Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad from iGo

iGo gadget brand has launched a new device, known an Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad. This device is designed keeping in mind that every laptop has different hot zones and the moveable fan put inside this device can target those hot spots, wherever they are. This fan maximises the cooling and provides a protection to the laptop from the heating. This device compliments any laptop whose screen measures any size within 17 inches. The special feature associated with this model is that it has a USB powered system which means that it requires no batteries to function. It also has an inbuilt dampening system which prevents any kind of vibration or rattling. The micro USB port is well hidden and there comes an integrated cable management. The design of this cooling pad is impressive and elegant because it has a minimised front height for ergonomic comfort. Arctic cooling pad also has an open and light inner design to optimise the airflow. Its market price is Rs. 840.


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