Government Credibility At An End

When the authority of a Government comes to an end and when the credibility of the administration ends, then there is a glut of such incidents which should not happen. In a moving bus in Delhi a minor and four adult men inhumanly raped a girl, against which the whole of Delhi stood up. Witnessing that outburst of anger, it seemed that now perhaps rapes will not take place. And if they do take place, the anger of the people will either punish the rapists directly or the Government will punish them, but the Government’s entire attitude to the anger of the people remained inhuman as well as insensitive, due to which where an abhorrence and loathing, a hatred against the Government arose amongst the common people, it also provoked people with a criminal tendency towards committing crimes.
People with criminal tendencies felt that the Government was against the indignation of the people, that is, it was with them. The second thing that also came into their minds was that if we keep indulging in such inhuman incidents, what can the Government do to us? We will be able to influence the Government machinery and will be let off easily. This message brought about a flood of rapes in the country. In every part of the country, be it a minor, be it children, be it a young or a middle-aged woman, or a woman of any age, there is no escape from rapists. The result that can be seen is that both frustration and disappointment are being created and are taking root in people.

Neither is the Government strict, nor is the administration strict. No case is getting worked out. Perhaps the Government is sitting thinking who has the time to go daily for demonstrations. The thinking of the Government is correct, because the people have become disappointed with all the prevailing conditions, but when that disappointment grows amongst people, then that isappointment also takes the form of a huge storm.

For years, an adage has been prevalent in Bundelkhand that if you want to kill someone, then before that plant 11 bighas ( a unit of land) with sugarcane, and then after selling the sugarcane whatever money comes, spend it on the police and the court, and you will easily be saved after committing the murder. This money is kept in reserve to be distributed amongst police and court functionaries. Now, in the same manner, first there is a search for a victim to be raped and a gang rape takes place, and then money is sent to the law enforcement agencies. The first result of this is that the report by the affected, suffering woman is not written at all at the police station. I have seen a number of reports in which the rape victim went to the police station with her complaint and her complaint was not registered, but instead, she was forcibly detained there for three-four days and the affected woman herself was raped by the policemen. Such news has also sometimes appeared in newspapers, but officials either ignored it or buried the episode. Now, the persons committing a crime have become so free of worry that they have started believing that the police and politicians are their partners in the sphere of crime. And why should they not believe this!
When one can stroll into the rooms of Ministers and take away whichever file one chooses and walk out and then the crime investigators of the powerful Government cannot find out about such incidents, then how can fear be instilled in the minds of petty criminals? This is called the ending of authority. When our present President was the Finance Minister, then instruments for spying were found in his room. Three days later, the Government said they were not instruments for spying, but chewing gum. The Government wanted to hide its loss of prestige and perhaps also its failure. Who was behind this incident could not be known, although there are sensors outside important rooms in the Ministry of Finance and the Home Ministry. Who goes into these rooms is recorded by hidden cameras, but neither were the images recorded by the cameras placed before the country, and nor was it revealed whether the sensors had been working whenever such incidents took place.
The files containing coal documents connected with the Prime Minister disappeared in the same manner, and neither the hidden cameras nor the sensors are able to reveal anything about the missing files. Such impregnable security has been formulated in which whenever anyone wants, they can make a burglary or strike with impunity. And the Government says smilingly that nothing like this happens, these are just fictional, cock and bull stories. These types of acts and antics of the Government have themselves finished off its credibility, the credibility of the administration.
Actually, the Government’s entire attention is focused on how to stop those who have been warning them or those giving them meaningful advice from talking. Investigating agencies carry out a raid on the treasury of the Reserve Bank and fake currency notes are found there in large quantities. When this report is published, with authentic proof, that the supply of fake currency notes is taking place through the Reserve Bank as well, and which native and foreign companies are behind it, the Government tries to suppress the whole case and here too the Government starts harassing people who make disclosures of such news.
Where the Government is ending its own authority, there itself it is not only encouraging economic offenders, but is also creating a protected like atmosphere for small criminals. Neither is the Government strict, nor is the administration strict. No case is getting worked out. Perhaps the Government is sitting thinking who has the time to go daily for demonstrations. The thinking of the Government is correct, because the people have become disappointed with all these conditions, but when that disappointment grows amongst people then that disappointment also takes the form of a huge storm. Now it is for the Government and the political system to ponder to what extent they can ignore the people and to what extent they can tease them, as a result of which people may become compelled to take the law into their own hands.


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