Darul Uloom Deoband Opposes Cow Slaughter

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi is one of the pioneers in the area of education. It has a strong relationship with different kinds of controversies also. Due to the controversies, JNU often remains in the headlines. Recently, the JNU was embroiled in yet another controversy when it was found that cow meat or beef was being arranged to be served for a special occasion in the University campus. This news spread like wildfire. Agitations and protests started in Delhi, Lucknowand in cities in other States as well. When Hindu Organisations came forward, the University administration remained silent. After the controversy snow-balled, the University administration denied any knowledge about any such arrangements for a cow meat party. Discontent was also shown from the Khwaja Chisti Dargah (Shrine) in Ajmer. Similarly the Darul Uloom Deoband, an Islamic School in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh vociferously said that the Muslim fraternity is very much hurt due to the indiscriminate slaughtering of cattle for meat. According to the ‘Hadees’ (Sayings) of Prophet Muhammad in relation to the voices raised by the Darul Uloom Deoband against cow slaughter, cow meat is very injurious to health and causes diseases. They are also prepared to agitate against the police administration’s apathy vis-a-vis cow slaughter. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has advocated making an international law to stop any kind of ‘outrageous’ attitude against any religion.
Prominent Socialist and Vice President of the All India Muslim Majlis, Badar Kazmi while demanding a ban on the slaughtering of cattle for meat said that under the protection of the police administration and the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP), slaughtering of cattle for meat is being done on a large scale in Deoband and the entire area of Saharanpur as well as in the surrounding districts. He too said that Prophet Muhammad had the ‘Hadees’ on cows that cow milk is very beneficial for health, but cow meat is very injurious for health and causes diseases. Muslims should abstain from consuming cow meat, whereas cow milk should be fully utilised.
Socialist Ghufran Hashmi has alleged that the SP Government is responsible for a rapid increase in cow slaughtering. He said that after the SP Government came to power, the sale of cow meat has increased so much that he himself has to go to the market for buying meat so that cow meat may not be given to the children or other family members. He also blamed Hindu Organisations and the police for this. In fact, Hindu Organisations are not paying any attention to this issue even though it cannot be denied that due to increased cow slaughtering, communal violence will also increase. Significantly, a few months ago, a very big movement was started in the Western part of Uttar Pradesh against cow slaughtering.
Enough riots also took place due to cow slaughtering, but no successful initiative was taken by the Government. Cow slaughter in which some SP leaders are also involved has become a big business in Western Uttar Pradesh, due to which the Government is hesitating to take any strong steps against cow slaughter. Cow meat is in big demand in the international market and that is why the business is developing indiscriminately. The morale of the people involved in the business of cow slaughter is so high that they don’t even hesitate to attack policemen. Whoever tries to raise his voice against cow slaughter begins to get threats. A similar incident happened in Ambedkar Nagar District recently where within one week, two cases of cow slaughter came to light. On 21 August, while coming to the District Head Quarters, a pickup van carrying cows hit the car of Mahruya Police Chief, Rajesh Yadav and two constables at the Anand Nagar crossing. The pickup van overturned after covering a small distance, and only then it became known that the van was carrying cows for slaughtering. Six cows died in this accident. Similarly on 15 September, a van carrying cattle for meat overturned in the Ahirouli Police Station area of Ambedkar Nagar District in which 3 cows died. In the same District, on 25 September, due to alertness of the public, a truck carrying 25 cattle for meat was caught. The investigation of the case had not even started when another 18 oxen were saved due to the alertness of the students of an engineering college.
In all these cases the police administration not only showed passivity but also an inkling that the ‘Khaki’ uniform is in favour of these criminals. The network of the people involved in cow slaughter is very strong. Everything is done through networking. Cow meat is quite expensive so even the milch cows are slaughtered, due to which a scarcity of milk has started in the State and as a result, the price of milk is touching the sky. The people involved in adulteration are also taking advantage of the scarcity. The differentiation between real and fake has vanished from the markets. The markets are full of synthetic milk. In big organisations, synthetic milk is being used to make sweets, ‘paneer’ (cheese), etc. During the festive seasons, the business increases to an even larger extent.
However after the voices raised by Darul Uloom Deoband against cow slaughter, Maulana Jaheen, Muhammad Sayud Nabi, the Ex- Vice President of theDeoband Municipality. Mohammad Arshad Gaur, Parvez urf Pappu, Fahim Nambardar, the Ex- Regional Secretary of the SP, Asad Jamal, and other leaders and clerics announced a plan to hold an agitation at the Vijay Chowk in Deoband for not banning the cow slaughtering. A conference on ‘Religion Condemnation’ was held in Lucknow to protest against such anti-social activities prevailing in the State. The President of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Shaista Amber, Gayatri Pariwar, followers of the Sikh religion and the Christian religion took part in this conference. Dignitaries at the conference said that an international law should be made to stop any outrages against any religion. The dignitaries also protested against the insulting comments in a film made against the honour of Prophet Muhammad.


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