Actis Tech Launches Gesture Control Solutions for Indian Corporates

Actis Technologies, a pioneer in designing and building communication and collaboration technologies, has launched the ‘Gesture Control Solutions’ for corporates in India. Gesture Control is a trending technology that interprets human gestures via mathematical algorithms into commands and functions. This technology is still in its budding stage and will enter Indian boardrooms via Actis Technologies. Actis Tech is employing technologies like Kinect, a motion sensing input device by Microsoft, to provide  solutions and has already completed some major installations.
According to Abhimanyu Gupta, Director of
Actis Technologies, ‘It is widely anticipated that gesture controls will eventually replace the touch screen interface. The technology is already present in the gaming industry but it needs more
commercialisation. Gesture Control will surely add to its commercial value.  It will provide video-conferencing, unified communications, interactive training solutions and security surveillance systems.


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