Best World Cup 2014 Quotes : ‘No Point For Me To Play For This Kind Of Country’

Here is a June sampling of World Cup quotes that are sure to make you laugh or make you think (or both)…

Football players are talented, rich, famous and slightly eccentric — come on, that’s no secret. And when the best of the best come together, it’s not only the World Cup but one of the biggest parties in world sport — with crazy goals and massive upsets, pranks and accidents and injuries — and tiffs all coming in one hectic month. Over the course of World Cup 2014, we will be keeping an ear out for what people say – from players and coaches to legends and fans. ters
Meanwhile, here is a June sampling of quotes that are sure to make you laugh or make you think (or both).
18 June
“When the national team get a bad result, they start to say there is a little bit too many black people, Muslim people and this kind of stuff. I don’t like it. There is no point for me to play for this kind of country.”
– Cameroon defender Benoit Assou-Ekotto explains why he chose not to play for France
“We tired them. We just tired them down. I told them, ‘Don’t worry, we will score.'”
–Belgium coach Marc Wilmots explains his strategy against Algeria
17 June
“I’d like to see it in TV. I only hope that I looked okay. I felt a blow from his fist. But what happened after that I can’t really remember, whether we were head-to-head or not. I just hope it didn’t look stupid on TV.”
– Thomas Mueller lets the world know what exactly he was worried about while being headbutted byPortugal’s Pepe.
16 June
“I’d like to be 110 percent, but I am at 100 percent and ready to help the national team.”
– Cristiano Ronaldo on his knee injury
15 June
“Pirlo is that good he meant to hit the crossbar.”
– Thierry Henry gives his verdict on the Andrea Pirlo freekick against England that swerved and hit the crossbar.
14 June
“It’s happened before. He caught me full on the ankle and those shoes are so tight, with a double knot, that by the time you get it loose it’s almost halftime.”
– Arjen Robben explains his struggles with shoe laces.
“Considering the circumstances, it must be the goal of my career. It just could not have been more perfect. These kinds of goals are scored once in a lifetime.”
– Robin van Persie after scoring a spectacular flying-header-goal against Spain
13 June
“I cannot blame Fred at all — everyone tries it… everybody is trying to do that. Like it or not, it’s part of football. I don’t blame him. I blame the referee.”
– Croatia manager Niko Kovac didn’t blame Fred for the dive, either, saying it was up to the refs to spot it.
“The only person who can take me out of the team is Big Phil, What you (journalists) say doesn’t matter much. What matters is the opinion of the coach.”
– Oscar after his brilliant performance in the tournament opener against Croatia.
“I feel just like everyone else, that Neymar must be more than just a promise. He can’t be a promise. He must be reality in order for us to win the World Cup.”
– Dunga makes it clear that Neymar’s potential needs to transform into reality.
11 June
“One day we won’t have the World Cup, we will have inter-planetary contests.”
– FIFA president Sepp Blatter lets the cat out the bag — so he does believe in aliens!
10 June
“She said yes… the most important yes in my life. That was the place of my question! I love you and happy birthday too! Je t’aime my wife.”
– Mario Balotelli prepares for the World Cup by proposing to his girlfriend. Thankfully for Italy, she said yes — you don’t want an angry Balotelli on the pitch.
– FP


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