Favi's Bluetooth Keyboard

The electronics maker Favi has introduced a portable Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad that can add a complete set of physical keys to a phone. Named as the “Favi Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse plus Laser Pointer,” the keyboard will connect to any Bluetooth device.
It has keys that are specific to Android, like Back, Home and Menu keys, and also keys that you won’t find on common phone keyboards, like audio and video controls. Although the keyboard works with an i-Phone, some of the functions don’t, including the touchpad.
There is a clearly marked Bluetooth button that you tap to connect with other devices. The company claims a battery life of about a week in use, 30 days in standby. The touchpad has a tap-to-enter feature, which wasn’t always reliable, but usually worked. There is a laser pointer built in, for presentations and amusing your cat.


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