Empty talks won’t make country strong

By Santosh Bhartiya

Is it so that telling the truth will hit the morale of the Indian army? There are many people who hardly feel for the country, who hardly knew about weaknesses and strengths of the country, and who only are convergent in making empty noises and idle talk on Facebook. Such people get screwed up when the truth dawn upon them. China claims that under its pressure the Indian army pulled back from Dokalam. We need to assess the fact through international media. I am not asking that we should desist ourselves from the propaganda that we have won. I am not saying we should desist from the propaganda that we can face both China and Pakistan simultaneously and can destroy them. I am not saying that we should not make propaganda that we have become the third most powerful force in the world. I am not saying that we should not claim that there is a superman among us, who possesses the power to defeat anyone anywhere with his talk. This superman is running our country is at the same time border expert, military expert, internal security expert, terror expert and expert in foreign and financial affairs. I am not saying that we should bring his truth in front of our people. But such a dynamic persona should be honored with not with a single Nobel Prize, but with many more, because such a personality has been incarnated for the first time in India. Though was born much earlier, but the aspect of his incarnation has come to the fore now.

The CAG report disclosing that Indian Army has shortage of ammunitions and in case of war that will last only for ten days has neither been discussed in Parliament nor been taken up by the television channels in their six-to-eight pm show, the newspapers too have kept mum. This has been the situation from the time when Manmohan Singh was at the helm of affairs. The then army chief in his letter had acquainted to Manmohan Singh of the situation and asked him to maintain caution, but the letter was leaked to the media by the then PMO. After a number of union budgets and change of guard at the centre, neither the Defense Minister nor the Chief of Army Staff, not even the Prime Minister, has shown interest in procuring ammunition for the Indian army. However interests were shown in buying arms, because it involves a lot of charms and people involved in it also get charmed by it. Be that as it may, the ammunition, which the soldier uses at front while attacking the enemy and maintaining the glory of the nation, has neither been manufactured in the country nor bought from abroad. A major part of our weaponry is imported from the countries that did not transfer the technology to us. That is why we have to rely on those countries for ammunition.


I vividly remember that a Chief of the Army had requested the government that we should immediately develop weapons based on indigenous technology, or while procuring arms from abroad, we should make sure that there will be technology transfer. But the Indian government pay no hid to it. The Chief of Army Staff got retire and could not say much about this cause, because the army chief loves his country, but not necessarily loves the press. Although the last three Army Chiefs have been exceptions and they have made their image on the media. That is laudable! Government did everything except procuring ammunition for army. Our sources inform that there has been no attempt by the government in this direction as of now. Yet we defeat China, we defeat Pakistan, and make big claims through TV anchors, and become happy. But neither the government nor the media explain the real situation.

It seems that the media, especially the television, is working as an impenetrable shield for the government to hide its lies. The people, who are hardly concerned about the front we are getting defeated at, have started creating such an atmosphere through Facebook that we are omnipotent and beating Pakistan and China every day. Defeating Pakistan and China give a soothing experience to the hearts and minds of the ordinary Indians. The Government too is not shy away from creating such an impression. The “bhakts” as they are popularly known, following their national duty on Facebook, are indulged in the crazy business of making fool of the gullible masses. Perhaps this is what they call nationalism and patriotism. These so-called anti-national nationalists in order to hide their impotency and weakness made tall claims on Facebook, and whoever expresses the truth they come down heavily on them through their posts, pretending as if Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has told them the truth. If anything like CAG reports comes up, they dismiss it as “handy work” of the Congress. At present, the Bharatiya Janata Party controls the country as well as the Opposition. In spite of this fact an atmosphere is being created through the paid Facebook users that Congress as well as some of the journalists who are bringing out the truth are breaking the morale of the country. However, the government is unable to catch those Congressmen who are undermining the morale of the nation. Moreover, income tax and ED raids are mounted everywhere in the country. It should be noted that the current CAG was the Defense Secretary of India. It costs nothing to level allegation, because the accusers are worthless, silly, thoughtless people, who can only be called traitors. They are such traitors who take pride in making the country weak, and consider themselves omniscience.

I am raising the question because even if you may not tell the truth to the Parliament or to the public, but if the truth comes out on its own, that deserves an explanation from you in capacity of the minister. After the revelation of CAG report, the government becomes silent. You can stop the report from publishing, you can stop the debate on television, but this will not transform weakness into strength. The country will get strengthen, when we face the truth that come to the fore and try to resolve it immediately. Our sources informed that shortage of ammunition and technology transfer do not top the priorities of the Indian government. The use of those weapons by the army or the relevance of those weapons to the army is not on the priority of the government. It should be expected the present government will come up and acknowledge the people the weak points of the country, will try to resolve this problem immediately, and will take initiatives to make the country strong. In view of tension at the border with China and Pakistan, it is necessary. It is necessary because if external forces attack us, we should stand on the boundary without looking at the right and left. In order to save our soldiers from attaining martyrdom, it is necessary that they have enough ammunition to confront the enemy, and prevent our guns to fell silent.


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