Congress Making One Mistake After Another

Unfortunately, the Congress Party does not have a sense of timing. Either they are confused about when to hold the elections or become so panicky that instead of the Prime Minister taking the matter in his own hands and soothing the nerves of the country, they are making one mistake after another.
They have called the Monsoon session very late. What is the purpose? They could have called it earlier and had a good discussion on the Food Security Bill. They brought it through an ordinance and then resorted to passing it through Parliament. The rumor was they wanted to start the Food Security procedure on Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday on 20th August. Whether this will be possible, we don’t know.
Similarly they announced the Telangana formation before the session. They raised unnecessary agitation and shouting in the session on the issue which was hanging fire for the last 57 years. Once they decided on Telangana, they should have decided on Gorkhaland, Vidarbha etc., as well.
Similarly, Parliament was disrupted because of the intrusion from Pakistan. Pakistan keeps on doing this periodically. What is the Government’s approach we don’t know. They make one statement in Parliament and then in the afternoon the Ministry’s spokesperson makes a different statement. All this doesn’t auger well. Confidence among the people is waning rapidly. The Prime Minister, as this column has been saying, should take the matter in his own hands and discipline the various wings of the Government.
The UP Government under a new young Chief Minister had raised a lot of expectations. However, the way he has suspended a junior IAS officer for acting against the sand mining mafia shows that nothing has changed. The theory that the youth wants a different perspective is all wrong. As a young Chief Minister he should have set examples; he is being pushed around by his Ministers. One Minister made a public statement that he has exposed this IAS officer. Political leaders are taking on junior IAS officers! What have we come to? Well it is true that State Governments have full authority to suspend or transfer IAS officers and the Centre should not really interfere but what has happened does not auger well for good administration. UP is a very big State, at least till it is broken into 3 or 4. At the moment it is such a big State that the Chief Minister of UP should understand that its possibilities are huge. He is administering a large part of the country, more than 20 per cent. It is sad that an SDM level officer who is trying to stop illegal mining and has been just suspended without any reason. And further, to cover up, they give funny reasons like razing of a mosque wall which is not just false but even the Muslim community does not agree. Even the Muslim community leaders have said that it is not true, some people said till Eid don’t remove it, some even said that they themselves wanted to remove the wall. So, the mosque wall cannot be the reason of suspension. The reason is the sand mining mafia.
If the Governments of the day are going to play into the hands of the sand mining mafia at the State level and the coal mafia at the national level, where are we going? How can the army be motivated to face Pakistan? After all, Army men are also citizens of this country, they also read newspapers. If the moral authority of the Government is weakened then the whole fibre of the nation will be weakened. I am sorry to say that the moral authority of this Government is at the lowest ebb.
When they want to hold elections, we do not know: for the country, the earlier the better. But it looks like it is going to be April 2014. Still there are 8-10 months to go. And without the Prime Minister intervening, the administration will go further down in the next 8 months. If economic decisions are not taken, if administrative decisions are not taken, if military decisions are not taken, 8 months can prove very costly for the country’s future. Once again the only answer is: the Prime Minister’s authority must be established, he should intervene in these matters and put a stop to these agitations. He can have a word with the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, nothing is wrong in that. But he must stop this drift from Mal-administration to No-administration. What is now happening is NO-administration.


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