Bhaiyyu Ji’s Death: Suicide or Murder

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday wrap the shroud of National Spiritual Guru, Bhaiyyu ji Maharaj’s death.   

Whosoever has known Bhaiyyu ji Maharaj never agrees that he could commit suicide. This is a riddle that needs to be disentangled. To serve the purpose, all those who were present in Silver Spring during his demise should undergo narcoanalysis test. There is no other way to find out the truth. 

Santosh Bhartiya

Within a very short span of time Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj transformed into a prominent personality. His influence can be judged by the fact that, during Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, when he fasted for a day, Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj was invited to make him end his hunger strike. That was the moment when the whole nation witnessed how this self-styled Godman concluded Narendra Modi’s fast. Likewise during anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare for a Lokpal or corruption watchdog, he played the role of a mediator for the Congress government in preparing the draft of Lokpal bill which was acceptable to both the parties. He shared warm relations with people belonging to almost every political party. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat often preferred to stay at his place. Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thakare paid his visits. Various cabinet ministers including Nitin Gadkari were close to him. He hosted almost every minister of Maharashtra. Whether it was Devendra Fadnavis, Vilasrao Deshmukh or Ashok Chahvan all of them enjoyed the hospitality of Bhaiyyu Ji. Every aspiring political leader went to meet him. On top of that Bhaiyyu Ji’s social work is vast to such an extent that most of the people are unaware of it.


Attempt to Malign His Image

He was a spiritual leader who led family life. After his death Akhada Parishad is claiming that he was not a Saint. Post his demise attempt to malign his image has sped up. In order to misguide public different stories have been cooked and served to media surprisingly, by his family members. People who were close to him deny agreeing that he committed suicide. His sudden demise raises suspicion hence they are demanding detailed probe in the case. His death has left in numerous unanswered questions. And the most prominent one is, what pushed him into such a deep depression. Was he debt ridden?  Was his Trust on the verge of Bankruptcy? What could be the reason that triggered such an extreme step? Anyways, all these factors have been publicized behind his alleged suicide. We are making an attempt to hunt all these answers. But before that we need to peep into the developments of three days preceding to his death i.e. SundayMonday and Tuesday.

On Sunday he left for Pune from his residence in Indore. He had two homes in Indore. One was his ancestral house where his mother lived. This was the place where his father breathed his last. The other one was at Silver Spring where Bhaiyyu ji lived. This was the place where he used to meet his followers. As the Silver Spring is located in an isolated place, far from the city, a bus used to board his devotees to his place. However this time it was different. Bhaiyyu ji didn’t line up any meeting. On Sunday morning he left for Pune as his daughter Kuhu lived there. Kuhu is the daughter from his former wife. After her death Bhaiyyu ji kept Kuhu in Pune to ensure she remains untouched from the tensions and pressures of Indore. Apart from that, he wished to send her to London so that she could live freely and can shape up her life positively.

 Meeting at a Restaurant  

On his way to Pune around 50 km away from Indore, at a place called Sendhwa Bhaiyyu ji’s phone rang. This call belonged to his second wife Dr. Ayushi Sharma. She  stopped him to go Pune. Bhaiyyu ji was told that she wanted to discuss something urgent. Though his husband insisted that he will talk to her once he returns. In spite of that she kept pressurizing him. Failing to convince her, he returned to Indore. Although he neither came to Silver Spring nor his ancestral house. Rather he turned up to a restaurant to meet Ayushi as per her wish. As Bhaiyyu Ji was well known the restaurant owner, he duly offered him private space but smelled the rat as spiritual Guru seemed bit strained. Whenever Bhaiyyu Ji prepared for a trip he firmly believed that returning would result an uncompleted task. Which is why he readied to the fullest before any journey and avoided to return from midway.  Apparently, that day also he did not want to comeback but was compelled to do so under the pressure of his wife. On his arrival Ayushi also reached the restaurant and their lasted for 40 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, rather than going to Pune he came back to Silver Spring.

 In-Law’s Influence  

While returning to Silver Spring Maharaj headed towards his room and spread was the immortal silence. Nobody had a clue about Bhaiyyu Ji’s presence in Silver Spring except his family members.  Here I want to clarify the family I mentioned belonged to his second wife. Right next to the house where Maharaj put up, lived his in-laws. His wife pressed him to rent a house nearby and got her family settled in it. All of them possessed great influence over Silver Spring. For last few days situation became worse to such an extent that Bhaiyyu Ji was not allowed to meet even his Sevadars without their permission. Somehow Sunday passed in the tussle. The tensed weather continued on Monday as well, although he managed to ring her daughter and asked her to come to Indore. On his insistence Kuhu left for Indore on Tuesday morning. Her arrival was scheduled around 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

On that day few close confidants of Spiritual Guru were present in Silver Spring. Three Sevadars along with others were also present but they were restrained to meet their Guru. As per Ayushi’s family members one person went upstairs to see Bhaiyyu Ji, who was sitting in his daughter’s room. He stayed with him around 40 minutes and came back. Afterwards he shot himself. Then came the much talked suicide note which he allegedly wrote before the suicide. According to the family members, when no activity was noticed for around one hour they knocked the door of his room which was locked from inside. The door was broken then. What they’ve found inside was Maharaj lying in pool of blood on his bed. This statement itself raises suspicion about his death. Sevadars and his wife were present at Silver Spring. Before his death his last conversation was with his wife. Usually the spiritual Guru asked for the water in every 15-20 minutes then how is it possible that he didn’t call anybody for an hour and nobody even bothered to peep into his room. A person who was always surrounded with people remained silent for an hour and people near to him took it casually. This simply points towards a deep rooted conspiracy.

Role of Family, Suspicious

After the door was broken Vinayak was the first to reach the spot. He immediately took him to the Bombay Hospital which lies at the distance of 20 kms from Silver Spring. Unfortunately the guru was declared brought dead. He died simultaneously with the bullet shot. One more thing that raises doubt is the way his room was locked. According to the people who were close to him, Bhaiyyu Ji never ever closed the door of his room. That wasn’t in his habit. Especially when was waiting for his daughter who was about to reach Indore in the afternoon. After his death whatever stories we heard in media were cooked by his in-laws. This is yet to be seen that whether these points have been investigated or not? Was the revolver in the hands of Bhaiyyu Ji or somebody else shot him dead. Had there been a conflict between him and the murderer to which he replied as I am not going to do what you expect hence better shoot me? Government unwillingness is clear with the fact that it preferred to shut the case calling it a suicide.  Bhaiyyu Ji was cremated very next day of his death in a speedy manner. His last journey was attended by around 10 thousand people and post cremation a prayer meet was conducted next day. Surprisingly not a single bhajan or prayer was said for the peace of his departed soul. Everything seemed mechanical. The so called prayer meet started at 5 in the evening. Recorder was played and it ended up at 6 pm. Doesn’t all of this looks fishy?

 The Ugly Face of Humanity

The distorted face of humanity was visible after his death. His list of followers included leading politician and film stars, although none of them was present for the condolence. However at the night of June 14,  Kailash Vijay Vergese met his family. Others also marked their presence but prominent names were missing.  Circumstantial evidences say that the people near to Bhaiyyu Ji never tried to know why he closed the doors and remained silent for an hour. Misguiding stories seen in media were all seeded by his in-laws. One such story says that his second wife remained terrified from his 17 year old daughter, Kuhu. Due to this fear she rented a house for her family in front of Bhaiyyu Ji Silver Spring residence. This story itself is weird. If we consider it to be true then what was the reason behind Spiritual Guru planning to send his daughter to London. In the net shell,  this is again an attempt to defame Kuhu.

Second Marriage, Beginning of the Conflict.

Maharaj married for the second time around an year back. The reason he specified for the marriage was the need of a girl who can take care of Kuhu. He married second time for his daughter being unaware of the fact that the marriage will cost his own life. Kuhu once came to Indore and was infuriated to find all the pictures of his mother were removed. She was against it. This incidence marked the beginning of conflict between Kuhu and her step-mother. How a middle class girl reaches Indore in hunt of a job and suddenly she grabs a chance to get closer to such a prominent personality. Later the equation changes. She searches the scope for marriage and rest is known to everybody. Her ambitions put so many lives on stake. Post grand wedding, Bhaiyyu Ji was pressurized many times to choose his second wife as successor of his legacy.  Actually his second wife was doctor by Profession. She came closer to him while he met an accident and she was deployed to take his care. Later they came closer and got  married.

Social Service of Bhaiyyu Ji

In order to serve the society Bhaiyyu Ji sold some of his ancestral property. He made provision for the education of children of an anti-social community. She aided for the literacy of kids of prostitutes. In the column of their father’s name he mentioned his own. For such a deep dedication, he was threatened and attacked twice. Once, few farmers came to meet him.  They said due to poverty they are compelled to give up their life. To this Bhaiyyu Ji replied, why would you commit suicide. Live a good life, I will provide every possible help. Later he arranged for the free fertilizers and seeds for them. Along with that, he distributedfree water tanks to store water. As far as tribal areas were concerned he opened up free schools and offered scholarships to needy.  Whatever funds he received he added personal funds to that and served society. He often became disappointed from government’s lethargy. The Maratha girl who was killed after being raped, he extended help to her family. The anger against the rape and murder boiled up  Maharashtra. Statewide protests were organized. Government even announced to offer help and job to her family but hardly anything happened. This made the Guru unhappy. Additionally the accused who were caught got acquitted due to weak prosecution. On the other hand Bhaiyyu Ji kept helping her family from his personal resources. Her family was often seen at Bhaiyyu Ji place. Maharaj was nothing short of a God for such needy people. Nobody has a clue how his social work is going to get managed post his death. Vinayak was in touch with Bhaiyyu Ji for last 15 years. He was his closest confidant.  He trusted him to the fullest and gave him the responsibility of his daughter. He served the Guru and now is taking care of his ailing mother. Bhaiyyu Ji was also very close to his mother.

Questions mark on Suicide Note

The alleged suicide note of Maharaj itself raises suspicion. It does not mention about Kuhu whom he loved to the moon and back. She did not receive a single mention in his last letter. Astonishingly his daughter was about to meet him in next few hours but without thinking of her he shot himself to death.  Neither he mentioned about his mother nor his four months old daughter, whom he lovingly named Dhara. June 10, 11 and 12 are the last dates of his life. Two days before he celebrated the birthday of his beloved wife Ayushi.  There might be storms building inside him but never did he reflect a single bit of tension on his face. His family conflict was about pointing his successor. Whether it is going to be his daughter Kuhu or his second wife Ayushi.  This is beyond our understanding why a 48 year old man needed a successor when he had long life to live.  Supposedly if he was strained for a long why would have he spent a huge sum of Rs one crore in the renovation of Shivneri. Few days before his death he booked a BMW for which an advance of Rs 23 Lakh was already. The stories which are running these days say,  Bhaiyyu Ji was under pressure for a long time that’s why he gave the responsibility of selling his car to people. One such rumor says the Spiritual Guru was under the huge debt which was breaking him gradually. Considering it to be right Sadguru Dutt Parmarth Trust have been under debt but there is nothing as such. Trust has recently spent around Rs 28 Lakhs for a water conservation program in Marathwada. Neither would he have planned to settle his daughter abroad in such condition. Probably he was trying to warm up the relations between his wife and daughter but unfortunately he failed. Consequently he decided to send Kuhu abroad. Fatefully something else was destined to happen and the tussle claimed his own life.

Murder Mystery Needs To Be Resolved 

Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj’s way accomplishing a task was very beautiful. Whenever he kicked off a new project he directed his sevadars for preparing a blueprint.  Suppose if he was strained why didn’t he bother to ready his will. Let’s talk about his suicide note. Neither had he mentioned about his daughter nor his second wife in the alleged note. It is hard to reveal the conspiracy to which he became a victim to. Government hardly seems worried to unravel the truth. Prima Facie it took his death as suicide. On the contrary, not a single person who knew Bhaiyyu Ji agrees that his death could be suicide. This mystery needs to be resolved. The only way to find the truth is Narco Test of every single person who was present in Silver Spring on the day of his demise. Without this test revealing the truth seems next to impossible. As the era of investigative Journalism is over in our country, we are familiar with the proceedings of police investigations. This is very disappointing that the Spiritual Guru left this world at the tender age of 48. We wish for a CBI inquiry on his death. Very next day of his death it was shown in media that he met a mystery woman in a resturant on previous Sunday. Even people raised question about this woman. This story was served with lot of chili and spice by Television channels. Nobody bothered to find out about the truth of aforesaid meeting which was actually held with his wife Ayushi Sharma. Now the question arises why Ayushi did not cleared the air about the meeting. She was against Bhaiyyu Ji’s meeting with his daughter hence pressed him to return midway.Spiritual Guru had a belief that whenever we return from a journey midway that task remains unaccomplished. His belief proved apt as the same happened to him. His work remained incomplete forever.


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