Distressful life of a Judge

By Santosh Bhartiya

Common people believe that the sufferings and distress they go through in their daily lives are restricted only to them, rich and powerful are untouched by such sufferings and distress. But the fact of the matter is that those powerful people, who decide the fate of others, too lead troubled, unhappy and self-contradictory lives. The only difference is that the troubles of common people come into public and invoke sympathizes or become butt of jokes. While sufferings of the powerful people, often called VIP or VVIP, remain stifled within the four walls of their bungalows. Today, I am going to share the pain of a powerful person who with a single stroke his pen may give life or death to another person.

In our country VIPs and VVIPs are given very tight security. Their security personnel keep and present their daily reports to the ministry headed by Rajnath Singh, who must be reading those reports. All the same, to alert VVIPs of any dubious character or suspicious activity, the concerned department in the Home Ministry consistently analyzes those reports. A piece of information tumbled down to me from the heap of those reports that I want to share with you.

The kind of life one of the three senior most judges of our country’s highest court is living is quite distressing. One evening a visitor came over to meet the Judge in question at his residence. Instead of asking the visitor to sit in the drawing the Judge ushered him in the lawn under a tree. They both made themselves comfortable on the chairs lying over there. The visitor requested the Justice not to trouble himself and sit in the drawing room, as insects and mosquitoes were flying over their heads in the lawn, but the Judge insisted on sitting in the lawn. Their conversation lasted for 30 minutes. Then they were served with tea, while they were sipping tea, the Judge’s wife emerged from the bungalow. She said something to the Justice in the language the visitor could not understand. What the made out of the gesture of the Judge was that he would go inside in moment after finishing with the visitor.


Miffed by the answer the wife rushed onto the scene and pour the remaining tea in the cup over the head of the Justice. Not expecting anything like that the visitor got stunned. After pouring tea over Justice’s head, the wife began to shout loudly, and then went into the bungalow. Filled with shame the Justice remained unmoved before his visitor. Then his mobile rang up. The visitor overheard a girl saying something at the top of her voice from the other side. It was his daughter. The scene just created made the visitor a bit nervous. At last the judge asked the visitor, “Is there anyone who can accompany my daughter to the market. She wants to buy some saris.” The visitor said “he will send a woman friend of mine to accompany your daughter.” The visitor was too scared to go to market with the girl. He ranged up his woman friend and asked her to accompany the girl to market. The woman felt obliged and lucky that she could make contact with the judge.

Next day, the woman took the girl to a big, exclusive sari showroom in Connaught Place from where the girl did a shopping of worth Rs. 23 lakh. The bill made the woman nervous, because she expected a budget of Rs. 4 or 5 lakhs. She immediately called her friend and let him know about her financial condition. Her friend called the Judge. After that what happen or through what means the judge managed to pay the bill of Rs. 23 lakh is unknown.

The visitor used his contact in the home ministry and passed the information about the encounter with the judge to a very important person in the Ministry, who in turn told the visitor that he is inundated with such information about the judge. According to the people engaged in his the security, the judge’s wife or daughter physically tortures him on almost every day. The official ruefully said that only God knows why He is punishing the judge with such a baneful life. The worst thing for the judge is that he cannot share his pain to anyone. His pain, his tear, his sob remain stifled in the four corners of his sprawling government bungalow.

It is possible that some of his judgments would have been delivered under the shadow of his personal tragedy. On many occasions people get surprised as to how such a decision can be delivered, but a justice is also a human being. He too suffers from pain, mental stress. He too has vulnerability like anger and displeasure which may influence his work.

Anybody can embroil in such situations, but for common people there are lots of ways and means to come out of that – go on a long walk, visit a friend, or share their pain to someone. But there are people who don’t have friends. They do not express their feelings to anyone due to their status and prestige. They just suppress their emotions and keep crying from inside. When they go out on their scheduled work, they wear fresh look and smile on their faces. Due to their inner conflict, they inadvertently do such work that becomes a cause of much criticism.

I’m writing this piece keeping the protagonist anonymous so as to inform you that pain, curse and misery can beset with those who are considered highbrow and well off. Whenever you find abnormal behavior in a very important person, it is possible that that person is broken-down and may be living a cursed life. Such persons deserve our sympathy and understanding.

Nank Dukiya Sabh Sansar … The thought as to how the judge will lead his retired life sends shiver down the spine. It is possible that he will separates himself from his family, or become an ascetic or else will keep living the curse life his living now.


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