I Am Not Bothered About 100 Crore Club: Akshay Kumar

i-am-not-bothered-about-100Akshay Kumar has come out with another masala entertainer in ‘Boss’, which hit theatres recently, but the actor says he is not worried about the film making it to the exclusive 100 crore club of Bollywood. With the 100 crore club becoming the new benchmark of success, there is an increased pressure on superstars to deliver and ‘Boss’ is coming after the disappointing performance of Akshay’s previous film ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!’. “I am not worried about being in 100 crore club. My film ‘Oh My God!’ topped about 82-84 crore and was a success despite not being in the 100 crore club because it was made only in 12 crores. “Returns were 300-400 per cent high on ‘OMG’ and it was a bigger hit than any other films of mine. ‘Boss’ is made in about 50 crore. I am not worried if it is crossing 100 crore or not,” Akshay told reporters while promoting the action-comedy here. Akshay is playing a gangster in the film again after ‘Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!’ but any suggestion that he may be repeating himself, irritates him.


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