Eye and Head Massager will give you a spa day at home

eye-and-head-massgerIf you have a schedule that makes you wonder what free time is, then you’ve likely come across headaches and tension behind your eyes. This normally comes from a combination of not sleeping enough and stress. You can go to a massage therapist and pay big bucks to get someone else to rub on you for an hour, but that’s going to add up over time.
The Eye and Head Massager uses pressure point massage, heat compression, and soothing sounds that can make a stressful day melt away. It has a see-though visor that will help to block out some light, and will also let you see the remote from which you control all of the settings on this device. There are 5 different settings for both the air pressure and vibration massage. The heat compression has low and high settings, and there is an eye massager to boot. You’ll need 3AAA batteries and an adapter for the built-in Li-on battery. The music that it plays is entirely up to you, though you may not want to upload something like Slayer if you’re trying to slow down your heart rate. As this is essentially taking over the job of a masseuse, the cost shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. It’s a lot more expensive up front, but in the long run it will save you a hefty hunk of change.
Price: Around Rs 19400 (currently Rs 11700).


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