A year of possibilities, conflicts and destruction!

By Santosh Bhartiya

The original intent of the BJP was to dissolve Lok Sabha and announce fresh election immediately after pronouncement of Supreme Court’s judgement on Babri Masjid-Ram Janmbhoomi dispute. The party was (or still is) absolutely certain of a favorable judgment, though it is unknown whether that certainty was due to any assurance or due to their conviction.

Earlier, the Supreme Court was to hear the case on day-to-day basis and pronounce its decision by September this year, but now the things have changed. The court said that it will hear the case as a land dispute not as a religious matter. This situation is conducive for getting justice and maintaining social fabric of the society.

BJP’s associate Hindu organizations are pressing hard to construct the temple. There is only one way to placate them and win the election – to promulgate of an ordinance, enabling them to build the temple by acquiring that tract of land and Supreme Court’s not interfering in that. There may also be ordinances to do away with section 370 from Kashmir and to implement common civil code. Thereafter the BJP may go into election asking people to vote for them to implement these three ordinances. The question now is why the Supreme Court changed its stance? Among other things, the pressure put forth by the press conference by four senior judges could be a reason. The Supreme Court’s decision is a reality, while what the BJP will do is a possibility.


Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are to go to elections this year. People’s verdict in these elections will be very important. Moreover, there is a question as to will the central government by postponing election in these states through an ordinance impose President’s rule? And will it ask the states where the elections are to be held after 2019 to dissolve their assemblies and conduct simultaneous elections throughout the country. There may be a deliberate attempt to push the country into a new debate and a new situation. Nonetheless, one big challenge facing the BJP is to tell people where about fulfilling the promises made by the prime minister during the run up to the general elections campaign. The government says that they have fulfilled more and more promises, but they are less and less visible on the ground – or in another words they are invisible. In fact the BJP would not like to answer such difficult questions. The Congress is also making life easy for them by not being able to raise the issue.

Now the question bobs up: will the upcoming election be an affair between people and the government? As in Gujarat, Congress was not pitted against the BJP; it was a people vs. BJP affairs. Exactly the same was the case in Rajasthan by-election, wherein people fought against the BJP. In the absence of no other opposition party, people chose to vote Congress against the BJP. The Congressmen are under false impression that their popularity is on the rise. However, it is doubtful if the Congress will be able to turn this situation in its favour in the Lok Sabha elections. The thing that favors Narendra Modi is that the opposition is a divided lot. Everyone is preparing to contest Lok Sabha election on their own. There is not a single leader in the ranks of the opposition who can unite all the parties on a single strategy. As of now Rahul Gandhi too has shown no inclination to bring entire opposition together. Narendra Modi also wants to contest the election by making Rahul Gandhi his main opponent. He is aware of Rahul Gandhi’s organizational inabilities, while he has a party that equipped with election fighting any election. This makes him a bit complacent.

This year may be a year of new possibilities, a year of contradiction, a year of new understanding and may also be a year of dualism. The BJP has achieved a major success by dividing the Muslim community or for that matter the Muslim leadership. The first chasm appeared when serious differences in the ranks of Muslim Personal Law Board leadership come in public. Their differences changed into personal mud-sledging – who meets the Prime Minister, who is in touch with the RSS and who is standing in line to meet Amit Shah, etc. etc. Neither the Congress nor Rahul Gandhi has any strategy to keep Muslim with them. A part of Muslim community is preparing to fall into the lap of the BJP.

That is why this year can be a year of prospect, a year of political upheaval and a year of vandalism for the country. All efforts should be made to try to avoid war with neighbors. This is a concern because terrorists come walking and attack our army’s safe installations. Our security forces often take 25-26 hours in neutralizing three or four terrorists. We should accept the challenge of overcoming our weaknesses. The responsibility of overcoming this weakness rests only on the shoulders of the Central Government.


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