A Test For The Nation, A Test For The PM

There is a couplet in Urdu, let us try and say it in our own way: “Kis-Kis pe khak daliye, Kis-Kis pe roiye, Aaram badi cheez hai, Muh dhak ke soiye” (roughly translated, it means on what all will you put ash, what all will you cry about, rest is a big thing, cover your face and sleep). Indeed, a desire is coming on to cover the face and sleep. We are undergoing what the Congress gave to this country in the past 60-65 years. The whole country is on the verge of unpleasantness and grievances against each other, on the verge of disintegration, on the verge of disappointment. When Congress spokespersons say that the Government is not doing anything to reduce inflation, one wants to laugh, because inflation is basically a gift from the Congress itself.
Now lets talk about the Modi Government. During the entire elections it seemed as if suddenly an avatar had come amidst us. It has been said in the scriptures that there will be Kalki avatar in Kalyug — there will be Kalki avatar who will save the country from destruction. Narendra Modi appeared to be in the form of Kalki avatar and he left that impression in the whole country during the entire election campaign. There is inflation the country, Narendra Modi has the cure for it. There is unemployment, Narendra Modi has the cure for it. There is corruption, Narendra Modi has the cure for it. But what the cure is, that Narendra Modi never disclosed. Even then the country trusted, and in their minds made one Gujarat model a model of imaginary possibilities. What Gujarat model, what kind of Gujarat model, nobody knew, but the Gujarat model settled down in the minds of the people. Narendra Modi, in the form of a new avatar – Taranhaar (one who saves from sinking) in Kalyug — became the Prime Minister. After becoming the Prime Minister he talked about a 100 days agenda. He told his Ministers to make an agenda for 100 days and give it to him and after 100 days he would take information from them on what work took place on that agenda. Manmohan Singh had also done the same thing when after winning, he had become the Prime Minister for the second time. Neither did any of his Ministers make a 100 days agenda, nor did he ever keep a report of 100 days before the country. What agenda the members of Narendra Modi’s Cabinet have made, that the country does not know. The first 30 days of Narendra Modi’s Government have passed. In the coming 60 days, work will be done on what agenda, the country does not know. The people of the country only know that on the hopes they were holding, a light layer of dust has settled. A light layer of dust because the people of the country think that if Narendra Modi gets a complete 100 days and he is not criticised, then maybe Modiji will succeed in solving their problems.
But the people got their first jolt, the railway fares were hiked by 14.20 per cent, which has never happened before in history. The price of sugar increased and it seems that now the prices of grains and pulses will also increase and there will be black marketing, because our Finance Minister has reiterated that if hoarders will sit on the stocks of all these things, then they will get them from other countries. The race of foreign companies who want to sell grains and pulses in our country has started.
Who can give advice to the Government and from whom can the Government ask for advice? The Government is in a majority, the Government is replete with all good qualities, the Government has brains and brains but inspite of this, neither did Manmohan Singh reduce inflation nor is Narendra Modi talking about reducing inflation. He is talking about a bitter draught, bitter medicine, tough steps. Only the poor of the country have to pay for the bitter medicine and the tough steps, not the rich.

Narendra Modiji, the misfortune is that the country is not in front of the system, it is money that is in front of the system. That is why you will have to take tough decisions with a fresh point of view.

Is there no intelligent person in Narendra Modi’s Government, who can present thinking of a new sort in the Cabinet? I believe that Narendra Modi himself is capable of thinking, but does he get time to think? Can it not happen that to solve the problems of the country, brand new methods are adopted, by which problems do not increase, the graph of problems stops where it is, and then gradually an attempt is made to bring then down?
The country’s Budget is due this week. This Budget is the real test for Narendra Modi, but in the first test he gave the people of the country a different kind of disappointment. His Railway Minister and Finance Minister said that this was a decision of the Congress which we have implemented. What was your compulsion to implement it? Could you not wait for 15 days? In the Budget, you could have kept a comprehensive line of approach or an overall line of approach before the country on what your economic view was to solve various problems. But this did not happen and there was a hefty increase in railway fares. And you showed your bankruptcy by saying that we have implemented the decision of the Congress. If you had to implement the decision of the Congress itself, why did the people of the country make you win the elections? People made you win because you had said that you would right the muddles and wrong doings that had been going on for the past 70 years. You would get the country its respect and you would bring some happiness in the lives of the people.
We try to fulfill our duty. We want to make a request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By increasing the railway fare by 14.20 per cent you have set an attractive target before the country of collecting 8000 crore rupees in 1 year by saying the railway is weak, in a fragile condition, it is running at a loss, therefore you need 8000 crore rupees annually. Why did your officers and Railway Minister forget that at every railway station in the country there is some steel junk, some scrap lying around. Be it in the form of old coaches or old iron sleepers or in the form of old railway lines. It is a broad estimate that in the entire country the railway has scrap worth 20 to 25 thousand crore rupees. Could your Railway Minister not give orders to bring information about how much scrap there was with the railways in the entire country? Maybe it is worth even 30 thousand crore rupees. When this information would have been received, the scrap could have been auctioned. There would have been a race in the whole world to buy the railways scrap. Overnight you would have earned a profit of 30 thousand crore rupees. For 8000 crores rupees, which you will get over a year, you shattered the hopes of the people and disclosed that your method of thinking is not different at all from that of the Congress. If you would have thought from a new perspective then people would not have been burdened and the scrap that was occupying space and lying waste could have been recycled in the scrap market and used for new production. But if the Rail Minister didn’t think of this, then Mr. Prime Minister it is your duty to think of it, after all, you are the head. The people of this country didn’t vote in the name of the Railway Minister, did not even vote in the name of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The people of this country have voted in the name of Narendra Modi, given you 282 seats.
Similarly there is a second suggestion, that for new industries in the country, can the announcement of a central excise holiday, which has a minimum duration of 10 years, not be made? If in this Budget you were to announce a tax holiday, a central excise holiday in Naxal affected, terrorist affected areas, in Punjab’s drug affected districts and in hilly, mountainous areas, then many industries can become operational there. These industries should not be selected for a tax holiday on the basis of districts or States, but those blocks should be selected which are extremely backward and poor, the figures of which are with the Indian Government. If you announce a 10 year tax holiday in those blocks/divisions then the local people will get employment in those industries which will go to these areas. And this can be a primary means of generating employment. This can give you an opportunity to breathe until you are able to bring forward a comprehensive strategy for employment, for which you need a very minimum of at least 4-5 months time. If you decide to put up rural industry with modern technology, then too you need 5-6 months time, otherwise there is a doubt whether your Government will be capable of setting up industry or generating employment opportunities.
The third thing that is very important is that a lot of food grains get destroyed in our country. Grains are kept in an open form in godowns. We do not have facilities for storage, we do not have cold storage. We do not have such places which have temperature controlled godowns where grains can be stored. The scarcity of cold storage is damaging those crops in the country which we want to store for the whole year. Can it not happen that the Government tells the people to build cold storage on these-these yardsticks, build temperature controlled godowns on this yardstick, and take the rent according to this calculation from the Government? In every block in the entire country you can build as many store houses as you like. No license is required for this. Only one condition should be applied, that whatever specifications the Government or the district officer gives, these storehouses and cold storage should be made according to them. You make an announcement that we will pay rent for them. That money of yours will be saved that would have been spent on building the godown or cold storage. People will stand up themselves and all your grains will be safe, but is it easy to take this decision? This decision is difficult to take, because there is no commission in such tasks. If you take the decision keeping giving employment in view, then commission is not obtainable.
There is the problem of shortage of power in India. Can you not openly say that whichever company wants can build solar power plants in the country, invest its own money? The Government can fix a rate that at this rate it will buy electricity generated from solar energy. There are companies, there are people who can convert every village into a power house or can set up 10, 20,30,40,50,100 megawatt electricity generation centers in districts and put that electricity in the Government’s grid, but this will not happen because everywhere you have to give a license. At every stage in the name of permission the file is delayed. Narendra Modiji, the misfortune is that the country is not in front of the system, it is money that is in front of the system. That is why you will have to take tough decisions with a fresh point of view. You will have to abolish red tape from a lot of things and will have to motivate people that they should stand up against red tape and against corruption too.
Mr. Prime Minister you had said that you will fight corruption with technology. Over 30 days have passed, we have not seen technology anywhere. According to our simple understanding technology means transparency, that is, the decisions that are taken should be recorded, audio recorded or video recorded. And, a time should be fixed during which each and everyone of those decisions should be brought to light. Only then will there be fear in the minds of the decision makers that if when taking decisions their talk or their arguments come before the country, then their existence will become totally impossible. Similarly, fix responsibility. If a person retires, but there is a wrong decision taken during his tenure, he or she should be held responsible and accountable after retirement too. This country is looking upon you with a lot of hope. If this hope is shattered, then you should be prepared for a very big negative movement, be prepared for a destructive agitation, because your failure will give a new argument to Naxalites, terrorists. And if you don’t bring people centric economic policies and instead economic policies that bring benefit to the corporates are brought in this Budget, then Mr. Prime Minister allow me to humbly say that this is what the people who don’t believe in non-violence are waiting for. There is a question like a ‘Yaksha Prashna’ before you: do you consider the people of the country to be the most important or the international corporate fraternity? Mr. Prime Minister, it is here that there is a the test for the nation and it is here that there is a test for you.


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