Facts And The Correct Perspective Are Most Important : Distortions In India’s History Must Be Removed

With the huge win of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the recent general elections, it became a certainty that now there would be controversy in the country in relation to history. The Bharatiya Janata Party Government would try to re-write history, at which there would be protests. A 100 days of the Government had not yet been completed when arguments started and the bugle of protest was sounded. When the Government of Atalji was formed, at that time too there was an attempt to re-write history. First, the books of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) were changed. But former Human Resource Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi gave this task into the hands of such people who proved to be incapable of writing history books. They became a laughing stock. When Atalji’s Government went out of power, then those books too were thrown into the dustbin. Marxist historians established their control again. The first question: is it proper to re-write history? The second question: what should be the basis and justification for the history of the country? The third question: does holding myths to be true in the name of re-writing constitute history?

leadIndia is probably the only country in the world where, right at the beginning of its official history, it is related that people living in India are not its natives. The majority of people living in India do not belong to India. They have come from a foreign country. Historians said that we are Aryans. We have come from outside. From where exactly? There is no fixed answer for this. But still, it is certain that we have come from outside. From where Aryans came, if someone turns the pages of history to find an answer to that, then it will be found that some say Central Asia, some say Siberia, some say Mongolia, some say Transcaucasia, and some have said Aryans are from Scandinavia. Aryans were natives of which part of the world, that even today is, a myth for historians. It means that nobody has proof of the origin of Aryans, but still say they are from Siberia, from Scandinavia, and so on according to their sensibilities. If the Aryans came to India from a foreign land, then where did they come from and when, this is an important question. This is a question of the identity of the people of India. Influential historians sitting in universities have to give answers to these questions. By raising questions on the intentions of the person asking questions, a curtain can’t be drawn over basic questions of history.
In the Government books of India, the arrival of the Aryans is described as an Aryan invasion (see box 1). In these books the Aryans are called nomadic or tribal. They had chariots. It is related that the Aryans also brought with them the Vedas. They had their own language, script. It means that they were learned nomads. This is the world’s most unique example. This history was written by the British. In 1866, the story of Aryans in India was written by Max Müller. During this period, Aryans were described as a ‘breed’. Max Müller was a citizen of Germany. He was employed by the East India Company at a salary of 10,000 dollars at that that time to understand and translate the Vedas. The British wanted to rule in India, but they didn’t have information about the society here. Lord Macaulay gave the work of information collection to Max Müller. This is the same Lord Macaulay, who took up the task of creating such a section of people in India who could establish a dialogue between Britishers and the society ruled by them, that is, the people of India. Not only this, Macaulay said that this section will be such which will be Indian by color and blood, but by ethos, ethics and wisdom will be British. To fulfill this agenda, he implemented an education policy in India, got conducted an analysis of Indian religious scriptures and got started the writing of an official history. The pre- Independence and post- Independence ruling class of India didn’t spare any effort in realising the dream of Lord Macaulay. Historians too displayed this tendency.
The British have one good habit. They keep documents safe. This is the reason that the truth behind the story of understanding the Vedas and their translation can be known. Max Müller, after study and translation of Vedas wrote one letter, in which he has clearly written that the process of blighting and denigrating the religion of India has been completed and now if the Christian missionaries don’t do their work, then whose fault is it? It was Max Müller who had implemented the Aryans invasion theory in India, but this theory met its biggest challenge in 1921. Suddenly, on the banks of the Indus river, the remains of a civilisation were found. Had it been at only one place, then it would

have been a different thing. But indications of a civilisation began to be found at many place. It came to be called the Indus Valley civilisation. Excavations revealed that many cities lay buried by the banks of the Indus river.
These cities had roads everywhere and in every home there were drains and in the entire city there was an organised drainage system. There was a separate place for the market. There was a separate residential area. In these cities there were swimming pools, whose design was the same as the best swimming pools of the 21st century. To store food grains, there were storehouses. On the banks of rivers there were ports for boats. When an estimate of the age of these cities was made, it was found that this is the world’s oldest civilisation. This was before the arrival of the Aryans. Now the question arose, if the Aryans had come from outside India, then who were those who used to live here? The cities of the Indus Valley civilisation were not only cities buried in the ground, but were storehouses of historical proofs. British historians ignored and sidelined these proofs of history and remained fixed on their theory of Aryans. What should have been done was that in the light of new information revealed by the Indus Valley civilisation, history should have been written again, but British historians used the Indus Valley civilisation to prove the Aryans invasion theory right.
This was the biggest fraud played with history, but nobody raised questions. They went and wrote that not only did the Aryans come from outside, but also destroyed the Indus Valley civilisation. The biggest mistake of India’s Marxist historians is that nobody checked the Aryans invasion theory in the light of new proofs. Didn’t raise any questions on this doubtful theory. Whatever the British wrote, they accepted that as the truth. Post- independence historians didn’t try to change it either. If on the basis of new proofs, due changes were not made in the written history, then raising some questions is legitimate. How is it possible that nomads like the Aryans didn’t have their own homes to stay, but they had scriptures like the Vedas? They had their own language and own script too. And, the people who were living in organised cities, who used to bathe in swimming pools, kept their food grains in storehouses, carried out trade, they didn’t have any language, no script and no religious scriptures. And they were so cowardly and weak that nomadic people beat them out from their own cities. Indian historians, on the basis of this history written by the British, made a distinction between the Aryans and the Dravidians. It was said that people living in the Indus Valley were Dravidians, who migrated from the Indus Valley and went south. Now this question arises: when they reached the south after migrating from the Indus Valley, then did their intelligence and knowledge just vanish? They forgot how to build cities, forgot how to make swimming pools, forgot how to construct drains. And Aryans coming from outside who were nomads, tribals, they were writing the Vedas. Actually, Leftist historians have made the history of the country a joke.
The ancient history of India is surrounded by controversies. The root of this controversy is in the writing system of history. The history of India is written essentially on the basis of linguistic study. In a country like India where there are storehouses of archaeological remains and sites, in the writing of history, it is not correct to ignore the evidence of archaeology. Actually, this is a part of politics. Leftist historians have control on all history writing institutes, universities and investigational institutions of India. Only one Archaeology Department is there which the Left couldn’t control. This is the reason why famous established historians don’t consider archaeological proofs as proof, and by giving preposterous arguments, ignore and sideline them. This is the reason that the history of ancient India is still that which was written by Britishers. Some changes on the surface have been made, but its character even today remains on the yardsticks established by Macaulay, the essence of which is that that whatever is ancient in India is bad, uncivilised and exploitative.
It is 150 years since this history was written. During this time, science has developed, new inventions have been made. New techniques are now available for testing of historical proofs. Worldwide, the work of writing history with a multi-dimensional viewpoint is taking place, but India’s Leftist historians are suffocating history by believing linguistic study to be the only truth. They have become conservatives. Whoever raises questions on the history written by them, they attack them like a gang. The reality is that for many archaeologists, physicists, geologists, astronomers, scientists, mathematicians and historians of the country and the world, the Indus Valley civilisation has become a topic of interest. Not only in India, but investigations are happening worldwide, books are being written. This is so because information revealed by the excavation of the Indus Valley civilisation is startling and unbelievable. For any person with an interest in history, it is a matter of amazement that when Greece, Rome and Athens didn’t even exist, how were people of the Indus Valley civilisation successful in building a world class city, where did the knowledge of town-planning come from, and how did they learn the technique of building swimming pools?
The sorrowful thing is that when the people of India read their own history, they don’t feel a sense of pride. One of the reasons for this is that the great historians of the country have written history in such a manner that whoever reads it once, their interest in history ends. This is also one reason that history should be written again. By now even more new proofs have come. More than 700 archaeological sites connected to the Indus Valley civilisation have already been found. In India, in the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab etc., new findings have been made. Their scientific check should be done and whatever scientific facts come forward, they should be included in history books. If the need be to re-write history, then it should be re-written. While writing history it is important to keep in mind that new history is history written with a multi-disciplinary approach system, that it is based on evidence certified by science. There is a need to keep ancient history away from myths and religious beliefs.
History is not some cosmic book that cannot be changed. Because of new evidence, new discoveries and new technologies we get new information about the past all the time. Due to development of science and technology, many secrets can now be unravelled. To change history on the basis of this evidence, technology and proofs is creation of correct history. In India, the work of writing history started after Independence. Writers copy pasted and presented old facts in a new way and with new arguments. Books were written in such a way that if one reads it once, then one’s interest in knowing more about history just ends. More than telling about the past, historians did the work of hiding it. The things that were told, those too were mixed up with politics and ideology. History is not a thing to be hated. The fault of the Leftist historians is this: that they made history itself hateful. India is not one nation, not one country and neither is it the name of just any land. This is the world’s oldest civilisation. Here Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and people believing in who knows how many other religions live. History should be such that every Indian should feel proud of it, through which mutual brotherhood and unity can be infused and which can reinforce our confidence that we have remained leaders in human development indices in the world. One such history should be written which is not based on myths or religious stories, but is based on truth and proofs. In India there is a need to write history again. Historians should use new evidence, proofs, science and technology in writing history. For make-believe stories there should be no place in history.

  DNA Sampling Proves Aryan Invasion Theory A Myth


Very few people know that the root of the emergence of the Aryans invasion theory is in the Christian-Jewish ideological fight. The Aryan invasion theory emerged in the 18th century in Europe, particularly in Germany. At that time historians and philosophers propagated this theory to free the European civilisation of Judaism. Philosophers like Kant and Johann Gottfried von Herder tried to connect myths and the philosophy of India and China to European civilisation. They didn’t want European civilisation to be seen connected to Judaism. That is why they gave this argument that the people in Europe are not Jews, instead they have come from India and China. They gave them the name ‘Aryans’. The thing to understand is that all people of India and China were not Aryans. According to them, people living in the mountains of Asia  — white skinned tribals — were Aryans, who came over and settled in Europe and adopted the Christian religion. In Europe Aryans, came to be considered a different race. This came to be believed as a universal theory. The creation of the Aryan invasion theory was done essentially for Europe. When the British started understanding the history of India, then it is amazing they implemented this theory for India too. From 1866, the Aryan invasion theory was made a part of history of India. It was said that India’s white skinned, upper caste ruling class and European colonists are of the same race. This theory came in useful for Britishers too: the British are not from outside and their ruling on India is as legitimate as the ruling of Kings here. The British needed these tools to rule in India.  But what one cannot understand is why didn’t the Leftist historians post-independence finish this theory off from the very roots? We know that it was because of such make-believe theories that dictators like Hitler were born. That too when in Europe, with the development of science, the race theory was declared unreliable and unscientific. In the past 70 years, many investigations on the Aryans race took place. Different countries have taken part in this; scientists of various fields have given their contribution. All of them in one voice have declared Aryans being one race as myth and false. There are only the Leftist historians who till now are sitting clutching this theory. On 10 December, 2011 news came that scientists of cellular molecular biology have conducted research on people of many islands. In this research scientists of many countries were included. This research was done for 3 years and was done on DNA sampling of people. It was found from this research that people living in India, be it South India or North India, the structure of their DNA is the same. In this there is no mixture of any race from outside and this can be said for sure that for the past 60,000 years there are no external genes in India. In the report of this research it is mentioned that through DNA sampling it can be claimed without any doubt that the story of invasion of the Aryans is a myth. The report of this research was published in the American Journal of Human Genetics on 9 December, 2011. This is an authentic research. For it, high-class technologies of science have been used. Scientists of many countries were included in it. It is going to be 3 years since this report has come. Why are historians of the country silent? The reality is that in India the writing of history is afflicted by politics.

The ‘Congressification’ of Modern Indian History

Modern India’s history is considered to be from 1857 till 1947. Just as ancient history is important for recognising the identity of India, similarly modern history is essential for cultivating India’s unity, integrity and democracy. The regret is that in it official historians have mixed up Leftist and Congress ideology in such a manner that many people have been sidelined from the mainstream. The whole history of modern India is limited to Gandhi, Nehru and the Left organisations. There is a need to rethink on Leftist history written with the spectacles of ‘secularism’ and communalism. The Institute of Objective Studies published a book, in which information was given about the role of many Muslim leaders and revolutionaries in the freedom struggle. These are those names which are not mentioned in mainstream history and nor is there any discussion of their contribution. Muslim leaders included in the Muslim League were thrown out of the history of modern India. Not only this, Madan Mohan Malviya, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s contribution was also forgotten, whereas they had been leaders of the Congress too. Actually, the Leftist writing system wrote the history of modern India wearing secular-communal spectacles. By calling the Muslim League and the Hindu Mahasabha communal, their contribution was uprooted and thrown away. Whereas the reality is this that the Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha for a long period of time remained a part of the Congress. The Congress at that time was not an organisation, but was a movement, in which many organisations were included. The ground workers of the Muslim League and the Hindu Mahasabha and local leaders were not far behind anyone in the freedom movement. Anyway, the present history written with the spectacles of secularism and communalism is not only incomplete, but is also filled with contradictions. Apart from this, by reading these books it seems that the whole of the North-East didn’t have any part  in the freedom struggle. Who were those people of the North –East who gave their lives for freedom, held protests and bore lathis of the British; this is just not there in the present history. Leftist historians chosen by the Congress Governments have made history an arena of politics. In the name of history, they said some lies, hid some truths and established many make-believe stories.

Left vs. Right
It will be the country’s the misfortune if in the name of re-writing myths and history is mixed up. It will not be acceptable to today’s youth that in our books it be written that development of stem-cell technology was done in the Mahabharata era and cars were invented in the Vedic era itself. India of the 21st century doesn’t need this kind of history, in which it is written that in India in the Mahabharata era this technology or that was used. The son of Kunti was fiery like the sun. Gandhari was not able to get pregnant for 2 years, then she had an abortion done. During that time a large amount of flesh came out of her uterus. Rishi Dwaipayana Vyasa mixed some medicines in that flesh and kept it in a cool tank. Later he cut 100 pieces of it and kept each piece in 100 different tanks filled with ghee for two years. After 2 years 100 Kauravas were born from that. Such stories are okay for narration, but there is no space for them in history books. The ancient history of India is very glorious as it is. The proofs that are available, they are sufficient to prove us to be the world’s most ancient and leading civilisation. The need is for history to be written with authentic proofs, so that no one can raise a finger against it. If the Sangh or some people related to it will, like last time, in the name of history start telling myths as truth, then because of such ‘history’, India will become a laughing stock in the whole world.


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