$30,000 Nikon DSLR “symphony” creates music for the soul

nikon-dslrThe eyes might be the window to one’s soul, but music – music is the key to unlocking one’s heart, as music has proven to be an extremely potent memory trigger for many of us. Some of us associate certain songs with various moments in our lives, ranging from the sad to the joyous, and you can be sure that music is here to stay, just as it had shaped various societies and empires over the past few millennia. Having said that, artists are always on the lookout to produce new kinds of music from yet untested methods, and it is in this spirit of experimentation that led a certain Benjamin Von Wong to use an entire bunch of SLR cameras so that they can deliver a symphony that is stirring to the photographer’s soul (and other curious onlookers, too, I am sure).
Benjamin Von Wong enlisted the assistance of Nikon Professional Services (NPS) and composer Andrew Kesler, where an estimated $30,000 worth of camera gear (from Nikon, of course) was then used to create a song. All 14 cameras were used in the making of the “Nikon Symphony”, where most of these were part of the Nikon range of the D4 all the way through to the D5200. The sounds were created by playing with different functions of the camera, and these functions would range from Live View switching on and off to the mirror flipping up and down, where even some of the annoying camera beeps do make their way into this composition.


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