The use of fake notarial tickets in the state courts for the purpose of judicial work and affidavit related work is on a high these days. The black market of  fake notarial tickets is run by very active and organised groups in the state. Taking advantage of the irresponsible behaviour on the part of the State Government and administration, the groups are looting lakhs of rupees from the Government treasury. Inspite of the matter coming into focus through various mediums, the market is running thriving. Starting from one rupee to thousand rupee adhesive tickets, ten rupees notarial ticket and different amounts of court fees tickets, all the tickets are provided by the district and sub-divisional headquarter treasuries. Most of the notarial and adhesive tickets are found to be fake. The court fees tickets are also found to be fake, but with the introduction of the usage of franking machines, fake tickets have reduced.
According to the information available, for most of the time stamp vendors do not get the desired tickets. And even if they do find the tickets, they need to spend more money to get them. As a result, the stamp vendors charge more money than the actual amount required for the ticket. In most of the districts in the state, the common people always face difficulties in getting the tickets used for different judicial work. The situation in the Magadh Commissionary headquarter, Gaya, is horrendous. As mentioned earlier, most of the ten rupees notarial tickets are found to be fake and this situation has existed since the past two and a half decades. According to sources, the Gaya treasury has an abundant number of notarial tickets but the treasury officials and other employees do not know the account where the amount received after the sale of tickets should be deposited and so notarial tickets are not sold. This situation is acting as a catalyst for the fake ticket business to flourish.
Many public notaries said that the tickets in question are not fake. In fact they are brought from other districts to paste on affidavits. Most of the adhesive tickets which are used for taking loans from banks and for different affidavits are fake. Murari Kumar Himanshu, General Secretary of the Gaya Bar Association, said that there are some public notaries involved in this black market who are harming the pride and revenue of the Government. He said that in Gaya district, more than 1500 affidavits are filled in a day. As the desired tickets are not found in Gaya, they are brought from other districts. He also suggested that the district administration should make inspections from time to time; raids should be planned unexpectedly on the premises of the stamp vendors to find out the number of real and fake notarial tickets and assured that the officials would get full cooperation from the Bar Association in this regard. Himanshu states that the District Court has two franking machines but only one of them is working. That is why a person needs at least an hour to complete the work. If both the machines work in tandem, then the work can be done comfortably and quickly. Apart from this, the important Sub Divisional court in Sherghati, Gaya and all other courts of the Tehsil officials should also be provided with franking machines.
According to estimates, a loss of more than 5 lakh rupees is taking place every month. If we add all these values then there has already been a loss of  crores of rupees. As per law, Rs. 52 is required to make an affidavit, but the affidavits are made without impunity at a minimal price of Rs. 35. It can be estimated from this situation that without the use of fake notarial tickets, this would not be possible. Advocate and Congress leader Kamlesh Kumar said that the Bar Association should act strictly to stop the black market of fake tickets and along with the district officials they should demand notarial tickets.


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