Can India’s Politicians Avert Destruction? : Mahabharata Of 2013 And 2014

The Mahabharata is perhaps the biggest actuality of today. The preparation of this Mahabharata is done in a different manner in different places and the fight is also fought differently. But how will the Mahabharata of 2013 and 2014 be fought ? An es

timate of this can be made to some extent, because the people who are sitting in power or the people who are close to power are slowly giving an indication of which weapons they would like to fight with. One side of this Mahabharata consists of political parties, of the Government and on the other side is the unarmed and helpless common man.
Within the coming one year in India, out of the factors that are foremost in the preparation of the Mahabharata, a decisive factor would be working on one side. This factor would be the ruling party – and all the political parties participating in the parliamentary system of India are included in this ruling party – their ego, their distance from the public, leave alone neglecting the priority of the problems of the public but not even including them in their working plans, as well as the almost equal participation of all the party people in oppressive measures to suppress the voice of the public. On the other side, the decisive factor would be hunger, unemployment, inflation as well as the ‘locking out’ all the dreams of the youth. By ‘locking out’ the dreams of the youth I mean all those youths of India, who are approximately 70 per cent of the total population; 90 per cent of this 70 percent do not have any future in front of them, there is no model of development, there is no model of conduct and there is no model of principles. As a result the youth, instead of working in a systematic manner to show their inner anguish are working in a sporadic manner. But this factor will play a vital role in making the 70 per cent youth (out of the total population) stand up. And the parents of these 70 per cent youth, who are understanding the pain of their children more than before, are looking at their helplessness and powerlessness more than before, will stand up along with them. So the Mahabharata of independent India to be fought between 2013 and 2014 will prove to be very dangerous.

If we combine all the fake or duplicate membership of all the political parties, even then they do not cross more than two or 3 crore in number. There are 120 crore people in India, out of which 70 or 75 crore people cast votes. Their power is certainly more than that of the leaders of the political parties of the country. Politicians do not understand this today, but they will have to understand it tomorrow.

This danger is becoming more visible now because the people who are running the parliamentary system do not have any democratic understanding. They do not have any respect for democracy in their minds, they do not have any sympathy for the different sections of the public. They do not have pain in their minds for the poor, deprived, Dalits and the Muslims of this country. They do not want to improve their condition. Their way of working is such that whoever raises their voice to highlight their problems, suppress that voice or involve them in corruption in such a way that they are unwilling to do anything against corruption. Take the people to such a position that they start to beg from you and where the mentality of begging creeps in, the fear of change becomes weak. If someone understands this very well then they are the leaders of the political parties of today. But they forget one thing : that when pain goes beyond a limit or a problem increases then there is a word in English for this: saturation point. Now the time has come for their suppression, and the saturation point for the patience of India and the tolerance of the public of India has also come. Why the leaders of the ruling party or the leaders of the Opposition don’t understand, this is beyond my understanding at any rate. They are seeing that their control is becoming weaker in most parts of India. During the day, their power runs in the day, and at night runs the power of those who do not find themselves attached with this system. The thing to relish is that the four pillars of democracy of our country are somewhere or the other affected by this situation.
It has to be understood that if the support of oppressive methods is taken to suppress democratic opposition and if lies are told on television to prove right these oppressive ways, then it will become more dangerous because the people are watching it all in their drawing rooms. I saw the protests held in Delhi. The entire country watched on television, the poor saw it, the rich saw it and made a minute analysis. The people saw on the first day that the police are standing in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan and on the other side girls are standing. The girls were not jumping and going to Rashtrapati Bhawan, they were standing there and raising slogans, the young boys were raising slogans, they were only saying give us justice. Suddenly violent action erupted from the police and water cannons were used on the protesters. From this water ‘attack’ and later on, the way in which the police made a savage lathi charge, each individual of the country saw it and discussed it disparagingly, criticised it. But the shameful manner in which those responsible for running the democratic system – the police, bureaucracy and the Central Ministers maintained that their wrong actions were justified — the people of the country watched that also.
So I feel that when the faith in the minds of the people dies, then these words come to the tongue : ‘whatever you may say, we do not have any faith in you’. So even after evacuating India Gate, even after evacuating Jantar Mantar, even after all limits of barbarism were crossed, in almost all cities of the country, in ‘mohallas’ and elsewhere, demonstrations continued – somewhere big, somewhere small. Governments, I am using the word Governments, because all the political parties of India somewhere or the other are involved in some or the other Government. All of them have adopted the same attitude and this attitude is : do not listen to the voice of the public and leave the public in doubt. This attitude of these political parties evokes anger and makes the youth particularly angry. If you speak to any youth then you will find he/she has lost faith in the purity of the system. The youth may be of any caste, may be of any religion, his/her faith has been shaken. Do the leaders of the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party or other parties not have even a little understanding to restore this shaken faith? Do they think they are bigger than this country, do they have the illusion that they are more powerful than the power of 120 crore people? If we combine all the fake or duplicate membership of all the political parties, even then they do not cross more than two or 3 crore in numbers. There are 120 crore people in India, out of which 70 or 75 crore people cast votes. Their power is certainly more than that of the leaders of the political parties of the country. Politicians
do not understand this today, but they will have to understand it tomorrow.
The situation was that these leaders of political parties could not gather the courage to go among the youths who were holding demonstrations in Delhi and say something, because they knew that the people would not believe their words and it could have happened that by seeing them, the anger of the youth could have been aggravated. Sonia Gandhi also met a group of about 100 people outside 10 Janpath only after midnight. There were slogans raised for Rahul Gandhi — that Rahul Gandhi is a mouse. All the youth leaders of the Congress or the Bharatiya Janata Party or other political parties, they were not seen anywhere. The one or two who did come into view, in which a woman leader of the Congress, Alka Lamba, is also included — they too suffered from the lathis of the police and were beaten badly by the police. Now it is for the political parties to think, because if the political parties do not think then they give Naxalism in this country a valid argument. The Naxals have started to say in their own areas that you have seen everything, you saw such a big demonstration. Did anything happen anywhere? Everyone has the right to hold a peaceful demonstration. You people saw that a peaceful demonstration took place, but the barbarous way in which the police lathi charged this peaceful demonstration reminded us of the British police’s lathi charge on the procession taken out by the followers of Mahatma Gandhi during British rule. The Naxals are saying that you will hold peaceful demonstrations, the police will rain lathis on you. You will take up arms, the police will run away, they won’t come.
The Naxals give an example of this in their areas that see, the police cannot come here. Where the police does come, it is in batches of hundreds, two hundreds, three hundreds. Is there a conspiracy in giving a valid argument to Naxalism? There might be, because the leaders who are believed to be prominent in today’s politics do not want democracy to survive in this country. How can the people’s faith in democracy be removed as fast as possible — all these people are trying for this. There is no internal democracy in any of the parties. The words of the workers are not heard anywhere. Leave alone giving priority in giving tickets to the workers, their names are not even included in the list which comes up for consideration of names. Who are the people who are doing all this? They are the people who are believed to be the followers of Gandhi, who are believed to be the followers of Deendayal Upadhyaya, who are believed to be the followers of Ram Manohar Lohia and Jayaprakash Narayan. Those people have become dominant in politics now are far removed from the public, who have not done anything for the public. In their own parties, all these leaders have, in one voice, in one tone already battered democracy and whatever is left, they are in the process of finishing off that too. How much will the public tolerate? I can tell these people just one thing – that if the public has been really and truly concerned about the issue of democracy, then it has happened the most in the Gulf countries. When the people there can stand against military dictatorship or monarchy and fight continuously, then it can happen in our country as well. Because of lack of able leadership, the end of that struggle in the Gulf has not culminated in a very good result yet, but in spite of this their struggle has been successful, power has been shaken there. If someone has gone, then other people have come, and the people who are not doing their work properly, the anger of the people is erupting against them as well. The signals which are being seen in the world in the last two years, the struggles which are going on, why don’t the people of our country not learn even after looking at those struggles? The common people are waking up, the common people are preparing to fight for themselves, but the people sitting in power, why are they not understanding these signals or the coming of this Mahabharata? I say Mahabharata because the results of each Mahabharata have been sad. There has been a lot of damage from both the sides. The afflicted side among them, that is, the side of the public, there is no need for it to correct itself, it should become more angry and outraged. But those who are responsible for all this, they need to understand the common people, the spirit of the people, their minds, their suffering, their pain and their dreams. If they do not understand this then the ‘fight’ in this country will not happen just in one way. Fronts will open up in many different places, battles will be fought at many different places and people will risk their lives to defeat the ruling party at many different places. However much be the suppression, that too has a limit and the ruling people have probably reached the point of crossing that limit. As a journalist I just have to say that time to recover is over, but the time to be destroyed has not yet started. But if those who are in the process of destroying democracy can recover even now, then history will forgive them. Otherwise the coming generation of India will say, what brutal people they were who savaged our problems and our dreams without any compassion. To understand this situation, has there really been a ‘drought’ of understanding in our politicians? It remains to be seen whether this ‘drought’ of understanding will end or not.


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