Fujitsu Launches Notebook-cum-Tablet

Fujitsu Technology Solutions has unveiled a notebook-cum-tablet. The notebook’s screen can be easily detached from the keyboard component to use as a tablet. Satoru Hayashi, executive Vice Chairman of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, said that the innovation followed a study of the way people used products like laptops, tablets and smart phones often for the same purposes — like reading a note or a book or for writing. Hayashi also said that “the new product also supports Windows 8. This is a big improvement in the interface and usability of the notebooks.” Niamh Spelman, senior Vice President for emerging markets, said that “India, Russia and Middle East had shown positive growth. She also said that India was showing strong market potential for products, services and solutions and was likely to be a major player for the company in some years. The requirements of emerging market customers are unique and Fujitsu recognises that specific products are needed to meet these needs.”


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