Big V Telecom Made “Call Anna” Successful

big-v-telecom-madeAn telecom venture Big V telecom has played a decisive role in anti corruption Crusader Anna Hazare’s decisive war to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed. Their initiative “Call Anna” was the means to get connected with Anna’s movement during his fast held in his village Ralegan Siddhi. Even though the center of the movement was in a village, “Call Anna” was an important means to get information and messages related to the movement in Anna Hazare’s own voice. Millions of supporters of Anna at home and abroad got connected with this service and expressed their support to the movement.
Big V telecom with its “Call Anna” played an important role in transforming Anna’s movement into a global event. Big V telecom is first calling sector company of India which is operated by Tata ElXSI. Tata ElXSI is a Tata group company which works in the field of product designing. How does this whole system work? What is the vision of Big V telecom? To know various aspects of the “Call Anna” service, we interviewed Managing Director of Big V telecom, Keshor Daga.

Sir, first of all tell us, what is the difference between an ordinary BPO and your call center?
See, in any field, be it industry, education, social service or any other, if you want to get connected with the people it is required to send them your messages. With the help of the call center we do the same thing. We send our clients message to people and people’s feedback and views to the client. We act as a medium. But till now the perception about a call center was that big industrial houses or big industrial giants can afford to have a call center because call centers are fully based on human intervention. For small-medium enterprises (SME) this setup is very expensive. We are an alternative for them. This system works in recorded and an automotive module. So it is cost-effective for SME’s.

Recently, when Anna Hazare was agitating for the Jan Lokpal, “Call Anna” became very popular. How did you join up with this mission?
Joining hands with Shri Anna Hazare and his Lokpal mission was part of our social responsibility. Even after the passing of the Lokpal Bill by Parliament, we still stand with him. Anna Hazare is truly a leader — you can’t bind him in limits of boundary and time. He has been a leader of many social movements — that’s why we joined hands with him. Within a week millions of supporters made call on the “Call Anna” service and listened to Anna’s messages in his own voice and gave him their support also.

In which sectors people are using your services?
People are using our services in all sectors. The biggest benefit of this service is that you can get all the information at a single number. We are widespread in the education sector, advertising and social sector. It’s scope is widening because in upcoming years everybody will need a call center. It is useful for job seekers, matrimonial purposes and other different sectors — because everything will come to your reach in just a phone call. We provide rich data to our client which proves very useful for them to identify their target clients.


Are you providing your services to other social sectors or political parties?
Of course, we are affiliated with many political leaders. They are enjoying our services. We are providing these service with the name of “Jansamvad”. Recently assembly elections were completed in five States and many leaders opted for our services. Nowadays, the political atmosphere of the country is very hot. The Lok Sabha elections are very close, so many leaders are in constant touch with us to avail our services.

What are your future plans?
We are reaching out in most of the cities in the country in a franchised manner. We are working on widening our network. Very soon we will have our presence all over India.


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