The Filthy Business of Encashing Religion

amar-singh-Anti-Islamic activities on rise, Shariyat law violated
-Foreign funds are highly misused
-Girl students of Madarsas agitating against the management

By Prabhat Ranjan Deen

The business of madarsas is flourishing in Uttar Pradesh. The funds emanating from domestic and foreign sources attract unscrupulous elements to indulge into it. Many Indians have settled in the Middle East countries with the sole purpose of collecting funds and getting it transfer through their personal accounts, tearing apart the provisions of FCRA (Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act). The business of madarsas is being run under the blanket of charitable societies and trusts, providing cover for many immoral activities. Now some intellectuals in Lucknow have embarked on a social campaign against these dubious organizations running in the name of madrasa.

These madarsas are allegedly violating shariat law. Misusing the unaccounted foreign funds and leading to sexual harassment of students. A movement has started against the so called religious bodies in Uttar Pradesh. The agitation which has started in Lucknow will prove to be an eye opener for the whole country. Shia Cleric and spokesperson of All India Shia Personal Law Board Maulana Yasub Abbas recently stated that religious educational institutes are pious like place of worship. Any activity resulting in violation of code of conduct is anti-Islamic. Even the founder and Chairman of Ulema Foundation Maulama Sayyed Kaukab Muztaba was compelled to say that legal action is needed against the offenders who are running business in the name of Madarsas. Under the leadership of Islamic Literature Philosopher Allama Zameer Naqvi various intellectuals and social worker have lit the torch against the offenders. To start with, agitation was initiated from Madarsas affiliated from Iran’s Al-Mustafa International University and against the other two which are funded from Kuwait.


Al-Zehra trust is situated in Lucknow’s Saadatganj area. In Kashmiri society of the capital two Madarsas are being operated by Al-Zehra Educational and Charitable Society. They are named Al-Zehra and Madarsa Khadijtul Kubra. These became the first target for agitators. As per Allama Zameer Naqvi these Madarsas were set up to provide religious education to girl students. As these belong to the girl students that’s why are comparetively more sensitive hence the movement was initiated from these only. If reforming process proves successful, this will push other Madarsas towards corrections. Most of these recieve huge funds from abroad which are misused to the fullest. They are involved in several misdoings. Hence it is alarming for State, as well for the Islamic society. Naqvi says the institutional account of Al- Zehra Educational and Charitable Society lies in Nakhas branch of Bank of Baroda. However the fund which are recieved by it from different sources gets deposited in ICICI Branch located at Nadaan Mahal. The account number for the same is 000401408949. This is an NRI account which is registered in the name of Chairman of the organization Sayyed Shams Nawab Rizvi . He is staying abroad and his account in the capital is operated by  Vice President of society Sayyed Zaheer Hussain Rizvi. This premium account is associated with ICICI Bank’s Kuwait branch. Naqvi raises question on its  fishy model of managing the funds. Informatively he says its foreign funds are first deposited to the ICICI accounts and then these are transferred into society’s official accounts. While small amount of funds are transferred directly to the official accounts. This creates confusion about the overall funds received by the religious organization. As a result it becomes very difficult to estimate when and how much funds have been received and from which source. As per Zameer Naqvi the society is utilizing the funds sent by Kuwait’s parliamentarian Saleh Ahmed Ashoor. It is clearly indicated in the bank details. These fishy accounts are under scanner. In case of any discrepancies legal actions will be initiated. There are enough instances of these indulging in illicit activities.

In order to construct girl hostel under these Madarsa 12,000 square foot of land have been purchased in the outskirts of Hardoi district. According to Naqvi why hasn’t the hostel constructed when the land was already purchased? What is the reason behind purchasing a land in such an abandoned place? An amount of Rs one crore was shown as an expenditure for hostel however a house was purchased for aforesaid purpose in a congested lane of Shah Rustam Nagar. The address is Plot Number-565, House Number-390/067 (036) and it costs almost half of what was earlier supposed to be invested for this purpose. The amount invested in this purchase stood to Rs 49.16 lakh. The registry for the same was done on December 21, 2015 which included stamp duty of Rs 3.43 Lakhs which totaled to Rs 52.59 lakh. Finishing and maintenance work for the hostel was allotted to Raza Constructions Work which is located  in Asharfabaad. The bill for maintenance and furnishing amounts Rs 1.70 Lakhs. Totaling this amount expenditure on the hostel stood to Rs 54.29 lakh. Surprisingly there’s no clue about the remaining 45.70 Lakh Rupees.

Sole operator of Al-Zehra Educational and Charitable Society Sayyed Zaheer Hussain Rizvi withdrew a sum of Rs. 50,50,439 on December 1, 2015. Again a sum of Rs 10 lakh was withdrawn on December 7, Rs 10 Lakh on 14 of that month and an amount of Rs 10 lakh agin of December 17. Last but not the least an amount of Rs Five Lakhs was taken out on December 19. Within 19 days the withdrawal stood to Rs 85,50,439.41. This is yet to be known where was this huge fund invested? Only God can answer. The documents of Al-Zehra trust reveals the funds are withdrawn in the name of providing help to orphans, widows and patients. An amount of Rs 1.11 Lakh was withdrawn on April 10, 2014. Next day only an amount of Rs 11,395 was withdrawn from official account of the society. There were a series of withdrawal after that. This activity continued on April 12, 15, 16, 17. The amount for the same stood Rs. 51,548, 1,00,000, 32,489 plus 7,850( on the same day), 21,709 respectively. These are only few instances. There financial irregularities are what it seems currently. Huge sum is withdrawn from the trust’s account and nobody is aware of the source and destination of the money. Only a thorough investigation can reveal the truth. A serious investigation is required to find who all are getting benefitted from these funds. This whole game plan gives fowl smell of deep routed curruption. The annual expenditure of the Madarsa as per the books is shown in crores. When we see the details it is no less than a scam. It even includes those expenses which are not actually present. Due to its association with Iran’s Al Mustafa Univerty expenses like salaries of teachers and other employees are directly funded from Iran. On the other hand the Chairperson of Ulema Foundation Maulana Sayyed Kaukab Muztaba says that the claims of its association with Iranian organisation itself is a scam as it does not have any educational operations in India. Its name is being used in conducting the suspicious activities in India.

According to Allama Zameer Naqvi the management of girl’s madarsa is in the hands of Males. It is controlled by the Sayyed Shams Nawab Rizvi and Saleh Ashoor who are sitting in Kuwait. While its management in Lucknow is looked after by Vice President Sayyed Zaheer Hussain Rizvi and Secretary Muztaba Hussain. Secretary’s son Sibtayen Hussain has a big say in the internal matters of the educational body. He is even getting financial perks.The documents of ICICI Bank reveal many suspicious transactions. For example, peon of the society Amber Mehendi was given an amount of Rs two lakh within the span of few days. Apart from that there many beneficiaries who are receiving hefty amount from the society on regular basis but the reason for the transaction remains unexplained. Amber has two daughter baby Fatima and Zeba who used to study in aforesaid madarsa. These days Baby Fatima is the Principal of the organisation in which she studied as a child. However after giving post of principal to Fatima, Amber Mehendi was ousted from society.

The rule of Shariat says if madarsas of female are being operated by males then they are supposed to follow strict guidelines of Islam. On the contrary people managing these are socialising with bollywood celeberaties. Drinking, Dancing and westernization has become the part of their lifestyle. The violation of shariat law is upto such extent that the secretary do not mind adressing them without their hijab put on, though the female teachers are present. Naqvi underlines that these were meant for parting religious knowledge to under 10 girl students. But from the last 3-4 years adult girl students have also started to study. The editor of Urdu newspaper Naqeeb, Maulana Asif Jaisi says, as per norms female madarsas are suppose to get operated by Maulanas and internal management should belong to their Beghams. But madarsas are now converted into money making plants and they are putting Shariat law at stake. They are concerned only about donations, morals acquire the back seat. Dissappointingly there has been a number of cases where female teachers, girl students were sent indecent messages over email and whatsapp. These were send by President Sayyed Shams Nawab Rizvi and many others but the plea of the victims were undermined. The mails of pressurizing girl students to be send to foreign countries have been revealed many times. According to Asif Jaisi these atrocities on students have been highlighted on several occasions but as Shams is residing in Kuwait nothing has been done so far. Usually madarsas are established by religious people but Shams has nothing to do with the religion. He is merely an agent to the highly networked illicit business. Under the diguise of religion he is running a full fledged unlawful undertaking. Strict action is needed against this man. These people require to be socially boycotted. Shams is responsible for bringing huge foreign funds from abroad but only government can access and scan his activities. As per Jaisi, Islamic philospher Allama Zaheer has caught the operatives of madarsas red handed. He is running a compaign against them. He is in favor of getting the culprits sacked. Including society president everybody else is indulged in wrong doings. Vice President Sayyed Zaheer Hussain Rizvi is also following the footsteps of his President. Rizvi married a teacher associated with the madarsa though he was already married. For purchasing house for his wives he has utilized funds of society. Rizvi has movable and immovable properties amounting crores. In order to get hold of his illicit activities CBI enquiry is required. This also needs to be investigated if president Shams resides abroad how is the formalities like renewal of organisation and other formalities are being fulfilled. There are irregularties in the operations as well.

Terrorism is widespread in madarsas. They are infested with corruption, illicit activities, greed. Who so ever speaks against the operative he is thrown out within no time. Suspended people include workers, female teachers and many girl students. We have the copy of each and every complaint made by victims against the top dogs of management. However we are not publishing their names. To end the atrocities these teachers along with the girl students have started a widespread movement against these so called religious organisations. We have proof that females who willingly accepted the indecent offers of the managment were provided highend facilities. Selected people in madarsa are given duty to appoint female teachers. These vacancies are well publicised in newspapers. In order to lure teachers attractive package is presented with the contact details. Islamic intellectual state it as anti-religion. Spokesperson of All India Shia Personal Law board Maulana Yasub Abbas says action can be taken against these madarsa only if a formal complaint is placed in front of board. In such case a comittee will be constituted to probe the matter and action will be taken accordingly. According to Maulana Abbas the madrasas which are carrying out anti-Islamic activies needs to be banned. Simultaneously Allam Zameer Naqvi says he is all set to present this matter not only in front of board but to each and every law enforcement body. To start with madarsas of Lucknow are on our radar. On the legality of these madarsa President of Ulema foundation (Human Resource Development ministry) Maulana Sayyed Kaukab Muztaba stated if they have not taken affialation from Madarsa Board then are illegal. This has been clearified in FCRA that if the permission has not been recieved for the donations then it will come in the category of serious offense. Maulana Muztaba says only few madarsa in Lucknow have formal permission rest are being run only to earn money. Some are only limited to documents, other are being used as rented accomodations. Some are being run in the houses and are teaching Terrorism. There has been some instances where instead of calling it madarsa its name was changed to society of trust on registration papers. oganisations like Sultanul Madaris, Nazmia, Tanzimul and Mutabik are some of the madarsas in Lucknow which are running with proper formalities and abiding law. Here I would like to specially mention that in Uttar Pradesh government funded 359 madarsa list the name of Al-Zehra and Madarsa Khadijul Kubra has not been mentioned. These madarsa have become a short cut to earn huge bucks. The money involved is too big which is compelling people to adopt corrupt waves for making money.

Flooding of Madarsa
There has been a flooding of fake Madarsas all across the country. These are being run to recieve huge foreign funds. Across 22 Districts of Uttar Pradesh around 200 such religious education organisation are found to be operated but only on papers. They are also claiming huge funds from Indian Government but are indulge in various activities which has no connection with parting knowledge. In some, tea stalls are being operated, others are used for running beauty parlour. A corner of house is shown as Madarsa the rest is an empty plot. Such Madarsas are getting operating in Lucknow, are claiming huge funds from government. Different accomodations are shown as Madarsas in the books for getting funds from government. In Meerut 50 such Madarsas were found operating. Some of these Madarsa were used to run grocery shops and rest were utilized as rented accomodation. This fishy game continued with the nexus of government employees. Among these some have even caught for financial irregularities but are flourishing with the help of officials associated with Minority Welfare Department.

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Uttar Pradesh Getting Maximum Islamic Charity
As per the data of FCRA Uttar Pradesh stands first in recieving Islamic Charity Fund. Specially NGO’s situated in the north eastern parts of the state adjoining Nepal border are recieving maximum such funds. In the Sidharth Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh there is small town named Itwa. Al Farooq organisation of the town was found twenty decades back by Maulana Shekh Sabir Ahmed Madni. He was the follower of Qatar based Sailafi ideology. This organisation is getting huge funds from the trust which is run by the royal family of Qatar. These funds are shown to be spended on the construction of madarsas and orphanage but this organisation is operated under sailafi ideology which is against the sufi beliefs. Sheikh Id-Bin-Mohammed Al Thani shows this charitable association as International Charity Organisation. However its founder Abdal Rehman Al Nuyami has been announced as international terrorist by America in 2003. He was found to be involved in funding of Terrorist organisations like Al-Quaeda and other hardliner Islamic organisation. Another religious organisation of the state Safa Educational and Technical Welfare Society recently recieved a some of around Rs Five crores from Kuwait. This has been shown under the head of Educational reciepts. On the contrary this is being used in promoting Sialafi ideology. Jamiat Ehayut Turas Al Islami is the significant contributer in Safa Group. He is associated with Rivival of Islamic Heritage Society which is another such organisation. Due to its connects with Al Queda Network this society is banned in America. The areas of Uttar Pradesh adjoining Nepal is witnessing a growth in the network of Madarsas which are promoting Sailafi Ideology in the State and nearabout. Simultaneously religious organisations in Nepal are having more Indian students as compared to other countries. The funds of Madarsas in Uttar Pradesh and Nepal are not only flowing from Kuwait but these extend to Saudi Arab as well. These are getting funds from renown charitable trust of Arabia Rabeet Al Alam and Muslim World League. The activities of later are  suspicious as well. Including Afghanistan this organisation allot funds to the countries which are fighting for Jehad. This league established Rabeeta Trust in Pakistan in 1988. After the World Trade Centre terrorist attacks this organisation was found to be associated with Al Quaeda after which it was banned by America.

The Madarsas of Uttar Pradesh are getting maximum donations from United Arab Emirates (UAE). Kuwait, Britain and Canada are second in the line of donations. It came into light recently that the funds of Islamic State has come into India en route these Madarsas. Terrorist Abdul Shami Kasmi alias Shamiullah who was arrested in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh disclosed to NIA that very smartly ISIS is pouring its money in the State. He stated that funds of ISIS are entering into the country via Madarsas and Charitable trusts. To be notes Shamiullah had also contest in assembly elections of 2007.


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