2 Nights In Soul Valley

Have you ever imagined  a horror movie without any glimpse of bloodshed or a terrifying face? Surely not, but soon you will be experiencing such magic in the upcoming film ‘2 Nights in Soul Valley’, which is scheduled for release by the end of this year. According to the filmmakers, the film would not have any glimpses of bloodshed or terrifying faces which have been the hallmark of horror movies till date. This film is full of suspense and thrills and is based on a true story of Pithoragarh situated in Uttarakhand. Based on a true and supernatural incident, the most important USP of this horror movie is that it is totally different from other horror movies. But the movie has many other effects and ‘specialities’ which will thrill viewers. The story revolves around five friends, who on their visit to Pithoragarh face a lot of problems as one of them gets lost. The cast for the movie includes Hemant Pandey and fresh faces Sumit Sharma, Aakshi, Meenakshi and British singer Milli Moonstone.


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