Fascists find refuse in nationalism

stone-pelterKamal Morarka
Kashmir has reached the level not seen since the late 1980s. In 2010 also there was stone pelting by students, but after that things came under control. The problem is that if we do not talk to the people who are aggrieved, the problem becomes bigger. And if a stage comes when leadership goes in the hands of people whom we cannot identify, there will be no chance of even having talks. There is an argument which I precisely use to give. Whenever you want to avoid Geelani, just remember Geelani represents a point of view, maybe separatist, maybe something which we do not agree with, but he represents a point of view and it is better to include him and talk than exclude him. Now the present condition is I do not think Geenali is responsible for what is happening, he is not even included in it. It is students, youngsters, youth whom you talk to? Rajnath Singh has gone to Kashmir, I wish him good luck, but the issue is how do you formalize the things? By merely making statement like insaniyat, Kashmiriyat, jamhooriyat, copying from Atalji, you will not make any progress. Atalji’s sincerity came through. He said we are prepared to go to any extent to solve the Kashmir problem within the parameter of Insaniyat and Kashmiriyat that was the emphasis. Here by making a government with the PDP and without altering your stated position that you want to abolish Article 370, what kind of confidence you can build among the people. People have realized that you have just join the government for the loaves and fishes of the office, and you do not mean the serious settlement. Let us see what comes out of this, but the fact remains that if somebody wants to resolve Kashmir issue, there should lateral thinking, out-of-box thinking. Announcing a package and things like that does not work youth feel even more insulted. But let us wish the Home Minister had the best.
The second thing is that 2019 is now not far away it is just three years from now, if you talk in cricket terminology out of 50 overs of an ODI 27 overs are over. In cricket in the last 5 overs you can score high, but in politics the last 5-6 overs are of no use. So the effective time for this government is only two years and a few months. Viskas (development) cannot be done in one or two years. The government is doing everything within their reach but what had they got to show the people in 2019. You won’t get votes because the growth rate is 7.8 or 7.9; nobody reads all that. Growth is rated on general perception or on inflation. If daal will be sold at 200 rupees a kilo you cannot convince anybody that any good is happing. If unemployment is rampant and people do not get good employment nothing will be happened. If farmers are not given relief nothing will be happened. So the usual refuse of fascists is nationalism – create high tempo against Pakistan, get the country behind you. It is the strategy you cannot oppose anybody strategy but that is a game now. First, they take rashtiya gaan, bharat mata ki jai, flag, now nationalism. Ramaya an actress has been challenged for sedition. Why? Because she said I went to Pakistan and that is not a hell. People there are just like us. Is this talking against the country? I don’t understand how? Saying that in Pakistan people are normal is talking against India. How? Of course the court will not uphold the sedition charge. The last Supreme Court judgement maintains that for sedition to be charge against a person you have to prove he/she was inciting violence in his/her speech. A mere hate speech is not sedition, sedition means when you said we want violence against the government that is far from truth. But the signs are not good. If the Prime Minister wants to go down in the history as a responsible and good and constructive Prime Minister, he must hold back these fringe elements of the Sangh who are out to create trouble for him.
Onion prices are again occupying headlines not because it is 100 rupees a kilo but because it is sold at the rate of five paise a kilo. The farmer is selling it at five paise a kilo market is selling 4 rupee a kilo. Of course the middle man makes money but that is the tragic story year after year. For farmers what the government must do is the gap between what the farmers get and customer pay should be reduced by whatever method or proper supply line, proper supply trail. A lot needs to be done in agricultural sector. Of course they have done things like soil health card etc, but transportation, storage the farmer still depend on the local traders. But the trader is for himself not for the farmer. Let us hope things improve.


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