Controversies Affect My Family: Priyanka Chopra

controversies-affect-my-famCelebrities are no stranger to controversies, and Priyanka Chopra knows this. Having tasted her share of link-up rumours in the Hindi film industry, the actress admits that controversies do affect her family. The former Miss World, who has been in Bollywood for a decade, has been caught up in several controversies – a fight with actress Kareena Kapoor and link-ups with married actors like Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. The family girl says that such controversies hurt. “I am very private as a person and I believe that by giving a statement to controversies, I am giving importance to them due to which many more articles will pop up,” Priyanka said. “Usually, they are very trivial things. I get very hurt and affected by controversies. I am a very family girl and controversies affect my family. I would rather just keep quiet,” she said.


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