Camera Magic Produces Slim Aish

After the birth of her daughter, Aradhya, Miss World Aishwarya Rai gained a lot of weight which could be seen during the Cannes Festival. For quite a number of even her die-hard fans, it was quite shocking to see her looking so fatty. Some designers are also reported to have refused to design her dress for the Cannes Festival. But lately some of her pics, which were taken during a photo shoot for a retail jewellery chain store, silenced all the critics as she looked stunning in the costume of a newly wedded bride. Speculation was rife that the pictures benefited from help from Photoshop software. But the truth is that the beauty of the pictures was enhanced with the help of different camera techniques. And even as the media is busy speculating about the slim and thin aspects of Aishwarya, she is taking positive
steps without bothering about  speculation.


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