Eye-opening, Insightful speeches of Prime Minister & President!

By Santosh Bhartiya

This time 15 August gave us many new insights. The first being the fact that the language of the speeches of Prime Minister and the President were the same, without alteration of commas or full stops – no to speak of similarity in style. A lot of people like me get amazed by the facts they put across. According to them the Make in India, which was entrusted with the task of making new India, is a success. In fact “Make in India” and “New India” have become synonymous. It must give a lot of pleasure to the editor of the daily New India that the Prime Minister Modi liked the name of his newspaper.

But the insight that I got from the two speeches suggests we have provided jobs to the people. The youth is happy, more than 90 percent of the farmer’s debt is waived, and many new schemes with new names have been launched by Prime Minister Modi. Those schemes have no relation with the schemes already in vogue. So those who say that the old schemes are launched in news guise are wrong. The fact is Modiji has launched brand new schemes and prosperity in the country is knocking our doors. In other words as soon as we will open the door the prosperity storms in. We were so amazed and felt so good to know about fact that we do not need to look around; it is suffice to get a voice in our ears that India is changing or has almost been changed. Not only this, India has become a great power. The investment the Pradhan Sewak has attracted during his world tour must have come, though only we are ignorant of the data of those investments.


People talk rubbish when they say that demonetization hampered the country’s progress. However, many thousands of crores were spent on its promotion. The Reserve Bank of India is unable to calculate as to how much money come to the system, and despite this fact people are asking the bank to declare total money it received in lieu of demonetization. These questions too have no meaning, because the black money is almost out of the system. It also means that the questions about black money that we have been raising since Independence were the stupid questions, because this government does not know how much black money it received. The number varies from time to time: sometimes two lakh crores, sometimes three lakh crore. What about the assessment of black money? If we believe latest declaration of the Prime Minister, we can bracket any amount as black money.

Now, no more black money is stashed in Swiss banks or in Panama or Mauritius or different islands considered as tax havens. The funding to terrorists has stopped. Terrorism has been curbed as there is incident of stone pelting in Kashmir. We maintained that this has happened due to demonetization, because they are unable get the money now, and hence the youngsters stopped pelting stones. The newspapers, which eulogize the government day in and day out, are oblivious of these informed stories, as they are not able to tell us the reasons behind it. Probably they do not want to divulge. But millions and millions of people like me must be at their wits end, cursing their ‘limited intellect” that why they did not see the obvious.  It means there is something wrong in their IQ and their intelligence has been rusted.

We should be all eyes and ears to see transforming our country into New India by 2022. Everyone will get a house of his own, though there is no figure as to how many people got their houses in last three years. However, every homeless person in our country will, all of a sudden, get a house in 2022. The price of farmers’ crop will increase, their income will be doubled. How? This is a wrong question to ask today. People like Javed Akhtar should be punished for reciting his poem “Naya Hukmnama” (the new proclamation). Listen to his poem and abuse Javed Akhtar, for why he is unable to see the progress the country has made. Ask him to eulogize the progress we have made! Why he is saying that “hawayen chalen to pooch ke chalen/samundar mein lahren uthen to kitni uthengi/ ye afsaron se pooch len”. These are all stupid and unwise things. The speeches of Prime Minister Modi and the President on the eve of August 15 are gospel truth. Those who do not believe in that gospel truth have no right to live in freedom and prosperity in this country. They should close themselves in a cocoon. Those who say to enhance your knowledge need to throw his “foolish knowledge” in the black corner of the dungeon of his mind.

I am saying all these things to you because I am very happy to inform you that there will be no issue for the 2019 election. In the election of 2019, the people are going to support the existing policies and more than that going to send 450 BJP MPs to parliament. Rajiv Gandhi had got 412 seats, they will break this record. Therefore, there is no doubt about 2019. The question is of 2022. If we do not want to see this government in 2022 or we raise questions, then we are trying to nip all those good subjects in buds, and that should not be the case. As by 2022 everyone will get a house, everybody will get bread and the income of the farmer will be increased. What are the other things that will happen in 2022?

New economic policy will be in place. Growth rate will cross 10-point mark. There will be no poor, and if remain so it will not make any difference. The poor will have no say. It is suffice for them to make ends meet. Our country is entrenched in the problem like naxalism, rising tensions, perennial communal tensions, but these are meaningless questions and need not be touched upon. We have entered into a new India, a new era. We want to see a new India in 2022. I find myself dwarfed in front of all these questions. I wish this to be happened. I ask my friends especially people in journalism who still are trying to push their pen hard, especially the likes of Ravish Kumar, if you want to live an easy, happy life, then do not raise these questions. Just listen to what the Prime Minister and the President are saying.

I saw that Abhisar Sharma of ABP News got a little more distracted by the Gorakhpur incident. I want to remind him that “your wife is a government employee and you are working with ABP News. Do you want your wife to be transferred to Kalapaani (Andaman & Nicobar), or you get yourself fired from ABP?” Why does conscience suddenly speak up? There is something wrong with your conscience. Correct it, and make it a little tighter. The conscience need not speak up too much; it should listen what we are told to listen. I agree with Amit Shah when he says “such incidents keep happening. What’s the problem in that?” Let’s say that he is right and what he says carries some inherent weight that apart from such type of incidents and other similar will keep happening. One day you will disappear, you won’t be able to know about that. It does not matter! In 2022 a new country is going to be created, in which five percent people will get everything, and the rest will not have any status. They will be given punishment of keep silent. Therefore if I have tried to infer wrong meaning from the speeches of the Prime Minister and the President, then my apologies to both of them. I am trying to push through self-reform. I am seeing a similar new India in 2022 that the Prime Minister and the President envisage. They deserve all accolades for giving concrete shape to this divine wisdom. Once again I express my gratitude to both of you for your August 15 speeches and for acquainting the country with the new realities.


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