Gun and talk cannot go hand in hand

Saarc-unable-to-solve-india-pakistan-problem-over-kasmir-(1)By Kamal Morarka
It may be a lapse from the security point of view and that require some action. However, considering the whole matter a small comment from the speaker to the concerned MP in her chamber would meet the end of justice. To set up a nine-member committee, obviously instigated by the ruling party which wants to make its score even with the AAP is not the way Lok Sabha should be treated. In fact, it is in some way showing contempt to the Lok Sabha. There are well laid-out rules the speaker has full authority to use those rules. Though the speaker is from ruling party, the speaker must act independently, and seen to be impartial and fair. This is overreach. Even now the committee should meet and says this the first incident should warn the member that should not take place in future and that is the end of the matter. But in today’s days and time when small people act big, you don’t know what will happen.
Secondly, the alliance of BJP-Shiv Sen in Maharashtra where they are together in the government is not smooth. Earlier when Bala Sahab Thackery was alive and there was an alliance of Shiv Sena and BJP on this side there were Promod Mahajan and Gopinath Munde, they function in much more smooth level with mutual understanding. Now acrimonious exchange in public does not do any good to reputation of the government. Either BJP should take a stand or break the alliance go back to the elections. What is the harm? If they are so sure of their popularity as there seem to be why not hold the elections. This bickering is of no use. Talking real politics the Congress and the NCP should be together and the BJP and the Shiv Sena should be together that is the correct politics. But some party has got wrong notion of itself, the ultimate judgement is in the court of the people. Municipal elections in Mumbai are coming, which crucial for Shiv Sena, so naturally they can edgy when BJP will fight alone. They better meet and sort out issues. The Chief Minister and Udhav Thackery should be in constant touch that is the only solution.
Then comes a larger issue. One is the relations with neighbor. Pakistan is a constant problem and will remain so and will remain to be so. India’s has been consistent that we can have negotiations on any issue that you want, but negotiation should be when the guns are silent. As Narendra Modi himself said that how can we talk if there is so much noise of bombs? Can you hear me? That is the right solution. First bring peace on the ground and then talk, but I agree with Mr. Yashwant Sinha that we should not show so much eagerness of talks, it the other side is not interested in talking, why are you going after him to talk? We are always open to talk, but it cannot be on conditions that you carry on militancy and also have talks. There should be some understanding that let us talk on these guidelines. So over-eagerness to talk to Pakistan does not behoove India.
On the other hand with Nepal, you must take an attitude. That is the only Hindu kingdom in the world and you cannot handle Nepal! You have created conditions in which they have got a Prime Minister who is more happy with China than with India. This is bad diplomacy, bad politics, bad handling of foreign policy. Anyway now things are improving in Nepal. If the Prime Minister again changes we should not make our mistakes, we should not try to show a big-brother attitude that we can bully them and muscle them that does not create a good atmosphere. We have had hundreds of years of relationship with Nepal. If you go by mythology Raja Janak and Sita came from Nepal. We have to show magnanimity, generosity. After all there are lakhs of Nepalis citizen working in India. Some time you cut their feul. Ok the Madheshi in Nepal are angry with the people on the hills, but we cannot openly side with Madheshis and make things difficult for the Prime Minister. And Nepal is easy thing to handle a correct diplomat posted there with correct guideline of foreign policy from the PMO and from the External Affairs Ministry can solve the problem. The earlier we go on that track the better it is.


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