Election Call For All Parties : Get Down To Serious Business

Elections are coming near it is obvious from the utterances of most politicians. In the last few days Mulayam Singh Yadav has talked of a Third Front. It is surprising that he has started talking about this now, when he had won the assembly elections last year. He should have taken the lead much earlier. However it is widely believed that he is supporting the Congress Party and the Congress Party is using the CBI leverage to see that he supports them. What has happened in the last few days we do not know. He has spoken against the Congress. He has praised L. K. Advani. He has talked of a Third Front. People are confused. He has also criticised the development models of some States without understanding exactly what the details are. I think all senior politicians should take politics a little seriously. The Congress Party has its own agenda, its own method of working, so has the BJP. But the other parties which are basically strong only in small regions and do not want to come together they must make a rational policy different from the Congress and the BJP if they want to convince the people that they can govern the country. Merely criticising the Congress and calling them names will not help. Just like the Congress has been calling the BJP names that does not help. Even if the voter goes to vote, he has to vote for somebody and if there is an anti-Congress wave, the voter will definitely vote for the likely winner. They will not vote for the Congress but the vote can go to the BJP, or the SP or the BSP in Uttar Pradesh or to Nitish or Lalu in Bihar. Wherever, whoever, whichever party is strong will be the beneficiary. I do not think this is a good thing,  otherwise everything remains open after the elections. It is better to have some broad agenda before the elections. I do not see Chandra Babu Naidu anywhere on the scene, I don’t see the Biju Janata Dal taking any stand, I don’t know whether Mulayam Singh is serious or he is just making references to stay in the Congress. If he is serious he should call a conclave of all these regional leaders and try to come to some arrangement. Sharad Pawar can also play an important  role because though he may call himself the National Congress Party (NCP) and be part of the UPA coalition, he is strong only in Maharashtra. If the Congress loses, it should not be that the new Government is even weaker than this because then the country will not benefit. There should be a strong Government to replace the Congress Party. The BJP  unfortunately is in the throes of its own crisis, and its leadership problems will never get over. Nitin Gadkari was no leader and now they have got Rajnath Singh as President who may be good in Uttar Pradesh but he does not have a national image. The BJP must put Advaniji forward so that he can lead the party from the front, and whether he is made the BJP President or not, he must lead the election campaign. And I do not know who the advisors to Mulayam Singh are but the earlier they get down to serious business, the better it is. Otherwise, knowing the Congress Party, they will understand that these are all fictional threats and nothing will come out of it, and it does not augur well for the country.


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