Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 8 is finally ready for download. This time around, Apple has done a lot of catching up with Android. One such attempt is support for third-party keyboards. Now, this doesn’t mean Apple’s stock keyboard is bad. In fact, it has seen a huge leap in improvements. However, for those looking beyond the Quick Type virtual keyboard for iOS 8, there are five must-try keyboard alternatives.

The popular Swype keyboard is launching its iOS 8 version allowing iDevice users to finally slide through the keyboard. Using swipe input method, users need to drag their finger from one letter to another and the software predicts the word you are trying to type. Now, this isn’t a sloppy predictive method, but rather quick and efficient. The software also learns your typing habbit and knows what exactly you are trying to say. From auto-correction to next word prediction, the keyboard brings a slew of interesting features.
Price: The Swype app is now available for download on the Apple App store for $0.99.

This is yet another popular keyboard option that is all set to woo iOS 8 users. Following the same input mechanism as Swype, Swiftkey is known for its superior predictive software. SwiftKey learns quickly, and one will not have to spend a lot of time teaching the software you favourite swear words either. It lets you type in different languages at once (limited list of supported languages) without the need to change any settings. The SwiftKey Keyboard is now available for download from the Apple App store for free.

This is a great option if you are really sloppy at typing. It is said to be the fastest keyboard that comes with powerful predictive software that can convert hastily keyed in letters into legible words. It lets you completely customise the typing experience with themes and keyboard styles. users can swipe left anywhere for fast word-by-word deletee or even swipe down anywhere to change the word. Fleksy’s gestures aim at maximising typing speed and comfort. The gesture system also allows you to minimise the keyboard or even make it invisible and see 100 per cent of your screen.
Price: $0.99 to download it from Apple App store.


Replying to posts using GIFs is turning into a trend, sort of. PopKey is a great way to text a reaction without the need to search/download an image that matches your exact reaction. The PopKey now brings a list of new GIFs, thousands of them, including the common ones like OMG, LOL and so on. You can also upload your favourite GIF to further personalise the keyboard experience. Though the app will be available for iOS 8, it isn’t available for download at the time of writing this article. n


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