The Final Battle and The Fall of ISIS

By Santosh Bhartiya

Iraq is the only country in the world which still burns in the fire of war. A few pockets of this gulf country are still under ISIS control. Earlier it shadowed a major part of Iraq. Subsequently it tried to entrap in the whole nation. However, Iraqi army succeeded in pushing them back. Now they have shrunk only in Tal Afar. America including the other western countries is providing military aid to Iraqis in order to counter ISIS and the whole world knows about it. In order to feel the brunt of war and pain of innocent Iraqis I visited the country. While I encountered with scorching 54 degree temperature, scarcity of water and people facing head-on war, my eyes remained wide open. The reality of Iraqi army, truth of America and western countries left me shocked. I met the two commanders of PM which is popularly known as public mobilization of ‘Hashd al-Shaabi’ or only ‘Hashd’ in Iraq. Their names are Sayyed Mohammad Al-Tala Gani and Sayyed Ahmed Musabi. I met them along with the other members of Hashd al-Shaabi. These were people who dragged ISIS or Daaesh out of Mosul and surrounded them in a small town. How youngsters sacrificed their lives fighting with ISIS whose fighters were equipped with latest arms, knowing this my heart filled with respect for them. Through this report I have tried to bring the truth of war against ISIS out. What was the mindset of those who participated in this war? This report has been filed by me from ground zero.

Arab countries especially the Islamic countries have always been under the shadow of terrorism and extraneous forces. These forces gravely impacted the safety and security of the Arab world. Consequently, brutal dictators got the chance to rule these countries. Extraneous forces aimed to destroy Arab world. Among the Arab countries most of the damage occurred in Iraq. Also in past, this region has suffered the brutalities of cruel dictators. Iraq is the best example in this case

Who Wants to Destroy Iraq

For last 35 years Ba’ath Party dominated Iraqi politics. This party was founded by non-Muslim, non-Arab. According to the commander, this party rose to power with Zionist agenda. Its founder was Michalle Aflaq. He was a Jew practicing Zionism. He was not at all concerned for the sovereignty and integrity of Iraq. After disintegration of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq entered into the democratic system, which surely helped in normalizing the embattled citizens of the war-torn country. Though democracy also prevailed during the Saddam’s tenure but it was manipulated in such a way that he always remain in power. Obviously this can’t be called a fair democratic arrangement. It can be said that, after Saddam people showed greater interest in sorting out their issues in more democratic way. Correspondingly Iraqis concluded their journey from dictatorship to democracy. Apart from this, there were various racial and regional issues. Solving these became the greatest challenge for the country. Various extraneous factors added fuel to racial differences between Shias and Sunnis. By this outside forces wanted to set the stage for civil war. Failing in their maleficent motives, they opted another way to destroy Iraq. They conspired to foment communal violence in Western Iraq. This area is dominated by the Shias as well as the Sunnis. They tried to create a perception among Sunnis that Iraqi army is a Shia-dominated army. This will lead to Shias supremacy over Sunnis. Their conspiracy also became successful up to some extent. This opened a Pandora’s box. These powers gravely harmed the democratic system in Iraq and fuelled the perception that Iraq is ruled by Shias. This led to the unrest and fear among Sunnis, which in the end strengthen the design of those who wanted to destroy Iraq.


Western Iraq is inhabited by diversified masses (Shias, Sunnis, etc.). They have ideological differences. This loophole was utilized by the enemies to tear the country. Al-Qaida which was already active in the region soared up its operations. Iraqis intercepted their conspiracy and hence it could not become successful. Later with the help of America and Israel Al-Qaida came to be known as ISIS. It misled the youngsters of controversy-laden regions and subsequently brain washed them. They were trained for terror in Afghanistan. As a result they started culling Shias. From there only the condition started to deteriorate. Western Iraq was equipped with Shia dominated army. Hence it was impossible for America to create a Sunni force. Therefore it took the help of locals to weave the trap of Al-Queda. It started misguiding locals about Shia community. All these activities were America supported. As a result, the region got transformed into an army base. The purpose of these activities was to set the stage for Psychological war. Anti-social elements reached in different parts of Iraq from Syria via Tal Afar. These were supported by Qatar and sheikhs of Saudi. Their aid helped them to flourish in Iraq. They succeeded in widening the rift between Shias and Sunnis. Wahabi ideology was nourished among youngsters. It was implanted in their minds that under Shia rule with the support of Iran, it can harm Saudi Arab and Islamic world. Therefore it was required to overthrow the Iraqi government in order to strengthen the foundation of Islam. To serve the purpose they need to struggle. The propaganda contributed in strengthening of ISIS. It created ripples across Syria, Turkey and the whole region became infested with black terror.

Who Helped ISIS

Now the question arises how Syria, Jordan, Turkey and other Arab countries came under the effect of ISIS. Like Iraq, Syria was also affected from terror. Here the same theory applies. For instance, youngsters were brainwashed which contributed to the power of ISIS. After conceiving the wrong interpretation of Islam people from across the world started joining hands with ISIS. They did not belonged to any one country in particular. Most of them were youngsters from Chechenya, Afghanistan, America and Europe. They did not have any connection from Iraq. By popularizing the wrong interpretation of Islam they merged local youngsters with them.

Somehow ISIS entered in Iraq. It was equipped with leadership and power. They talked about promoting American and Zionist (Israel) ideology and presented Islam in distorted form. Their leadership talked about establishing such a rule which did not glued with Islam. Hillary Clinton along with American Congress accepted this fact that, due to their carelessness ISIS became dominant in Iraq. Consequently it hammered the unity of Arab world which led to civil war in Iraq. Arab Spring was followed by revolution in Arab countries. America established institutions of its choice in those countries, and decided the ministers. Likewise it wanted to transform a democratic country like Iraq into an Islamic country via revolution. When Iraqis made its efforts futile it took the help of ISIS. Country’s economy and social structure was terrifyingly destroyed by ISIS.

As far as this question is concerned that who helped ISIS, America’s name tops the list. They received financial help from Saudi and Qatar. It is clear that these activities were held secretly. This was proved by the vehicles recovered from ISIS during war. These vehicles bear the number plate of Saudi Arab and Qatar. ISIS fighters, who were caught during this face-off, had identity cards which belonged to these countries. Likewise arms which were recovered from them bear the mark of Saudi Arab. And hence it becomes clear who aided these elements. Their motive was to fully capture western Iraq. Afterwards they planned to divide the country into two. By this they did not mean to divide Shias and Sunnis but to capture and rule one of these parts.

Why Saudi Arab was interested in creating unrest in Iraq? Answer to this question lies in country’s Wahabi ideology. This is the only Arab country which follows this ideology. Unlike Arab, Iraq is a democratic country and is against Wahabi ideology. Likewise Iran also doesn’t support Wahabism. This specifically states that Iraq and Iran are united against the Wahabi ideology which is possessed by Saudi Arab. However Iraq is the only country in this region where government is chosen via democratic voting. This is compelling Arab to bring Iraq under its rule. In order to attain this aim it created the army of youngsters and sent them to Sunni dominant Mosul, Baghdad and Samara. All this happened because Arabs saw them as threat. They were terrified by the democratic system and development of Iraq. These are not baseless talks but enough evidences have been recovered during the war which proves the fact.

Face Behind Public Mobilization

Located in western Iraq, Mosul is Shia dominant city. It is also inhabited by Sunnis. ISIS attacked this city and they were all set to paw Baghdad. The greatest fear was about to become reality. Government was doing nothing to halt them. Their entry in Baghdad would have resulted in large scale massacre of Shias. Capturing Baghdad would have communicated to the world that Iraq is now ruled by ISIS. Which is why, capping ISIS was significant. However, this task wasn’t easy. After being disappointed by the government, Shia’s religious leader Marzai addressed people for public mobilization. Here we need to understand religious stature of Marzai. Imam Jaffar is the 12th and the last Imam of Shias. It is believed that he is alive but invisible. He communicates through four Ayatullahs. Ayatullah can’t address anything of his own. They make statement or fatwa as per the directions of Imam Zafar. Marzai is the representative of all four Ayatullahs. Following the directions is compulsory. Shia’s fully and compulsorily obey their orders. When they say ‘yes’ its yes for Shias and their no is strict ‘no’ for them. Their statement is based on the foundation of Quran. Statement of Marzai  is basically a call for each and every Iraqi. Accepting and following their orders is important for each community whether it is Shia, Sunni, Muslim aur non-Muslim. People from Najaf and south Iraq immediately conceived Marzai’s statement and they got united to protect Iraq. For public mobilization or recruitment in Hashd al-Shaabi directions were issued by Marzai himself. He ordered them for not listening useless talks. Not to fear them (ISIS).  During Friday prayer in Karbala Ayatullah issued 14 directions. These were related to following orders and saving innocent lives. With each namaz, orders were issued for public. These depicted the correct interpretation of Islam. Actual Islam says that there should be no difference between Shia, Sunni, Muslim and non-Muslim. To achieve the target Iraqis left their home to give tough fight to ISIS. Unlike ISIS they used small weapons and pistols. They did not sacrifice their lives for personal stakes. Instead forgo their lives for saving the innocent citizens of their country. Even youngsters nourished the same thought. With this motive they step forwarded for war. They were sure of their victory. Their belief proved correct. Like Imam Hussain fought four thousand enemies with only 72 men, these youngsters too followed the same path. A representative of general recruitment told us that they learnt from Gandhi also. Once Mahatma Gandhi said,he has learned from Imam Hussain how victories can be achieved despite acute injuries. People here believe that Gandhi was not a muslim but he trusted the path shown by Imam Hussain. Following the quotes of these great men Iraqi youngsters gave tough fight to their enemies. This resulted in ISIS stepping back. These youngsters were aided by Iraqi, government public and army. Even countries like Turkey and Iran boosted their morale. Hence the recruitment resulted in formation of an anti-ISIS army.

How Hashd al-Shaabi Collided With ISIS

Army collided with ISIS with its full strength. Before that they worked on the strategy for defeating ISIS. Iraqi public, government and the newly recruited army fought with ISIS on each level. Newly recruited army surprised the world with its power. Its aim was to stop the foreign interference and obey the orders of Marzai. Probably this was the reason which is why Marzai’s orders were read publically during Jumme ki Namaz. During the prayers Shia patriots were also remembered who sacrificed their lives for the country.

People of western Iraq also recognized the dedication and sacrifice of Shia army. They realized that the rumors of them capturing the region were fake. In between America started misguiding people about Hashd al-Shaabi of general recruitment of army. Its move was also supported by some local Sunni leaders. But this does not continued for long. People saw that even Sunnis of Syria and Sunni dominant regions of Mosul are facing the brutalities of ISIS. It opened their eyes and they fully supported army. As a result, ISIS was blocked on the way to Baghdad. In this case Haji Sayeed describes what he saw. When generally recruited army entered this area they received warm welcome from Sunnis. Simultaneously they helped them as well. Army did not get any help from America or International community for dragging away ISIS from their country. In such situations Iranian experts stepped in to train newly recruited army. It signed an agreement with Iraq. These experts trained them to face different situation during the war. Here we need to clarify that Hashd al-shaabi did not receive any help from American fighter plans and international allies. When Hashd al-shaabi was all set to fight ISIS, America played another game. It said international community wants to help Hashd al-Shaabi  and it wants to be them on every front. However Hashd al-Shaabi wanted to fight of its own. This generally recruited army was trained in different phases. At first step they were given training, while in the second phase they worked on the strategies adopted by ISIS. They were to make coordination between land and air attacks. Along with that, cutting supply route for ISIS was also important. Iraqi government has already clarified that needs of ISIS were fulfilled by America. Not only this, it also backed off from launching airstrike on terror outfit. Newly recruited army prepared its strategy for Sunni dominant area so that ISIS could not enter here. Army started striking ISIS bases in the region. It pushed them back. In Tal Afar ISIS was aided via Syria and Turkey route. It was a difficult phase for generally recruited army. A complaint was made to Iraqi Prime minister that ISIS has stronghold Tal Afar to Pashmarg. Whenever army tries to counter, it faces obstacles. General transport was almost blocked from Tal Afar to Syria. Strategy was made to face the situation and surprisingly army succeeded in diluting the dominance of ISIS within in 3-4 days. Earlier it was estimated that the whole process would take nine to ten months.

Iraqis Are No More Weaker

During all this action how ISIS was stopped to enter Syria? Newly recruited army blocked each and every supply route of ISIS. With this ISIS activities came on hold. The biggest surprise came when American air force launched an air strike on army en-route to Syria. Around 50 fighters lost their lives. When America was questioned for the attacked it replied that its target got misplaced. However for last few days operation to free Tal Afar from ISIS continued. Operation was the result of an agreement between Prime Minister Abadi. As per the agreement different forces of the country participated. Now Tal Afar is free from ISIS. Hopefully ISIS will now be completely eliminated from Iraq.

It is expected that ISIS fighters could be hiding in Ramadi, Faluja and rest of western Iraq. They can create problems in future. Currently America is thinking about future strategy for Al-Jawahiri, Al- Rajakawi, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In current scenario Saudi Arab and UAE is thing to avenge. This can again lead to unrest in Iraq. After the overwhelming victory of newly recruited army Iraq has a huge force. It has capabilities to crush conspiracies. By aiding the army Prime Minister of the country has strengthen his position and morale of the nation as well.

It is very significant to know that before ISIS, Jews in the skin of Al-Quaeda empowered their position in various regions of Tal-Afar. Like Palestine, here also they tried to create the ground for civil war. These people are not the original natives of Iraq. The migrated here and are engaged in business activities. Mosul is also inhabited by Jews but they are not the actual citizens of this country. Biggest point is the newly recruited army is powerful enough to crush any oppression.

The truth which you read here is unknown to the world. The world is clueless about how propaganda can create misconceptions. I also visited the war torn country with the same thought. As far as I knew Iraqi army was behind Daeesh’s defeat. On the contrary, it was due to the initiative taken by common people of Iraq. This added to my faith on public.  Its determination can do wonders. After China and Vietnam it is the first such example when public came forward to save the nation. I salute to the fighters of Alshabi who dedicated their lives for their country. Fought without any support, weapon and sacrificed their breath for motherland.

We don’t know about the 39 Indians missing in Iraq: Hashd al-Shaabi

During his trip to Iraq Editor in Chief of Chauthi Duniya interacted with two representatives of Hashd al-Shaabi . The prominent parts of the interaction are as under.

Question: Tell something about Al- Baghdadi. Who created him. Is he an Iraqi?

Answer: Though Baghdadi is a native of Iraq but he is a foreign agent.

Question: ISIS people who are behind the bars what will be done to them? Are they still in prison or sentenced?

Answer: During war Red Cross seeks information about human rights violation and causalities from both the sides. In case of terrorism this information in not at all required. Those who were killed during fight were buried then and there only. Those who were captured are behind the bars. Currently we are seeking information about their nationality so that we can talk to the respective governments. Afterwards they will be sentenced  as per the courts proceedings. As they are murderers and hence will be sentenced according to our law ie.  Islamic law. Islamic law clearly states how a prisoner is to be treated.

Question: We heard in news that Kurdish women fought with ISIS. How true is the information?

Answer:  Kurdish army did not fight with ISIS. They had a face-off with ISIS, however they did not fight. I think those pictures were from Syria. They were fighting with Syrian army. Though, Yazidis gave them tough competition at micro level.

Question:  The group that you are mentioning is known as Yazidi in India. Yazidi who murdered Imam Hussain did he belong to the same group?

Answer:  Not at all. They are not related to him. They are known as Yazidi. They  belong to the dynasty of Ma-aad Bin Yarab. Though earlier he was a Muslim but they do not follow any book, does not have any religious place. They follow certain customs which are solely theirs. As I said they are not Muslim but belong to Iraq. Which is why, we pay respect to them. Some among those even fought against ISIS with us.

Question: Around 39 Indians are missing in Iraq. It is believed they have been captured by ISIS. Do you have any information about them? whether they are dead or alive?

Answer:  we do not have any such information. Though we are aware of the fact,  that 39 Indians are missing in Iraq.

Question: Are there any chances of them being in Talafa? This region is still under ISIS.

Answer:  It is quite possible. We cannot come to any conclusion.

ISIS Lost its Ground in Iraq

August 27 became a historic day for Iraq as well as for the whole world. On that day Iraqi army and the fighters of Hashd al-Shaabi  snatched back the last and the biggest city Tal Afar from jaws of ISIS. They were able to do it after three years. The fight continued for eight days and it ended with the defeat of ISIS. Now they have shrunk to some petty spots. During the clashes Iraqi army and fighters of Hashd al-Shaabi  claimed back 29 areas from ISIS. This is to be noted that after two days fight on june 16, 2014 ISIS captured Tal Afar. ISIS was utilizing this region as supply route for Mosul and Syria. After losing their ground from Talaffar ISIS took the shelter around 11 km away in Ayada Enclave and nearby villages situated in western Iraq. This is the last target under the radar of Iraq army. According to the news around 302 ISIS terrorist were killed in Tal Afar fight. In this collision 2000 ISIS terrorist fought with 50,000 Iraqi soldiers. As we all know that in June this year ISIS lost its ground in Mosul. Now its defeat in Tal Afar will prove last nail in the coffin.



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