Government Failure Is Bad, Opposition Failure Even Worse

The resignation of Ajit Pawar in Maharashtra was an indicator of bigger changes in Indian politics. The relation between Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and Ajit Pawar has been uneasy for quite some time. The irony is that the image of Prithviraj Chavan is very clean and above reproach. On the other hand, the image of the Central Government  — and the Congress — is one of full of corruption. How this dichotomy will be solved, nobody knows. And the President of the Congress may also have to change the Chief Minister. The only Chief Minister of the party with a clean image will also go. Then the crisis will be solved. On the other hand, if Ajit Pawar quits the Government, the Maharashtra Government may fall. In that case, the BJP and the Shiv Sena can support Ajit Pawar from outside and a NCP Government can come into play. Of course Sharad Pawar will have to resign from the Central Government. It is a difficult call to take. But whichever  way you look at it, the countdown for the country’s elections has begun. Nowadays, there are so many CBI enquiries, there is the coal crisis, there are so many other small and big scandals. The solution is to go back to the people. But leave aside the Government,  I don’t think even the BJP is serious about bringing down the Government , otherwise after Mamata’s withdrawal of support, the BJP would have forced the Government to seek a vote of confidence. But I don’t think that even the BJP will welcome an early election. However, if nobody is prepared to take responsibility to the people, it is of complete concern, the country will be a loser if this goes on. As somebody has rightly said that it is bad when the Government fails but it is worse when the Opposition fails. In this case, the Opposition has failed more than the Government. The earlier the situation is resolved, the better it is for all concerned.


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