The Coal Scam has not only remained the subject of debate in Parliament, but it has become a subject for the entire nation. People from all corners of the country are worried about the Coal Scam because for the first time the name of the person who is occupying the most powerful post in the country has come to the forefront. Manmohan Singh was the Coal Minister and even if the decision had been made by the Screening Committee or by the Secretaries, it could not have been finalised without the signatures of Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh says that he is absolutely clean. Each and every individual is absolutely clean in his own eyes. Till date, no criminal has ever acknowledged he was a criminal either inside or outside the court. We are not saying Manmohan Singh is a criminal; instead we are calling him King of Kings of the criminal group. Manmohan Singh has perhaps decided to finish off the entire democratic mechanism. That is why one of the MPs from his party is raising questions on the Constitutional post of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). Earlier, Manish Tewary, spokesperson of Manmohan Singh’s party, had made fun of the CAG, and said  that the CAG has a habit of increasing ‘zeros’. Now, the General Secretary of the Congress party,  Digvijay Singh is saying the ambition of Vinod Rai, who is occupying the post of the CAG, has become the same as that of the former CAG, T. N. Chaturvedi. If we accept the words of the Congress then Digvijay Singh was publicly insulted by his own party. He was told that he would not give any sort of statements, and if he has now given any statement then it should be accepted that he gave the statement on being given the word by the Chairman of the Congress party.
This means that the Congress Party has made preparations to destroy the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) post.  The term ‘destroy’ in the sense that by attacking the CAG, dissolve the credibility of the post to such an extent that in coming times people do not believe any of its reports. If Digvijay Singh has given his statement on the word of Sonia Gandhi, then the Congress party has closed ranks against the CAG. The Congress party has a habit that whenever they find themselves  incapable of fighting politically or on the basis of evidence, then they try to smudge the personal image. Personal image in this case means levelling the kind of allegation that they have levelled at the present CAG, Vinod Rai, that his ambition is like that of the former CAG, T. N. Chaturvedi —  of becoming a member of the Lok Sabha or of becoming a Governor.

The Congress party is expert in terming an error of hundred rupees to be a scandal and terming a scandal of twenty six lakhs rupees to be an error. The way all the Ministers of the Congress party are speaking about zero loss in the Coal Scam, it is the same way in which Kapil Sibal had spoken about the zero loss in the 2G Scam.

The Congress Party has till today never been able to fight with anybody politically. The Congress party had faced Vishwanath Pratap Singh too by opening a fake bank account in a Bank of St. Kitts to counter him. In every case the Congress Party suffered a heavy defeat and now too they are going to suffer a heavy defeat. I am happy  because of the fact that till the time of Indira Gandhi, the Congress party used to fight a political battle. I do not recall Indira Gandhi ever making a personal attack on any individual. But after Indira Gandhi, for the first time during the time of Rajiv Gandhi, reprehensible charges were made, personal charges were made against V.P. Singh. Now the General Secretary and the spokesperson of the Congress party are making reprehensible charges against the CAG. I am fully hopeful, in fact, as it is written in the villages, not only fully hopeful but absolutely certain that now V. K. Singh will also be the butt of personal accusations. Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare have already become an example. We have examples in front of us of how and in what way charges were made against Anna Hazare. The Congress party is expert in terming an error of hundred rupees to be a scandal and terming a scandal of twenty six lakhs rupees to be an error. The way all the Ministers of the Congress party are speaking about zero loss in the Coal Scam, it is the same way in which Kapil Sibal had spoken about the zero loss in the 2G Scam.
Why does the Congress Party not understand that the public is making fun of these statements put out by them? Why are the results of the State polls that are being held not giving any lessons to the Congress party, has the brain of Sonia Gandhi really stopped working, has she stopped thinking and understanding? I am saying this because a party not imbibing any lessons after its loss happens rarely in the world. But in our country the Congress party is continuously performing this miracle. The Congress party thinks that the public is wrong and they are right. But when I speak about the Congress party, I do not include the personnel of the Congress Party, because the Congress party on today’s date is all about Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and to a certain extent Priyanka Gandhi. After this, if we add names then we find Ahmed Patel, Motilal Vora, Janardan Dwivedi and working as their shooter, Digvijay Singh. There are a few IAS officers, who give them advice, but in the decisions of the party their interference is in those areas where the decisions have a direct relation with Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. In the Prime Minister’s office,  Pulok Chatterjee is one such name.
If Sonia Gandhi has already thought of losing this election and after the loss in this election, in the next elections the Congress Party will be able to win with a full majority, then the thought of Sonia Gandhi might be right, but for the Congress, thinking in this way is very dangerous. The last time also, the way the Congress party had contested the elections, its plain and simple meaning was that they wanted to lose the elections. As they were very certain that the economic condition of the country would deteriorate, because they had done nothing to stabilise the economic condition of the country during UPA-1, but that election, because of the great intelligence of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Lal Krishna Advani was won by the Congress Party and the condition of the BJP became like that of a frustrated cat trying to claw a pole (‘khisyani billi khamba noche’). Does the Congress party have no care for the country, for the people of the country, for the poor or for those people who give their votes to them? If they care, then the Congress party should at least speak honestly about an investigation on the proven scams or which are in the process of being proved. If the CAG changed the Coal Scam amount firstly from Rs. 26 lakh crores to Rs. 10 lakh crores and then to Rs. 1.86 lakh crores, then they should be thankful to the CAG on writing a greatly reduced amount for the coal scam. We are saying again and again that this scam is worth Rs. 26 lakh crores and the CAG is trying to protect the Government. And the Government, it is standing over the CAG with a shoe in its hand.
It is true that there are two types of people.  One, who want their names to be famous even when they are alive and also want their names to be remembered in history as a good person. The second type includes those people who while they are alive do good and bad activities without caring at all about  history. The Congress Party is almost this sort of a party — what grading it would get in  history, this does not worry them. Till the day Indira Gandhi was alive, till then the Congress party cared about being known as the torch bearer of democracy. Indira Gandhi at least thought about the poor, showed dreams to the people. The “Garibi Hatao” slogan was hers, which also made her win the elections, but today’s Congress Party doesn’t even want to do any work. We are sorrowful about the Congress because a very big section of society is unable to identify itself with the Bharatiya Janata Party. The living standard, style of carriage, diction and relation of the Bharatiya Janata Party with the poor people is so feudal that  people hesitate to stand with the party. Neither does the BJP want to break this psychological barrier not does the Congress party want a new wall to be built. The results of the Vidhan Sabha polls are not scaring the Congress.
There is a lot of intense anger among the Congress workers, this is because they feel wrong decisions from their leaders or carelessness while taking decisions is going to prove costly for the Congress Party. On issues which are at the ground level, at the village level or at the booth level,  leaders sitting in Delhi do not fight. The indignity, insult, statements, anger and abuse has to be faced by the working members. Those workers who make their hearts and soul one to make the party win, those workers are moving away from the Congress Party. Neither is Rahul Gandhi worried about this nor is Sonia Gandhi worried that the workers are moving far away from them and they should be stopped from going far away. Not worrying about them is the reason behind workers running away, searching for places in other parties. They do not find a place there, but even after this they keep on knocking at the doors of other parties.
On the other side there is the Opposition, and if the Opposition means the Bharatiya Janata Party then they are also doing nothing to save the honour of the CAG. All other political parties, it is not known why, have taken themselves out of the count. If I take names then I can take the name of Sharad Yadav, can take the name of Mulayam Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan comes in this, even if he is the only member of his party in the Rajya Sabha, there is Mayawati , there is Nitish Kumar. Why have all these leaders started thinking of themselves as out of the circle of the Opposition, why are they living with  a complex that when they would be required to give a reaction then it would be fine for them if the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party gives it and if the spokesperson does not give the response we will remain silent.
If the topics of democratic organisations, democratic process or the grief and problems of the people in this democracy cannot be understood by both of them, then it is not necessary for us to tell them, because all the leaders have enough sense to understand that the public is going to teach them a lesson. In the eyes of the people, the Congress Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party indulge in similar type of politics, but they do not wish to see  other Opposition parties practising politics. People do not give them their votes, in the same manner in which they do not make a ‘sadhu’  the village head or a Member of the Legislative Assembly, but they expect that whenever a ‘sadhu’ will speak, what he speaks will be correct. Whenever he speaks, he will speak about religion and when he speaks with the people, he will speak about uplifting their lives spiritually. If the ‘sadhu’ speaks about something else then people drive away the ‘sadhu’ from their place. The non-Congress  and non- BJP Opposition, they are like that ‘sadhu’. The people want to hear from them about things that can benefit them, they want to hear about their progress and about  goodness from them. While giving votes they are sometimes in their favour and sometimes they ignore them. But inspite of this the people do not like them to remain silent. Perhaps the Opposition does not understand this matter. It may be possible, after today’s leadership whichever leadership comes next it will come sometime  will understand this matter. If these people will not understand this matter then the faith of the people of this country gradually losing faith in democracy is but natural.


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