Encourage ideological dialogue, don’t snub others

yogi-adityanathBy Santosh Bhartiya
There was a time in our country when polemical discourse – or shastarath – was order of the day. Two completely opposing views engaged themselves without firing a salvo or without threatening to boycott each other. They put their scholarly arguments forcefully in front of their witnesses. Later that polemic refined itself into ideological debates, involving people like Ambedkar, Lohia, Nehru and Deendayal Upadhyay. Other big names of these debates were Kishan Patnaik, Madhu Limaye and George Fernandez, after whom it seems that ideological debates cease to exist. Logical discussion has taken over by the belief systems. Debate and discussion enrich people’s minds and play crucial in the progress of any nation. The question bobs up: is it possible that the ideological debate could start afresh? I am putting forward some burning questions for you to think over and send your thought to us. We will publish them in the Chauthi Duniya.
On the eve of Madhu Limaye’s birth anniversary, we publish his famous article ‘What is RSS?’ In next issue, we carried a reply of Madhu Limaye’s write-up by RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha – “What RSS is?” Both the articles got good reception in the country. Now, I am initiating a new ideological debate. If it ignites the minds and people take it in stride, then it will make me believe that there is a scope of ideological debate amongst people, and it is far better than violent duels. Violent response or violent act kills scholar and a poor man alike.
Godse felt Gandhi was not a patriot or he was more patriot than him, which prompted him to shot Gandhi dead. That was his perceived notion of patriotism and his way of instilling patriotism in others. The self-proclaimed judges of nationalism and patriotism are pronouncing judgments on others with the same perceived notion of patriotism. Such kind of foolishness is at the core of the Hindutva politics.
The nation which they claim to represent does not include the people of this country. Their dream nation excludes tribals, Dalits, Muslims and Christians. Their nation is the nation of imagination that does not exist in real world. Ask them why they abuse Muslims, and if they were given free hand, what will they do with the Muslims? As in the name of cleansing Muslims in India, they only kill a few thousands of them. There are about 20 crore of Muslims in India. What will they do with them? Do they want to kill everybody, or they want to convert them all into Hinduism, or expel them from India? Why so much hate? What do you want to do? Faced with these questions Sanghis often look askance at.
One of my friends once asked a Sangh Leader that in your shakhas you talk of creating akhand Bharat, comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which are Muslim majority countries. Creating akhand Bharat consisting of these countries will make Akhand Bharat a Muslim majority country. And if we want to convert them into Hinduism, how is it for a minority possible to convert a majority? The Sanghi leader looked askance at these questions. RSS has no understanding. Theirs is a gathering of fools and fanatics. Their duty is to grab votes for the BJP and to vitiate the minds of Hindu youth.
No enemy of India has caused as much damage to India as the RSS has caused. The youth of India will not become open minded, as long as they resolve the problem of communalism and economic plunder. They will continue to thrive on their communal agenda.
The same people who for thousands of years killed, demonized and grab the land of the 80 percent original inhabitants of this land mass by calling them Shudra are out on the chariot of Hindutva to grab their land once again. Last time they called it a dharm-yudh (religious-war). This time they are calling it dharm-raksha (protection of religion). “Only” they know where Ram was born, and only they know that Ram was born where the Babur’s Mosque once stood. For them the question of gender equality, caste discrimination and economic inequality are conspiracy of the Chinese Maoists. They distract attention from real issues with great dexterity. As soon as people raise the real issues, they instantly cause riots.nitish-kumar
These people are scared of the fact that the social-political-economic power they have grabbed after such a long period of manipulation and trickery may not slide away from them. How can one imagine peace and tranquility in India without freeing the country from these people! Those who love the country will have to fight for this. One could not make out as to how the group that harassed people gets emboldened when a particular party comes to power. When the Samajwadi Party was in power in Uttar Pradesh, it was said that the police station has become the office of the Samajwadi party and this propaganda was the mainstay of the BJP’s campaign in recently concluded elections. The people handed over the power to the BJP. But not to speak of people in Uttar Pradesh, even the policemen are not spared. There are many viral videos on social media, in which policemen are shown being thrashed by vandals. In one such video the house of the SSP of Saharanpur is being seen vandalized. Should we believe that politics has been overpowered by vandalism and muscle flexing? Or the road that leads to the resolution of people’s problems has been left far behind? The police in Bihar have become so autocratic and shameless that upon enquiry about the theft of thousands of liters of liquor, an SHO retorts rats have drank the liquor. Another SHO related a shamelessly cooked up story of a transformer that fell into the Ganges and fish devoured that and interestingly the Government of Bihar accepted his version of the case. One must ask Nitish Kumar whether or not he thinks that such things are denting his credibility. Nitish Kumar does not belong to any criminal group or the group of officials who long to ruin the good governance. Nitish Kumar’s reputation has suddenly started dwindling. Report are emerging that trucks loads of liquor from Haryana are entering in Bihar unhindered. Many police stations in Bihar have become wine shops. Do we believe that police stations have become centre of bootleggers? I do not believe in that but there are people around me who say that they can provide videos if I want to see.
I am neither questioning Yogi Adityanath nor pointing finger towards Nitish Kumar. The question is directed towards that dark shadow that tries to blur bright faces and creates distrust in the minds of the people that the expectations with which they had elected their representatives are not going to meet. Now either nobody apprises Nitish Kumar or Yogi about these incidents or they are also surrounded by such shadows that the real news fails to percolate through. But how can it be assumed that Yogi Adityanath or Nitish Kumar does not watch TV or reads newspapers and does not get to the truth after watching or reading such news. It should be expected that the ideological debate will initiated in the country. It should also be expected that the Chief Ministers of two major states of north India, Yogi Adityanath and Nitish Kumar by applying their mind will regain their lost credentials. One should hope for the best.


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