CAG Report and Defence Preparedness

By Santosh Bhartiya

It, sometimes, becomes disconcerting. When the current Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Shashikant Sharma was Defense Secretary, the then Army Chief in his candid letter to the then Prime Minister raised the issue of the grave situation the defense forces were in, making it plain that we had not enough ammunition to sustain a war for more than seven days. Members of Parliament from both the Congress and the BJP came down heavily on the Army Chief, accusing him of giving wrong figures to the world. However, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chose not respond that letter. The current CAG, Shashikant Sharma mindful of the situation as the ex-Defense Secretary, presented his report on the subject, which drew attention neither of the BJP nor of the Congress. The CAG in report said that the country has ammunition that last only 10 days in case of war.

The budgetary allocations for spending on armed forces have been increasing in every budget from 2014 to 2017. The arms deals of millions of crores have been struck, but if a war broke out with China or Pakistan, our weapons will be proved iron toys. At least the CAG report suggests so. According to the CAG report we have the ammunition that will not last more than 10 days in case of war. In this backdrop we dare China every day to fight, while anybody can issue threat to annihilate Pakistan. Is this patriotism? I think this is one of the biggest examples of corruption. The current government is as much involved in it as the previous government was. This is a matter of treason. It must be asked that due to whose dereliction of duties our armed forces are left with only 10 days of ammunition? The matter was raised during the Manmohan Singh government by the then Army Chief. The same situation exists even today. Why it is so? What are the forces that are weakening the country’s defense system? Upon minor border skirmishes with Pakistan, the crazy trolls on Facebook start sending challenges to Pakistan. The stupid anchors of television channels, who are unaware of the affairs of the country, unaware of the defense forces, have never gone near the border, and have never seen the martyrs’ families, they too from the comfort of their studios start inciting Indian government to teach Pakistan stern lessons. What would be that stern lesson? This might be attack on Pakistan! Creating an atmosphere of war in the country and war preparedness are two different things. But this was not expected from the Modi government. The Modi government, which is talking about teaching Pakistan a lesson from the very first day, and whose supporters are busy in war mongering against Pakistan on television channels and social media, the same Modi government prove so hollow in its resolve that the country has only 10 days ammunition to sustain a war! Even after such a report by the CAG, the government is unconcerned. Nobody has expressed any concern.


The current government has set a new example of patriotism. There are many examples that you should know. The BJP people are spreading the message from village to village that we should not buy rakhis imported from China. This amazed me as the Modi government has not stopped granting contracts to China. The Modi government which asks people to boycott Chinese rakhis, the same government gives 851 crore contract of Pune Metro to a Chinese company, and that too in collaboration with a government-owned company. This injustice is done to the people by none other than the government and its supporters. The contract of 851 crores was given to the Chinese company just a month ago. When our border with China was tense, the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari were shaking hands and smiling to the photographers. Now the question is to whom are we giving advice, whom are we making fooling? We ourselves are becoming fools.

We have made a lot of hue and cry on GST. We have given the slogan of “one country, one taxation.” If it is the one-country-one-taxation system, then what is income tax, what is road tax, what is toll tax, what is a professional tax, what is TDS, what is excise duty, what is the house tax of the municipality, what is water tax, and what is property tax? There are many other taxes that are not coming to mind right now. However, at the very least no one asks the government to explain the meaning of one-country-one-taxation system. All the ministers including Mr. Arun Jaitley are promoting GST. The traders are angry. In Surat, Lakhs of people came out on road against the GST. People are protesting even in places like Patna, Ahmadabad and Kanpur. But the government makes sure that not a single line should be published in newspaper or a single clip should appear on TV. The government is completely conscious for not showing an inch of footage on television. The traders are crying and the country is in trouble. There are lots of confusion about the GST. There is no awareness program from the government. But we are applauding the GST. We are applauding everything. We are not worried about the fact that our country does not have enough ammunition to sustain a war. It is beyond me to as to why we become submissive in front of anyone and show just impotent anger against Pakistan. Who will ponder over it?

Nitish Kumar will come and go. Nitish Kumar joins hand with the BJP and form a government, or stay with Lalu Yadav, it does not matter. The thing that matter is the country, no one cares about that. We are not yet asking this question that as to why there is shortage of ammunition in the country since Manmohan Singh’s government until three years rule of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Who are these people? Who are these people who do not ask this question? Whoever are they, they are the traitor. Why television people not identifying them? Why the CAG report not raised in Parliament? Why there is not the debate on in the television channels or in newspapers? Those who are not doing this are all traitors.


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