Elections appear to be round the corner though they are scheduled to be in May 2014. But there are two indications that they will be held in November. First, the Food Security Bill has been passed by an Ordinance instead of calling Parliament when there was no need to do so. Secondly, the Monsoon session of Parliament that is normally convened in third week of July is yet to be convened. The gossip in the Congress circles is that the session will be called in August as late as possible and after a brief session it will be adjourned and then Parliament will be dissolved to enable elections in November. This is alright, as it is the prerogative of the ruling party to advance the elections by a few months. However, the moot question is what happens in the elections.
We have a ruling party Congress, which has been ruling for over 9 years now with some allies. Then we have the Opposition BJP with a reduced number of allies and then we have a number of regional parties in different States who are acting on their own. The real problem confronting the polity, which is different from the US and UK where all parties share the same vision of the politics, is that BJP as a party or the RSS as its parent body, does not share the vision of an India as described in the Constitution. It does not believe that this Constitution is the correct Constitution to be adopted. But they are afraid to say so for obvious reasons that they do not want to fight elections within this Constitution. What they really want is a Hindu India. They believe that Pakistan was made on religious lines so the rest of India isHindustan and not a secular country. For this they have made a man the Chairman of their Campaign Committee who is a very popular face of Hindutva. In fact, he has been accused of arranging the killings of thousands of
The funny part is that the BJP still thinks that by creating jingoism the whole country will be swirled towards them. One of the arguments is that lots of young people have come of age to vote and they will vote for these people. I do not know what is their calculation. Are they talking of urban youth who are using Internet and Twitter or are they talking of youth of in villages who are not getting employment and the BJP has no blue print to give them employment. Jingoism of Hindus and Muslims can get you votes only to a point, emotional matters like making a Ram Mandir again can help you to a point but if you want the entire country to give you inclusive support then the vision has to change. In the US, Democratic and Republican parties fight tooth and nail for elections but their overall view of the country is the same. They do not have this kind of frenzy. In UK, Conservatives and Labour and now liberal parties, they also fight elections very inimically but their vision for the country is not different. Whoever comes to power tries to steer the country towards progress within that same framework. The BJP also, under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for 6 years did not change. They ran the country like other Governments before them. But this time it is different. This time they want a positive shift towards communalism. This is dangerous for the country. It will balkanise the country. It will create untold instability which is not good for the country.
People are looking at the regional parties : after election how will they come together or cobble up to keep the BJP away? So far, there is not much movement in this matter. The regional leaders are not meeting each other. They are not even meeting to show that they have a common goal after the elections. The BJP hopes that some of them will side with the BJP. It is not important who comes to power. In a democracy every 5 years the Government must change. This is not a problem. This time the moot question is, the choice before the people is between a corrupt Congress and a communal BJP. Both appall the country. The Congress has taken the corruption to a new level that even the Congress could not imagine. The BJP, under the new Campaign Committee Chairman, is taking communalism to a new frenzy which is out of character of how the BJP has been functioning in the last 15 years. All eyes are on the regional leaders. They must understand that their responsibility has increased. Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee, Naveen Patnaik and Jayalalitha  they must all understand they never got the advantage as most of the benefits went to western States.
Incidently, the economic programmes of the Cong and the BJP are the same. They want to favour the corporate sector. They both favour American policies. They want to favour the rich. The Congress and Sonia Gandhi, not the Congress Government but the party, is trying to enforce a social agenda through MNREGA, Food Security Bill etc. However, these programmes are far too difficult to implement because of the sheer amount of money required which it is not possible for the Government to grant.
All eyes are on the Third Front, and the earlier some meaningful movement is seen the better.


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