Babu of delhi : Kejriwal Irks Taxmen

Kejriwal Irks Taxmen

babu-of-delhi--1Life has changed so dramatically for Aam Aadmi Party founder and activist Arvind Kejriwal that few remember that until recently Kejriwal used to be an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer. His wife apparently is still a member of the Income Tax Department. And while Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party have made a big splash in Delhi, his former colleagues are less than enthusiastic about the babu-turned-neta. Sources say that the Indian Revenue Service Association has taken umbrage at Kejriwal’s alleged statement that he quit the service to devote himself to public causes though he could have made crores as an Income-tax Commissioner. The association has expressed outrage as Kejrwal has cast aspersions on the IT Department and his former colleagues by accusing them of corruption. They have now demanded that he stop making such statements in his political speeches. Kejriwal, so far, has not responded.

Not Enough Cops

The tourist haven of Goa has been making headlines following the worsening law and order situation in the State (and we are not referring to vulnerable lifts here). Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is under fire from opposition parties for the rising crime graph. But sources say, the spike in crime in the coastal State is the result of shortage of senior police officials. At present Goa has sanctioned posts of eight IPS officers but most of these positions are not occupied. Sources say that Parrikar has repeatedly approached the Ministry of Home Affairs about his police woes and to seek officers, but apparently nothing resulted since the Ministry has been unable to depute the IAS and IPS officers of the chief minister’s choice. Meanwhile the State Police Chief Kishan Kumar is in Delhi more often than in Goa for medical reasons, the post of inspector general has been vacant since the beginning of this year as are the posts of Deputy Inspector General. The continuing stalemate has now led to this sorry pass.


Tardy Progress

babu-of-delhi--2Being the capital of two States creates its own administrative problems. The UT Administration in Chandigarh, which has to deal with both Punjab and Haryana Governments, has been waiting for the past one year to fill two secretary-level posts created last year because the two State Governments have not sent their panels for the posts despite repeated reminders. According to sources, the Ministry of Home Affairs had approved the creation of these posts over a year ago as the number of departments in the UT administration has increased in the past few years but nothing has been done about it ever since. It was initially proposed that IAS officers of the AGMUT cadre be appointed but this didn’t go down well with the State Governments who were insistent on maintaining the traditional ratio of 60:40. Panels sent formerly were not found suitable and hence a request was sent for new panels. As for other appointments in the UT Administration, a 1990 batch IAS officer Anurag Aggarwal has been suggested for the post of UT Finance Secretary apart from 1992 batch officer Sarvjit Singh and 1995 batch officer Hussan Lal.


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