people who still starve for food. This situation is very depressing and something has to be done to change it. Anna announced he will fight for a corruption free India till his last breath. General V. K. Singh stated that the education system of the country has also become corrupt. Students are going abroad to get better education and spending crores of rupees. If the Government wants then it can establish a number of Indian Institutes of Technology’s (IIT’s) or Indian Institutes of Management’s (IIM’S) every year with the help of this money. The General emphasised that the development of the country would be incomplete without the development of the youths.
At the assembled gathering in Varanasi, Anna Hazare shared his mobile number with the people. He added that whoever wanted to be a part of this movement could send a message on this number. Anna Hazare and General V. K. Singh also met the activists of the India Against Corruption (IAC) at the Sarv Sewa Sangh at Rajghat. The duo also met the weavers, farmers and other sections of people, listened to their problems and gave them suggestions and proper advice. Anna called upon the IAC members to cooperate in ‘Gram Vikas’ (village development) in its endeavour of making India a strong country. Anna said that we need strong villages for building up a strong India and added that villages in the country should be self ruled and self dependent. Anna Hazare mentioned his village Ralegan as an example. His village does not have a single bidi shop today whereas some years ago there were 40 liquor producers in the village. General V. K. Singh said that the country needs not one but many such movements for a positive change.
After meeting the students, youths, farmers, and weavers Anna Hazare spent some time with the doctors of the Indian Medical Association, Varanasi and advised them to diagnose the disease of corruption if they possibly could. Anna Hazare was pleased to know that the Indian Medical Association is willing to join the movement and ready to support the fight against corruption. General V. K. Singh added that if the doctors had the will to change the country then they could play an important role in achieving the desired result. He said that doctors are a powerful weapon because the common man does not ignore the words of the doctor and takes notice of his words. Doctors are basically the ‘demi-gods’ present on earth for the common man.
Anna Hazare said that he would be travelling across the country in between now and 30 January and would put his view points before the people. Anna Hazare is for sure an activist who will not get easily exhausted and give up till the day these dreams of the people are fulfilled.


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