BJP, RSS and the Future : Important Questions

At last the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken the decision not to appoint Nitin Gadkari for a second term inspite of the best efforts of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). It is not clear whether the BJP has understood that it is a political party and has to function like any other political party. By their very Constitution, political parties are supposed to contest elections and try to come to power by winning the maximum number of seats. The BJP too is one such party like the Congress, Janata Dal and other Left parties. Unfortunately the RSS, which is not a political party, has an agenda and aim which are quite different from those of a political party. The RSS wants Hinduism to be promoted, their own Constitution when it was formed in 1925 envisaged unification of the Hindus and character building.  Today also it remains the same. They have zeroed in on one temple in Ayodhya as a symbol of Hinduism and they want that temple to be made in a grand fashion. For them the BJP’s coming into power is only a means to achieve the end to make the temple. Unfortunately their experience is that in the six years of the BJP under the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, their agenda could not move even one inch forward. I think the BJP cannot get a majority and the moment other partners join them we cannot agree to this rabid agenda and therefore building of this temple, abolishing of article 370, forcing a uniform civil code on everybody all takes a back seat. The RSS has to understand that in the next elections, even if the BJP participates in the Government, the RSS agenda will be side lined. What the RSS wants is a Government at the Centre which should be called an RSS supportive Government, otherwise it will not be able to fulfill  its aim. That is the strategy. That is why they wanted a non-inspiring person like Gadkari to head the party so that the party can never come to power. Now Rajnath Singh is another choice. It is nobody’s contention that Rajnath Singh is charismatic enough to lead the party in a bid to power. All this suits the RSS very much. The RSS is happy, having three, four chief ministers hanging around it, giving a piece of land to the hundreds of institutions that the RSS has set up and probably giving some money to run the RSS activities. RSS is not interested in a strong Government headed by the BJP or dominated by the BJP. In this situation, what is the BJP thinking? Has it got a thinking independent of the RSS, do BJP leaders sit down and think ? It is a political game and you will have to compete with other political parties who are not guided by any superior force like the RSS. Other parties take the decision as required by the situation. The Congress party is trying to make Rahul Gandhi a leader to attract the vote of the youth. The Left front, its ideology cannot agree to cow down to America. The Janata Dal cannot leave its secularism and it says that the moment Narendra Modi is declared the Prime Ministerial candidate, they will have to part company with the BJP. All the political parties have got their ideology and plans clear. It is only the BJP which lacks a direction. In this situation, can they expect the people to vote for them?  Vote for what?   People within the BJP do not want to support Advani saying he is too old. What is your idea now? Advani is still the senior most leader in the BJP. He is the only person who can lead the party. And he does not strive for power. Gadkari or someone else cannot do it. The other option is Narendra Modi. The moment you announce Narendra Modi, you will limit  yourself in a severe way. Whether the Hindu community likes Narendra Modi or not, but at least all other religions will shy away.  And the youth are not inspired by slogans of scriptures and religion, yet Narendra Modi is trying to give an image of development, that Gujarat is always a developed State — development is required in the backward areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and the northeast, not in Gujarat. It is high time the BJP think tank, at least four, five senior leaders should think together and develop a workable relationship with the RSS, otherwise the future of BJP as a political party vying for power will go.


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