Bollywood Directors Creating Dreams Thats Sell

Without a good director, there can’t be a good film. The film industry in India has been very lucky in getting so many directors who have created new benchmarks at many levels and in the process, created virtually unending dreams for the public. Little wonder that Yash Chopra, who passed away recently, was dubbed the “King of Romance”. Yash Chopra gave a new look to Bollywood with his romantic blockbusters. His innumerable hits in the genre of romantic films speak of his immense talent and imagination, his ability to feel the pulse of the people ad come with just the right formulas that would click. Other directors too have personified versatility and quality in their works and enthralled viewers young and old alike. David Dhawan has made his name in the field of comedy and is often called the “Comedy King”. With his creativity and talent, David Dhawan has made a substantial contribution to keeping alive the essence of comedy in films. Ram Gopal Varma is a name which needs no introduction in the Indian film industry. His horror films have proved to be a hit with viewers and he has transformed horror films from being a niche category into a broader one. Mahesh Bhatt has is known as the “King of Thrillers”. Ashutosh Gowariker has made an impact on the film industry with his movies based on patriotic themes.
Judged by any standards, the specialisation, individualistic style and passion of Bollywood directors is actually very unique and has continually set new trends in the industry. In fact, their works are mirror images not just of the Indian film industry, but of changing trends and demands in society as a whole.

Big B’s Tribute To Yash Chopra

Amitabh Bachchan paid tribute on his blog to legendary Bollywood filmmaker Yash Chopra on October 22, 2012. Some excerpts :
An association of 44 years abruptly comes to an end. He went away too soon and too suddenly. He deserved to be with us longer. Yash Chopra, a friend first, a creative legend later, has passed away this evening in the late hours.
I last saw him on my birthday celebrations. He was indisposed and the doctors advised him rest, but he was insistent on coming over. He had made a commitment he said. He had been asked to speak, one among four others that did that evening, over the sit down dinner. His words still ring in my ear and what remains are the resonance of his goodness and feeling that he exuded towards me. Apart from his praise on my work, what he cherished most, was that I had been a good son and above all a good human being. Not many have made such observation. It was a moving tribute.
Yash Chopra celebrated his 80th birthday on September 27.
It was his last public speech and appearance. His whispered words, the last he made to me, at the 10th October celebrations for my birthday. The visuals that one shall see tomorrow will be his last before the cremation, those that he shall never know of.
His breath has gone and all that shall remain will be that which he gave life to – his creativity, his emotion, his poetry on film and above all his humanity.
As I sit beside his still and flower decked body in his studio within the portals of the large common patio, there does not pass a moment when all that we shared flashes by. This colossal studio that he built after years of hard work and labor, shall for the next day house his last physical remain. I doubt if he had ever dreamt that this unique and most distinguished facility would find space to accommodate him in the state that we see him today.
When he broke away from working with his brother the distinguished BR Chopra, another institution of eminence, he started his independent work from a small 6×10 little dress and property storage room in the great V Shantaram’s RajKamal studios. Two simple desks occupied the cramped space. He sat on one. His accountant on the other. Paper work, posters, at times dresses for the artists of his film were stored within that room. He and I would spend hours in that little space talking film, scenes, stories, shooting issues and just a lot more. He rose from there by sheer dint of his talent and hard work and built, in the most central commercial area of Mumbai, on acres of land, the most modern and well equipped studio that the film industry has seen to date.
He did not just sell beautiful dreams, he created them too in reality. From an ordinary apartment in a high rise in Pali Hill, he created his own home in Juhu, a minute away from mine. The times spent there, the wonderful and fun filled evenings, the sessions of story and music in his ‘gadda room’, the Holi celebrations, the rich events which gathered eminent artists, the sumptuous meals that he and his wife Pamela cooked for us… just such a vast collection of


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