A Pygmy Cannot Lead A Big Party

If the BJP wants to challenge the Congress effectively in the next elections, their President Nitin Gadkari should immediately resign. The facts that have come before the public recently do not point to any corruption or misuse of Government money by Nitin Gadkari. However it points out, that like any small time businessman who wants to climb the corporate ladder fast, he has got money from sources which he cannot disclose and has conveniently used his driver, some astrologer, some unknown people in Kolkata and shown that they are the investors in his company. This is not a very serious matter, whatever the Congress may say. The Corporate Affairs Ministry has really nothing to do with this matter. It is a small time tactic which the Income Tax Department in its normal course will tackle. If the sources of the funds cannot be found, Nitin Gadkari will be taxed. This is a very, very small matter.
But the big matter is that this proves that Nitin Gadkari is a very small man to lead the main opposition party, especially if the BJP is aiming at coming to power. Such small people cannot be given the responsibility to lead a big party. That is the crux of the matter. The Congress is talking of economic offence, enquiry etc., — that does not worry the public. The public is worried that if you want to get rid of a corrupt Congress regime, we must have a strong leader to challenge them. Nitin Gadkari, by his own actions, has proven that he is a pygmy. He is unfit to lead even a small party, let alone the main opposition party in the country. What the RSS is thinking, we don’t know. What the BJP members are thinking, we do not know, but one thing is clear that if Gadkari, with this kind of background is to lead the party, it will only indicate that a petty trader, a small time businessman, a person who has no concern for the means that he is adopting to come up the corporate ladder has been given the reins of the largest opposition party in the country. This is a sad day for Indian democracy.
First of all, business and politics should not have such a close connection. Wherever it has, there has to be a decent arms length relationship. It is correct that Nitin Gadkari has resigned from all these companies long back, therefore the charge of corruption or wrong doing does not stand. But a charge of pettiness, inadequacy, lack of stature does stand. It is a political question. It is not a matter of economic offence or an enquiry etc., etc., which is a very small thing for a national leader. If the BJP does not ask Gadkari to step down, it shows that they are not serious about coming to power. The Third Front will have to raise their resources to give a challenge to the Congress. If the BJP decides to keep Gadkari in the saddle, then it is decided that what the Congress is doing on a large scale, they want to do on a petty scale. People have no patience for this kind of politics. The second thing that has come to notice now is that a very big scandal Arvind Kejriwal exposed is about a relative of the First Family of the country. Suddenly that matter has gone into limbo. Why? Is Arvind Kejriwal getting cold feet, is he after small pawns like Salman Khurshid and Nitin Gadkari? He wants to let the big fish go. Compared to Robert Vadra’s alleged dealings, this is nothing. What Salman Khurshid and Nitin Gadkari have done are very, very petty things that only go against their stature, it does not become a serious matter for corruption or for action. However what Robert Vadra has allegedly done with DLF is a very serious matter. SEBI and other institutions should come into action since DLF is a listed company. How can they give 50 lakhs rupees to Vadra without interest? How can they again sell land to him at a lower price and buy the same land at a higher price?
Obviously, the shareholders have been cheated. If an institution like SEBI is supposed to be working and supervising, what are they doing? Or they have also been told to layoff DLF because DLF is a holy cow ? It is protected by the Central Government, it is protected by the Haryana government and therefore no opposition should touch it. Of course, Askok Khemka, a junior officer in Haryana has shown the guts that I am not worried about the land, I am not concerned with the name but what is not according to Government rules, I will cancel, I will not resist that. And what is the action, not only has he been transferred but whatever action he has taken has been stayed. The Haryana Government does not want the normal land laws to be followed in their state. What they want is that each land transaction should be judged on the basis of who is the buyer and who is the seller. All this will not work. Earlier we had elections, earlier we had Governments which introduced the rule of law. The Government should be of law, not of man. It is irrelevant who the people are but the law should equally apply to everybody. The earlier it is done, the better it is for the country.


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