Business Interests+ Political Aspirations are an Undesirable Combination Rahul Gandhi As Prime Minister : It Scares Me

Every day a new scam or some information about some leader is coming in the  press. However, there is utter confusion in the public mind because both the main parties in the country are defending their own leaders and yet attacking the leaders of the other party. Had the matter not been serious and the implications for the country not been so serious, this whole thing could have become a joke. There is a President of one party, the BJP, which is the Opposition party : the President has proved — I am using the word ‘proved’ — that he is a petty trader trying to be an industrialist. There is nothing wrong with that. There are thousands of entrepreneurs in the country who start small and want to become big. Good luck to Mr. Gadkari. You should follow the pursuit. But you should give up this chair. He is occupying the wrong chair. BJP is not a business house. BJP is not a place to be used for furthering your own prospects. BJP is a national party which has ruled the country for 6 years and wants to rule again. After the next elections, it wants to deal with the other countries of the world. It wants to deal with China, it wants to deal with America, it wants to solve problems with Pakistan, it wants to solve problems within the country. Social harmony, economic growth, all this is beyond the grasp of a person who is busy trying to make money white. He is using his driver’s name, his astrologer’s name. Again I repeat this is nothing so serious. The whole country is doing it. It is a taxation matter. The income tax officer will add something and subtract something. It is not a matter of corruption. This is not a serious matter. The serious matter is that a small man is occupying such a big post. That is the serious matter. He should be removed immediately. Now not to be outdone, you find Rahul Gandhi, whom at least we thought is a scion of the Gandhi family, he is also indulging in the same thing. All that he has done is use a clever business trick to form a company and to take over the property of the National Herald, the building at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Everybody knows that in the last 8, 10 years real estate prices have  gone up 10 times.  Rahul Gandhi also could not resist the temptation. What will he do with this money? I thought he wants to lead this country, like his father wanted to lead the country in the 21st century. I thought  Rahul Gandhi from whatever he is talking, like going to the villages, meeting the Dalits etc, I thought he has got some vision for the country. He wants to take the country forward, solve the problems with China and forge good relations. He is also in business. I think it is high time that in politics the parties get rid of these entrepreneurs. We have got enough in the country like Tatas, Birlas Ambanis. If Gadkari and Rahul Gandhi want to join then let them join. What is the objection? If Rahul Gandhi feels like his uncle Sanjay Gandhi, who wanted to start a car factory in the 70’s,  he misused his mother Indira Gandhi’s position to get land and start the Maruti factory. Unfortunately he died and then the Government nationalised the company and Maruti became a Government company. But Sanjay Gandhi had the vision to become Henry Ford of India. He wanted to be the largest car manufacturer in India. Suppose Rahul Gandhi has some ambition, he wants to be the owner of a newspaper or a real estate owner like DLF, sure, he must do it. But then he should give up this race for Prime Ministership. Somebody asked me why am I objecting? The objection is that you are bringing down the post of Prime Minister. People who are in business and who want to pursue politics, I again repeat that the job of the Prime Minister is a far, far higher job than that of a petty business. However big a Tata or an Ambani can be in money terms, it is a much smaller job than the Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister of India is a very big job. He is a leader of 120 crores of people. He is a leader of one-fifth of humanity. He is a leader of a country which has got a 4000 year culture in history. Anybody who cannot understand that should not aspire for that post. Whether he is a businessman, whether he is a lawyer, whether he is a doctor or anything. Unfortunately the two top leaders of both the parties, Gadkari and the aspiring leader Rahul Gandhi, are trying to show that they are clever businessmen who are trying to make money. Again I repeat, nothing wrong with making money as long as they do it legally and if something illegal is there then it is for the authorities to be worried. But it is a bad moment for the country. The country is passing through the hands of people who are not understanding this country. Even now the Government is not running well. I must add here, Manmohan Singh is free of all this blame. He has never entered petty business. He is running the country as best as he can. Of course complaints on how his Ministers are corrupt are coming in everyday, I don’t have to say anything. But this blame cannot be put on Manmohan Singh, that he is not fit for that post. At least he understands the country. He can talk to Obama in America or Hu Jintao in China. What can be expected if Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India? I am scared, I am scared as a citizen of India.


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