Doxie One Review

doxie-one-reviewRoad warriors always carry around a select amount of hardware, some being compulsory such as a USB hub, a global power adapter, a power cable, and of course, a memory card reader. Well, if you want to throw something else into the mix, would a scanner make the cut? Some might say that it is compulsory, while others claim that you are able to live without a scanner. Here is a portable scanner that might just change your mind for good, turning optional into indispensable, with the Doxie One portable scanner. Doxie One is basically a dumbed down version (somewhat) of the Doxie that was launched last year. It lacks the built-in rechargeable battery, lacks a USB slot to scan to USB flash drives, has no integrated memory, and no 600dpi resolution.
Key Features

  1.     Simple, stand alone mobile scanner
  2.     Scans full color sheets at 300 dpi in just 8 seconds
  3.     Works with iPad
  4.     Power adapter
  5.     2GB SD memory card for storing scans.
  6.     The price of the product is Rs 8000.



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