Elections 2019 People Vs Bhartiya Janata Party

Bharatiya Janata Party solely belongs to Narendra Modi, which means it is visibly free from the influence of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh now. He has made tremendous changes in the organization for last three years. It is political arm of RSS, is nothing more than a myth in the present times. Neither the Prime Minister is in the touch of senior RSS leaders nor do any of them dares to speak against Modi.

Rahul Gandhi is the Congress President and he often represents himself as the youth leader, Therefore he considers insulting senior leaders as the matter of pride. On the contrary, during Sonia’s tenure things were far better. In the illusion of going against the flow, Rahul has confirmly chosen the wrong lane. He rarely meets his party workers and seldom talks about political strategies. Visibly his conduct hardly makes him stand near Modi as his opposition counterpart in upcoming general elections. 

Santosh Bhartiya 
Game has already begun and the players are warming up. Modi seems fully confident of winning 2019 General Elections. While Rahul Gandhi wish to fail him. Although he remains unsure about his candidature as India’s next Prime Minister. Regardless to that, he wants to try all his moves. No Confidence motion was moved against Narendra Modi in the monsoon session. It was presented by Telugu Desham Party which revealed its concerns along with the motion. Everyone was eager to watch the reaction of Rahul Gandhi. To which Rahul delivered a brief speech. One of the central ministers of ruling party informed me that the first half of Congress Party Person did shake the strategists of Bhartiya Janata Party. However after various distractions when Rahul started off again BJP became relaxed as it felt his speech was not influencing enough to leave a mark on people of the nation. It may sound a bit on higher side but Rahul surely left people amazed as he has gained a lot of experience which has certainly added to his self esteem. Although that self-confidence got transformed into over-confidence once he finished off his speech. He headed towards Modi. He might be expecting Modi to stand up on his arrival but to his disappointment Modi did not meet his expectation. Rahul even indicated him that he wanted to conversate with the  Prime Minister but his behaviour left Modi astonished. Suddenly, Congress President hugged him just to show no matter how much later attacks him former do not have any disrespect for him. Afterwards, when he reached his place he dissolved the seriousness of the issue by winking. Probably Congress lead forgot that he was sitting in temple of democracy and his every single gesture was being captured by the cameras. Looking at Jyotiraditya Scindia, he smiled and winked hence all in vain. This sent message across the nation about the casual approach of Rahul and he became the subject of laughter and jibes. On the other hand his deed acted like a weapon in the hands of BJP. On top of that, Modi in his speech too sounded kiddish. He said Rahul Gandhi is in such a hurry to grab the post of Prime Minister that he gestured him to stand up. As far as we know Rahul didn’t say any such thing but by this statement Modi too reflected lack of seriousness. Afterall he was trying to show a different picture far from what actually happened in Loksabha that day.

Congress Shooing Away Its Own People 
Now the question is whether Rahul Gandhi is ready for upcoming General Elections? After seven months of nailing Party Presidentship he composed his working committee. It comprises of 24 such members who are unknown even to the Congressmen. They need to specify their role every now and then. On the other hand, Rahul has scared the senior leaders who had nourished the organisation with their sweat and blood from ages. If rumors are to be believed Rahul is all set to provide tickets to the candidates belonging to the age group of 25-30 years. The reason being his loss of trust on senior party leaders. Apparently he is trying to face lift the party with the help of younger generation. This news itself has terrified the senior party leaders who now foresee end of their political careers. Considering all these factors, Congress has become a party which is going to face tough competition by its own people. Rahul Brigade is constitutes of 90% such people who are amateur to the political world. Indifferent to the fact whether these youth leaders are known in their respective constituencies new president is ready to ousted the popular faces. Probably Rahul’s strategists are in the impression that who so ever is chosen by him will be eventually considered Congress’s representative and people will blindly vote for them. As a result leaders like Gulam Nabi Azad are undergoing tremendous pressure and are concerned for party’s future. Digvijay Singh has already been neglected. Although he possesses respect for the party but seems least worried for its future course. Leaders who left no stone unturned for party’s victory during Sonia’s tenure have been completly sidelined. Rather than aiming for Prime Ministerial Post in 2019 Congress President is preparing for 2024. Regarding this he has clearly hinted that he does not mind offfering PM post to coalition forces. For himself he opted to stay out of it.


Congress President’s Mistake 
Youth remains disappointed by Rahul as he never talks about fundamental issues in his speeches, unlike Narendra Modi. During 2014 elections Modi promised to strengthen youth via various schemes in the condition of his victory. Rahul was supposed to target Modi on these issues. This would have surely have made youths to stand with him. It was expected from him to ask for a report card of various schemes implemented since last for years. On the contrary the issues which he has pointed are already exhausted that it can do no good to him. Issues like misappropriations in Rafale deal failed because of his mistakes. The worst kept Modi Government’s secret in Rafale deal was raised by ‘Chauthi Duniya’ for the very first time. It was congress people who came to Rahul with the copy of our newspaper. The story had every single detail of misappropriation in the deal but unfortunately neither Rahul nor party spokesperson seemed serious enough to raise the issue on time. On the other hand, Defense Miniser Nirmala Sitaraman announced in Loksabha that deal was finalized with the secrecy clause during UPA’s tenure. While the French Government clearly denied about any such conversation between their President and Rahul Gandhi.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi, Prime Ministerial Candidate
The question which is blogging everybody’s mind is whether Prime Ministerial candidate can be spotted from Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, Chandra Babu Naidu? As per my information Rahul isn’t going to allow any of them to present their candidature for Prime Ministerial post. One name which satisfies all his conditions is of Gopal Gandhi. He wanted such a Prime Ministerial face who can leave the position easily for 2024 General Election which is why he rested upon him. Now he is busy in Herculean task of consenting and uniting the coalition on Gopal Gandhi’s name.

Coming on to Narendra Modi, he is all set to crush every single rebellion whisper. He is not in mood of giving tickets to rebellion like Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Sinha. In last four years all of those BJP’s parliamentarians who looked dissatisfied about party’s work style and spoke about it in media their names have been ommitted from candidature list for 2019. It includes the name of Balia’s MP Bharat Singh, Bhola Singh of Begusarai and 100 others who will remain deprived of tickets this time. According to Intelligence Bureau report these parliamentarians are uncontented from Amit Shah’s style of handling the party hence leadership opted to sideline them. The survey was conducted by Shah on the directions of Prime Minister. Chanakya conducted the survey all across the country which concluded in decision of cancelling tickets for at least 100 candidates. Most of these people belong to Uttar Pradesh where their number reached 40.

Modi’s BJP Is Free From Shadow of RSS
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully freed Bhartiya Janata Party from the clutches of RSS. The party hardly pays any attention to any of its so called units. This can be explained via two examples. Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Farmers organisations or workers union fail to make any impact over government’s decisions. Central government merely acts as a puppet in the hands of multinational companies. Swadeshi Jagran Manch often makes hue and cry over the economic policies despite that governments frames policies keeping in mind the stakes of world bank and America. As far as economic advisers are concerned after worsening the economic ecosystem they resign and easily move to America and they bank lucrative jobs in world bank.

Bharatiya Janata Party solely belongs to Narendra Modi, which means it is visibly free from the influence of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh now. He has made tremendous changes in the organization for last three years. It is political arm of RSS, is nothing more than a myth in present times. Neither the Prime Minister is in the touch of senior RSS leaders nor do any of them dares to speak against Modi. He never seeks RSS’s advice. Even BJP’s senior leaders are rarely in touch with Modi. PM prefers to consult only a few ministers and that too all of those whom he likes.

Terror of Modi Government 
With or without the permission of the Prime Minister,  offices of every cabinet minister are under surveillance. None of them dares to talk fearlessly in their offices. In order to express themselves freely they need to leave their respective work places. Their condition can be judged by the fact that they are hesitant to talk at their residence as well. They usually leave their mobiles in the drawing room and prefer to talk in lawn or backyard. This I am saying with the lot of accountability. Most of the ministers are in fear that IB is snooping in their bedroom, drawing and meeting room in some or the other way. As a result, Modi is always informed about their moves.

One of the senior minister often commented about the Prime Minister with his friends. Once somebody called him up just to inform that one of his closest relative has acquired a flat in London and the report of the same purchase has reached to the PM. Two people who are associated with the purchase are in his closest alliance and they share blood relation. This information left the concerned minister terrified. When he was told that the payment regarding the purchase has been done illegally and that can land him in the case of money laundering. However he can relax as the file still lies with the Prime Minister. This incident left the concerned minister sweating in fear. Second such case belongs to another senior who is believed to be nearest to Sangh. In case if Modi resigns someday he is the one who will be picked up by Sangh as the Prime Minister. He was also told by a significant person that former can be easily sidelined because all his activities are under radar and are continuously monitored by the Prime Minister. He too stumbled by the unexpected information. These two incidences shook the confidence of other cabinet ministers.

Prime Minister’s way of transmitting information is very interesting. When Government decided to withdraw support in Kashmir, the decision was taken by only two persons. One was Modi of course and secondly it was National Security Advisor. Amit Shah was also informed and asked to announce the development through press conference. Home Minister Rajnath Singh came to know about the development only after the press conference. At that time he was present in his office at Home Ministry. Listening to the news he left the office for home. This information was confirmed by the officials of the Home Ministry.

Rahul Vs Modi! 
Narendra Modi breathes relief as he feels Rahul lacks the spark which can transform into fire. Although he remains cautious this time. So far the information which he has received by the intelligence does not smell pleasant. And the best part is opposition lacks strong leader who can directly take on to Modi. Those who are considered intelligent include only Akhilesh Yadav who have left mark among the people of Uttar Pradesh. Until now he has not indicated about the cracks emerging between Samajwadi Party and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party. On the other side Tejasvi Yadav acted little oversmart and broke the myth about any difference between Nitish Kumar and BJP. This might be because he lacks knowledge of fundametal rule of politics which says if a pressure is building up in the opposition regarding some issue it should continue. Speeaking against Nitish Kumar he unknowingly ended up building BJP’s trust on BJP. Now the party knows Nitish cannot go with the opposition. Initially tried to pitch Nitish but Tejasvi failed all its efforts saying there is no space for Nitish in ‘Mahagathbandhan’. Inheritance of the political legacy does not ensure political maturity as well. It needs years of work and experience. This is the deference between Lalu Prasad Yadav and his son Tejasvi. Prime Minister do have some weapons which can break coalition unity at any time. Looking at the present game Narendra Modi seems stronger. There is one more difference between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra. While later is busy with round the clock politics former is doing nothing to build up the confidence of his people. This is why nation does not forsee Rahul Gandhi as future Prime Minister. Political scenario is not transforming in Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi equation rather than it is becoming People Vs Bhartiya Janata Party. Reason being the promises which were made by Modi did not materialise. Whether he has talked about job creation, Industrial development all of these are limited to his elections campaigns.

Rahul Strategic Slips 
Elections are due in Rajasthan. Despite that Sachin Pilot was not included in Congress’s working committee. Ashok Gahlot might be the reason behind this decision. He may have convinced Rahul for the move by threatening to withdraw his votes in the condition of including Sachin. The other side there occurred an astonishing incident in Madhya Pradesh.A parliamentarian from Gujarat Dilip Bavaria has been appointed as observer for Madhya Pradesh. So far he has visited Madhya Pradesh several times but never talked to Digvijay Singh. Digvijay once rang him up and advised him to atleast meet the King while you are visiting Jungle. Dilip got annoyed with Digvijay’s attitude. Rather Bavaria advised him to address him with ‘Sir.’ This left Digvijay surprised which was obvious as there is difference of 30 years in their age. Digvijay Singh is well known to this country while Bavaria is limited only to Gujarati. It is hard to identify him only by his name. Congress President is nourishing this arrogance which has penetrated to his team as well. They find this style convenient to impress Rahul. Modi is an experienced leader and senior most in the current times. Those who were senior to them have been zeroed long back. However, the case is little different in case of Rahul Gandhi. Being the President he often represents himself as the youth leader, Therefore he considers insulting senior leaders as the matter of pride. On the contrary, during Sonia’s tenure things were far better. In the illusion of going against the flow, Rahul has confirmly chosen the wrong lane. He rarely meets his party workers and seldom talks about political strategies. Visibly his conduct hardly makes him stand near Modi as his opposition counterpart in upcoming general elections.
In spite of that if people vote against Modi, Congress will be the biggest beneficiary as it is the single largest party after BJP. Another equation that can build up is local parties uniting against BJP in every State. These are some probabilities that can build up in days to come but presently the picture seems blurred. The activeness which is required to clear the scenario is missing in Rahul. Meeting party workers or seeking advice from senior leaders is considered insignificant for him. Though these may seem petty issue but in couple of months, they can create biggest hurdles. He still has some time to correct his slips and revamp his abilities to face upcoming general elections. What is destined for 2024 is still a mystery. Who knows by then a new leadership or face may emerge or country’s economy would take an u-turn. There are various examples in our country where new faces have made the mark in short span. Nation will support the one who will find solution to all its problems.

Call of Lord Jagannath…!

This time which place will be chosen by Prime Minister Modi for contesting the elections? This question is significant because PMO has ordered a survey in Odissa’s Puri constituency. This itself gives an indication that Prime Minister can choose this place for contesting general elections. The reason for opting out of Varanasi was the pathetic developmental work. Whatever progress the city has made has nothing to do with the direct welfare of people. Lots of demolition have taken place near Vishwanath Mandir has left Pandas of Varanasi infuriated over Modi. They were once considered strong supporters of the Prime Minister. Along with that, the village which was adopted by Modi is deprived of developmental work. Undoubtedly PM has gauged the dissatisfaction of the religious city which is why he preferred to opt out. For last four years issues of Banaras remain intact whether we talk about cleanliness of Ganges, unemployment or the miseries of people associated with Saree weaving business, every issue remains unsolved. Unfortunately, the development has reduced only to the papers. Ground realities show entirely different picture. In such situations leaving Varanasi is surely a better decision. Apart from that if Narendra Modi contests from Puri it may improve the condition of BJP in Odissa which is currently under ventilator in the State.

Congress’s Achilles Heel  

Congress has a fear that BJP can take on to Vadra and Chidambaram as it is sweating hard to send both of them behind the bars. Congress relies on Chidambaram for its election strategies and uncertainties are hurdling over Robert Vadra. For him, party feels BJP kept mum for last four years just to make him land in jail exactly before the upcoming general elections. Opposition’s such move will seriously hurt the image of Congress. Apparently this is why Priyanka Gandhi tend to choose the back seat. Even though she is gearing up to contest from Raebareli this time. Under such circumstances Congress is moving forward cautiously. Fatefully it still lacks a visionary leadership which can forecast the obstacles and sail away the party again in good times.


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