Black Money And Hefty Bank Loans Sunk In Corporate Houses : Recovery A Case Of False Hopes Or A Promise Fulfilled?

santosh-bhartiyaWhen will the money stashed or buried inside the country be returned? I am getting the desire to ask this question from three of the country’s well-known names. However I know that nobody amongst them is going to give an answer to this question. The tradition itself of answering questions has ended, because everybody believes that what he or she is doing is correct. If anybody expresses curiosity, then they take that curiosity as an insult to themselves. However, even then it should be hoped that one will get an answer to questions or curiosity. There are these three main names in the country: Shri Anna Hazare, Shri Ramdev and Shri Narendra Bhai Modi. A question has to be asked from these three, because no question can be raised on these three about their patriotism and dedication towards the people. But when time, history or god give so much credibility to someone that people start having faith in what they say, then it becomes their responsibility to give an answer to people’s curiosity. At one time Baba Ramdev raised a question on black money and started a movement to bring back black money to the country. Wherever he went in the country he held meetings and said that the responsibility to bring back black money is on the next Government of the country and for that I will sacrifice all that I have, because after that the difference between Rupees and Dollar will become something like as if 1 rupee can be purchased for 1 and a half dollars. Now Baba Ramdev must have done this calculation after talking with experts of international business. After him this question was raised by the great charioteer (‘maharathi’) of the Bharatiya Janata Party who was also called the Iron Man (‘Loh Purush’) at that time — Shri Lal Krishan Advani — and in the end this question was raised by Narendra Modi. Baba Ramdev changed this question from being a question of the nation to a political question. The Bharatiya Janata Party tried to grab this question and when Narendtra Modi started his campaign, then one statement among his main statements was the promise of bringing back black money within 100 days of formation of Government. The middle class of the country believed this promise, because the middle class wants happiness in its life in any way. The poor see only dreams, but the middle class wants to see that thing happening in its favor and it does not believe it to be a dream. It believed that Baba Ramdev and the Bharatiya Janata Party have formed an alliance and both are speaking the same language. Its belief was that if a BJP Government is formed in the country, then it will definitely bring back black money. It might not get it back in 100 days, but in 200 days it will definitely bring it back. The middle class, with its full strength, played a significant role in making the BJP win. Not only this, the middle class also played an important role in readying the oppressed and exploited, down trodden class.

Thousands of crores or maybe lakhs of crore rupees have been given by the banks of India in the form of loans to industrial families of the country, which we nowadays call corporate houses. All this money these industrial families or corporate houses have eaten up and digested. They are not showing any interest in returning the money of the banks.

Anna Hazare in his country-wide tour described methods to bring democracy and the correct interpretation of democracy in congregations and this campaign of his created anger towards the then ruling party in the public. That anger generated by Anna Hazare gave a definite basis to people to vote in favor of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Anna Hazare in his tour made a lot of attacks on the Congress regarding black money too. Be it the atmosphere created by Anna Hazare or the effect of issues raised by Narendra Modi or else in totality the successful effect of a campaign, the country for the first time in the past 30 years formed a Government of one party. Now when the Government had been formed, then the Finance Minister of the country started giving different-different arguments and interestingly, these were the same arguments, which in the previous Government, Chidambaram, the Finance Minister of that time had been giving. The Prime Minister’s silence was supporting the arguments of the Finance Minister. The silence of Baba Ramdev was creating doubts in people.
Suddenly, the Supreme Court came in between and it adopted a tough stand in the matter of names related to black money. That tough stand made this discussion a Central discussion again. It seemed as if the 627 names that have come, only they have the key to black money. We don’t want to get into that news which says that the Government stealthily called for a list and this list is completely different from that list which is really the list of the sentinels of black money, guardians of black money or owners of black money. This list has not come from Switzerland only. 3 banks of Switzerland, in which UBS comes at number 1, in that the money of which people is deposited, nobody in the country is concerned or worried and kindly forgive, neither is the Supreme Court concerned or worried about it . However, the Supreme Court should be congratulated that it compelled the Government to take a good or bad stand on black money.
We want to make one request to the Supreme Court and on the pretext of the Supreme Court we would like to make that request to Anna Hazare Ji, Baba Ramdev Ji and Narendra Modi Ji as well. It is our request to the Supreme Court that the magic of black money will be broken or not be broken in 5 years or in statements, in the investigation of SIT or by the series of retiring judges of the Supreme Court, by when will we be able to see its solution, we don’t know. And, our justice system and international justice system are so helpless that all those people reading this column, in their lives at least this money will not come. Then why doesn’t the Supreme Court pay attention to one thing? Because we know that neither Narendra Bhai Modi, nor Anna Hazare nor Baba Ramdev will pay attention to this, but the Supreme Court can pay attention.
Thousands of crores or maybe lakhs of crore rupees have been given by the banks of India in the form of loans to industrial families of the country, which we nowadays call corporate houses. All this money these industrial families or corporate houses have eaten up and digested. They are not showing any interest in returning the money of the banks. If just this money returns to the banks of India, even without interest, if it comes at its original value only, then the boost that will be got or the kick that will be got will be unprecedented. But the banks of the Indian Government, corporate houses taking loan from banks of the country, their names with the banks, the money of banks with the corporate houses — then after all why don’t the banks give the list of their names? You keep filing RTIs, but banks don’t give a reply. It is said, this is not in the country’s interest. Corporate houses digest in lakhs of crores the money of the country and when it is asked which people have taken this money, which people have taken how much loan, then not giving this information is patriotism. Because, if
we will give information, then it will be anti- national. What is this logic?
Can’t the Supreme Court give an order to India’s Prime Minister or Finance Minister to give information on how much money of the country is still due from corporate houses and ask for its return in the next 6 months? If the Supreme Court can’t say this, then the entire stance which it is showing on black money has no meaning. Because then
we will feel that its stance is only a way of protecting corporate houses of the country.
We don’t want to see the dream of Narendra Modi to quicken the speed of development of the country getting weak, we want to see it getting stronger. This can happen only when lakhs of crore rupees of banks of the country, which are with corporate houses and the hope of getting which back is not there, because banks too are included in this, comes back. Actually, chairman’s of banks, directors and branch managers are taking a facility fee from those corporate houses which have kept the money and are helping them in stashing the money. And if we are leveling this accusation, then we have circumstantial evidence. One poor farmer goes to jail for 5000 rupees if he doesn’t return the money. His land is impounded. One car owner, if he is not able to pay one installment on time, then his car gets towed away. For this the banks have kept bouncers or in one way, hooligans on commission, but banks are silent on those lakhs of crores of rupees which corporate houses are sitting on. And the Finance Ministry together with banks is not letting their list come out, because it has this fear that as soon as that list will come out, someone or the other will file a PIL. Then the Supreme Court will also have to take a stand on it.
Should we make this request to the Supreme Court that if you are serious about black money, then more seriously, give an order to bring back the lakhs of crores of rupees of money taken in the form of loans by corporate houses of the country, which have been taken years ago and on which they don’t even give interest. Can we make this request to the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice that you accept this article of ours as a public interest litigation and send notice to the Government of the country that tell us at least how much money of the country’s banks is sunk in corporate houses, how much money have the banks written off, and how much is still due from those corporate houses? Don’t the people of the country have a right to know this?
It is our request to the Chief Justice Sir of the respected Supreme Court that you listen to our plea and give an order to the Indian Government to use the money of the people of the country to rotate the development wheel by taking it back from industrial families and really take the country into the era of development. Is the money of the banks not the money of the people of the country? And, with this right, we make this request and hope that the Supreme Court gives an order to the country’s Government and banks to give public information of that money which corporate houses have stashed. If a first step has to be taken, then it is this that will have to be taken, otherwise it will have to be accepted and believed that along with the Supreme Court, Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi are not doing anything except giving people false hopes.


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