Too early to judge Donald Trump

USA-PersidentEvery week the political discourse is becoming poorer and poorer. Now they are saying Sharad Powar has got Padma Vibhushan because the BJP wants him to become soft that in case of Shiv Sena withdrawing support in Maharashtra NCP could help the BJP to remain in power. It is a saddest comment anybody can hear. Sharad Pawar has a long political record, Padma Vibhushan he deserves on merit, not because he needs to be placated to support the BJP. But these are the times. Nobody can believe that this government can do anything straight. In case Shiv Sena withdraws support, it will be a sad day if the NCP support the BJP to remain in power. It would the most unprincipled sort of alliance like Mahbooba Mufti and BJP in Kashmir. But for the sake of a few ministerships or for the sake of convenience, anything can happen now-a-days.
Then, the heartening news is that the Supreme Court has refused to intervene in this cow slaughter banning. There is law in the country. In some states cow slaughter cannot be banned, because the majority of people like in northeast or in Goa are beef eater. Or even in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. local government will handle this problem; they will find it difficult, they can ban it but it is difficult to function because beef is a basic food of lot of people. We Hindus or people who are orthodox may not like it, but what’s happened? They banned beef in Mumbai and now they have shifted all the international conferences to Goa. What kind of a joke is it? This is because you have to sever beef to the foreigners. One has to think through. The BJP has been elected with great faith as an anti-Congress sentiment, but I think they are realizing it’s three years now that ruling the country of India’s size and diversity needs much more maturity than this offhand and not fully thought out decisions. Let us hope state will handle it more maturely.Sard-PAwar
Then Donald Trump is passing order every day. American president is so powerful that the world takes notice. But let’s understand that American President elected to sever America’s interest not other country’s interest. If he wants to deal with Mexico in his own way, if he wants to cancel agreements like PATA and NAFTA in his own way, he is entitled to do it. The course correction, he can go as he has got four years. And in America we have seen any president who comes cannot make a difference of more than 10 to 15 percent to the system because most of the systems are fixed. Obama despite his best wishes he could not get out of Iraq with U-turn, or he did Obamacare which is big thing and Trump wants to replace it with something else. But whoever is the president of America is work in the interest of America. He does not want terrorists, Muslim immigrants to come in he is entitled to do it. He wants American jobs to be protected and therefore India is frightened that H1 B visa will be reduced. It is too early to pass comment. He has been in the office hardly for one week. I don’t know why so much commentary comes on him. We have to wait and watch. But whatever he does definitely we will have repercussion throughout the world. The big thing is how he behaves with China. If he really becomes hostile to china that will make a big difference to the world – trade, economy, everything. Let us wait and watch.


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