Aamir Khan celebrates 25 years in Bollywood

aamir-khan-celebrated-25-yeBollywood star Aamir Khan celebrated his 25-year-long journey as a film star in Mumbai recently which coincided with 100 years of Indian cinema. The person hailed as the perfectionist said, “I am extremely happy to have been a part of the Indian film industry for so many years. Our film industry is celebrating its 100 years and I am lucky to have completed 25 years in it. I am thankful to my writers and directors and all those who have worked with me. Everyone has greatly influenced and helped me in my 25-year long career span.” Aamir Khan disclosed that he had participated only in those films whose scripts touched his heart irrespective of how big a film banner is associated with it or how much money he was being offered. He added: “This is one of the reasons I do less films. My non-compromising attitude on quality has been with me since I did my first film.” 25 years ago that Khan got overnight celebrity status with his film, ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ that launched him as a lead star. The movie also turned to be a box office hit.


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