Black Moneyw White Moneyw Congress Party Leadership : Need For A Democratic Trend And Credible Thinking

kamal-morarkaThere is a strange statement from the Prime Minister that soon the Government will be disclosing some names regarding black money stashed abroad. The Finance Minister also echoed the same. This does not augur well for a good Government or administration. These are serious matters. Election campaign is another thing, but now they are the custodians of the people’s power. If they have credible information, what is required is action, not announcements, threats or promises. They should act according to the law. On the other hand, if they are talking of names flying about the place, like Assange revelations, etc., they are neither here nor there. Anybody can say anything; any figures can be attributed to anybody. Even more, it is a sad statement from the Finance Minister that the Congress will be embarrassed. That’s not how a Finance Minister talks. It’s not his worry who will be embarrassed and who will be not embarrassed. He should go according to the law in a serious manner. For the first time in five-six months, the Government has shown a not too responsible behavior in dealing with this subject. Of course the subject has been a fancy for the people for the last so many years — ever since the demand has been raised that black money stashed abroad should be brought back to the country.
Sharad Yadav of the JD (U) has another point of view. He says that it is alright to talk of bringing black money stashed abroad. What about the white money which corporates have taken in India and are not returning to the banks? Can’t we get that back? Or banks have to write that off as NPAs? That’s a valid point. They are so much worried about the money about which we don’t even know. And precious little has been done to really solve the problem of NPAs. The NPA amount is staggering and the banks will heave a sigh of relief if these NPAs are tackled in an imaginative manner. The Finance Ministry has to come up with some credible thinking and find a solution to this massive amount remaining locked up.
The other question is, everybody seems to be worried that the Congress party needs a change of leadership. I do not know how the question arises. They lost the Lok Sabha elections and very soon after the Maharashtra and Haryana elections have been held — the results could not be very different. It is not a surprise that the BJP has done well in Maharashtra or Haryana. That was expected. No matter what leadership you provide in the Congress, the public mind does not change in three months or in six months. The Congress party is a very old party of more than 100 years standing, I am sure that they will find their own way. And Chidambaram is quite right when he says that just now we are talking of Gandhis but one day a non-Gandhi will head the party. Who knows? But I do not understand why non-Congress people are applying their mind to this problem.
I suspect there is a hate campaign against Sonia Gandhi because of her foreign origin, and I hear people in cocktail circles saying after all what does she understand of India. They are totally wrong. She has given a strong leadership to the Congress party in 15 years, and twice they have won the Central Government election. Just because they have lost this election people are saying so many things. This does not augur well for a democracy. In a democracy we need a ruling party and we need an opposition. And both have to be credible and strong. The Congress party will rework itself and I am sure in the years to come we will have a healthy democracy. But if the trend is that now the whole public opinion should change in favour of the BJP, even people who have never been in the stream and have been largely moderate or secular, even if they are taken in just because they have won elections — this is not a democratic trend, it is not a democratic mind set. Sooner we come out of it the better it is. On both — on black money and on the Congress Party leadership, there are very few suggestions that I have heard, nobody has told us how to get our black money from there. The whole idea is “Names”. Suppose names come then what do you do? The law of the other country protects those names or those accounts. I thinks economists, thinkers, financial experts should come with a method of how to attract money if at all large sums of money are lying there, we don’t know. But if a large sum of money is there can we get it back to the country, can we attract it back into the economic process of the country? For that we need experts to give an opinion, not politicians.


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