A Case of Missing Suicide Note of a Chief Minister

kalikho-pul-newSantosh Bhartiya : The system is so cruel that it takes pleasure in the death of persons who were the part of the same system. A Chief Minister of our great country commits suicide, leaving behind a detailed suicide note, but his note neither arouse a debate nor prompt an investigation. And suddenly that note vanished into thin air. The National Lawyers Campaign for Judicial Transparency and 10 other people file a PIL in the Supreme Court. But the Supreme Court rejects that PIL. The central government plunges into such a deep silence that it does not even seem to take a breath.

The wife of deceased Chief Minister becomes an MLA on Bhartiya Janata Party ticket. Perhaps, this is because she has assured someone that she will maintain silence on the note. Now the moot question: What actually was written in the note? Why did it disappear? The people got only information that it was a 60-page document. Neither the Arunachal Government where he was an incumbent nor the central government divulged as to what was written in the document. The Supreme Court lapsed into completely silenced: no investigation, no stir up, no trepidation.

What does it means? Upon our investigation we found that apart from some current ministers and some former ministers, a few honorable judges and some of the greats of political parties have found mention in this letter. The deceased chief minister Mr. Kalikho Pul unambiguously mentioned their names. He also wrote that to whom and where did he gave money. When we say money, we do not say money in lakhs but in crores. The question is: who were the beneficiary judges? Was all this cover-up meant to suppress the issue because it involves corruption within the most reliable pillar of our system – the judiciary? It makes sense if politicians take money, but if the decisions taken by the people sitting at the top of judiciary are influenced by money, then it is beyond ones comprehension. It seems that a deliberate conspiracy is being hatched to destroy our democracy by the same people who earn their living by being part of it.

In our investigation, we found as to how a 100 rupees released by the central government reduced to a mere 25 paisa before reaching to its destination. The PDS scheme has become infested with scams and provides food for corruption. The Mr. Kalikhe Pul’s letter unmasked the destructive design of ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats.


If Mr. Kalikhe Pul says that he gave money to such and such persons, then where did he get that money from?  It means he too was part of that system. While fighting the system he became so desperate that in the end he decided to commit suicides. However, before doing that he wrote a copious letter, showed how the worm of corruption has penetrated into the system and how the people (from politics as well as judiciary) who were entrusted with the task eliminating corruption have become hand in glove in this filthy business.

In short, whatever transpired from the sequence of event makes me feel angry about and take pity on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Why did not he order an inquiry on the letter? The Prime Minister in his public speeches thunders against corruption and vows to end it. There is no second opinion that Narendra Modi has a clean image. But why doesn’t he want to lift the lid from the corruption engulfing the system? What prompts this hush up from the Prime Minister? Or is it a deliberate strategy to bring to the fore such a big corruption involving suicide of Chief Minister just before the election? But by then, much water would have been flown under the bridge. The appropriate time to combat corruption is only when you talk of combating corruption.

Therefore, I urge the Honorable Supreme Court, the Honorable Prime Minister and the Honorable Parliament that do not ignore the letter written by a person before his death. Institute an inquiry on it. This is the question emanated from the suicide of a person who by virtue of being an MLA for five consecutive terms belonged to their own league. I also urge them to institute an inquiry within a week, or we will take upon us to bring the subject matter of the letter in public. Journalists can do just that. If the CBI can raid NDTV in an old case, then why CBI cannot entrust with the task of investigating the suicide a Chief Minister? Do not take side at least on the issue of corruption; this is the minimum one can expect from you.

It is generally excepted fact that before dying the person always speaks the truth. Prior to committing suicide, Mr. Kalikho Pul had written a 60-page typed note. I think it would have taken three to four days to write and type that note. He must have taken help of someone else in typing those pages. And then he must have read those pages. He signed every page so that no one can insert a new page. He has said that my suicide or my going way will teach at least some lesson to my countrymen and they will raise their voices against ubiquitous corruption. But this system – the Supreme Court, the Central Government or Parliament – did not respect the will of the late Chief Minister. Not a single voice was raised, demanding a CBI probe, or to ascertain the validity of whatever he has written.

The rumor has it that when some people tried to search the letter, they were asked to concentrate on their journalism and steer clear from the matter at hand. “If you insist on doing what you are doing, a truck will crush you”, they were told. It means that people who foster corruption are so powerful that they do not want to see the lid lifted from the corruption at any cost. They dislike investigation. They are very powerful. That’s why many RTI workers are being killed and journalists are pressurized. Our TV channels have converted their newsrooms into war rooms against Pakistan, but lack courage to speak up against Chinese excesses or to expose corruption. In fact, a lot of people have become part of the corruption-infested system.

Finally, I urge the judiciary and the Prime Minister to institute an inquiry within seven days, or we will try to make the letter of the late Chief Minister public, who committed suicide even after being Chief Minister, feeling defeated by the system. Please do not make the mistake of taking this assertion as a threat; this is an advice and a very humble request to the Prime Minister to immediately order the CBI inquiry into the letter and unmask those faces who are in politics and judiciary and who shamelessly take part in corruption, who open their mouths to demand bribe from a chief minister. Unable to bear the pain of this unlawful thing, the chief minister departs peacefully from this world, thinking that his suicide will stimulate people to come into action. But Mr. Kalikho Pul, who committed suicide, hardly knew that the last proof of his suicide will not be accessible to the people of this country.


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